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    Crans Guest

    Sony Halts Australian ReSeller Quantronics PS JailBreak Sales

    Update #4: OzMods has now confirmed via Twitter that the PS JailBreak hearing is postponed until this Friday.

    Update #3: According to Inaudax on IRC, Ozmodchips has just cancelled all of their PSJailBreak pre-orders and is refunding their customers money back.

    Update #2: According to court documents from the Federal Court of Australia File #VID727/2010 Ozmodchips Pty Ltd & Ors is also involved in the IP claim by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited & Anor with a hearing scheduled for August 31, 2010.

    Update: Australian reseller Quantronics has removed the notice (outlined below) from their PS JailBreak PS3 modchip page, and has now changed the item's status to "no stock" to comply with the court order.

    Online Australian retailer Quantronics has been ordered by the Federal Court of Australia, Victoria District Registry on the 26 August 2010 to halt PS JailBreak PS3 modchip sales and distribution.

    Their Web site currently states the following terms, to quote:

    "Quantronics will not;

    a. import PS Jailbreak
    b. distribute PS Jailbreak
    c. offer them for sale to the public
    d. provide them to another person
    e. otherwise deal with them

    Unless a continuation of orders or permanent injunction is granted to Sony Computer Entertainment, this product page will be returned and sales will resume on the 31st August 2010."

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    +Rep for sharing the news Crans, since PS JailBreak first originated in Australia via OzMod I can't say I'm overly surprised at this though.

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    DarkAntiMatter Guest
    Wow. I didnt think that this was possible. Heads are rolling at sony...

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    Jes03 Guest
    That's 1 shop out of how many? They can't stop them all hopefully.

    I know 1 shop that will be getting them in and selling them. I'm not going to say any names to keep them out of the spotlight.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I updated the news to reflect the Quantronics page changing back to their normal product page with, it appears they simply added "no stock" to cover their butts in hopes that Sony won't get an injunction by the end of the month.

    Edit: I added another update above, it appears OzMod is involved as well.

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    IHM Guest
    Nooo, my order has been canceled, what to do where to go, annoyed

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    spark32 Guest
    Is PSJailbreak still shipping to anywhere/anyone, or is it just resellers getting axed? This would suck if it was over before it began.

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    red8316 Guest
    I'm considering just blowing the cash to get one of the PS Jailbreaks now just in case they try to pull this elsewhere.

    Any thoughts on this kinda stuff happening in North American and Europe? Could just be Sony using litigation techniques in Australia to make a scene and grab some quick inventory samples. I guess Sony didn't feel like waiting in line to get an order filled and thought it would be easier to confiscate the products.

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    tjay17 Guest
    Are they doing this in other countries or just Australia?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    So far it looks like the three in AU where the original PS JailBreak is coming out of:
    (a) on Ozmodchips Pty Ltd (ACN 136 734 186) and Ryan Emmanuel Caruana, upon the Applicants leaving a copy of these Orders at the shop located at 1137 Burke Road, Kew, Victoria 3101 between the hours of 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am and 3pm Saturday and the Applicants copying and pasting these Orders into the contact form at http://www.ozmodchips.com/contact/open.php; and

    (b) on Global Solutions International Pty Ltd T/A Quantronics (ACN 102 293 603), upon the Applicants leaving a copy of these Orders at its registered office and emailing a copy of these Orders to "[email protected]"; and

    (c) on Ken Tolcher Pty Ltd T/A Mod Supplier (ACN 054 914 126), upon the Applicants leaving a copy of these Orders at its registered office and emailing a copy of these Orders to "[email protected]".

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