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    Sony PlayStation Test Development Kit / PS3 Debug for sale!

    One of the most frequently asked questions via e-mail, IRC, and on the Forums we get asked is "How did CJPC get his hands on a PS3 Debug/TEST machine?!"

    The answer: Monitor places such as eBay like it's your job, and win them before "big brother" Sony catches on and closes the auction of course! :D

    A perfect example (in case anyone is interested in buying one) is the auction set to end tomorrow here:

    eBay Auction: Sony Playstation Test Development Kit - RARE PS3 Debug

    Not only does that PS3 Dev machine include hardware, but as stated by the seller dev16, it has the required 1.92 and 2.00 Debug software updates too- very nice! Happy bidding guys, and if anyone wins drop us an e-mail. :P

    Sony PlayStation Test Development Kit / PS3 Debug for sale!

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    you would think that this debug firmware would somehow be available to everyone in every machine by now. I know this machine is fort knox, but by now you hope to see some light.

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