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    msr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ju2ef View Post
    I got my PS3 connected to network at home, but to keep it disconnected from outside world I've just typed in random DNS and Proxy adresses in network settings, so it connects me to LAN at home, but when tries to connect to internet it gives me error. Do you think Sony can still track me?
    maybe, thats why i leave my jb ps3 offline, even off my home network.

    Sony was setting you guys up, and they must come on these boards, with gifts that are just trojan horses in effect.

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    Moolers Guest
    I've two PS3s, one retail slim and one JB phat, I don't care about any of this, should I?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IHM View Post
    What about UK servers anybody?
    I guess you'd simply replace the "us" parts in URLs with relevant for your country or region - most probably the same like during spoofing the update info - e.g. "uk" or "eu". I'm going out now but once I'll get back I'll try to dig it up from the log on the router Just diable ANY access to sony servers in your router or replace the "us" parts with stars ("*").

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by WKL View Post
    I was just thinking about updating my firmware to 3.50 and going jailbreak free from next month but now I'm worried I'll update and get stuck with a console that can't be jailbroken and can't go online either >< Now to see if I can sell my console to someone who wants a jailbroken one.
    Actually you can simply do FULL SYSTEM RESTORE which will bring your console in original state with no traces of software/games whatsoever. Then update to 3.50 and have fun.

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    ghorricks Guest
    Its unlikely Sony will do anything to harm your console more than they already do (no going online). In certain countries it would be illegal for them to alter the working condition of your console without your agreement. Sure - they could probably put a message up on screen saying that you must upgrade to 3.50 etc, but they already do that.

    Seriously think about it... they already have a system to get "sheep" to upgrade past 3.41... they would have already made their move if they could have done so.

    Just think about it... Yes, your PS3 connect to Sony's servers.... why?? To check for firmware updates and remind you to update... any other reason? No.

    Really... You all know Sont have had the most secure console since launch and they would do anything to keep it that way.... why all the court action and involve the law if they can simply use some sort of Ban Hammer??

    There is no BAN HAMMER with Sony.... You just cannot get on PSN without updating firmware...

    Just think about it some more before getting carried away by someone who see's communication between your PS3 and Sony and jums to conclusions... No need to thank me for pointing it out to you all.

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    Djhg2000 Guest
    What worries me is the possibilities of forced updates, I don't want to loose my 3.15! If I do I'll probably sue Sony for forcing an update which removes an advertised feature.

    Edit: Don't get me wrong though, my console has never been jailbroken, I just want Linux.

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    peepoop Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Why it would be less "silly" than doing it other way around? IMO there would be more servers for updates than those to block ...
    Because if you happen to miss putting a server on the blacklist, you can get banned.

    If you miss putting a server on a whitelist, the worst that can happen is a game will just fail to update. It's much safer.

    I understand what you're trying to do and appreciate your work on assembling the blacklist, but going the other direction seems like a better idea to me.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by peepoop View Post
    Because if you happen to miss putting a server on the blacklist, you can get banned.

    If you miss putting a server on a whitelist, the worst that can happen is a game will just fail to update. It's much safer.
    Good point there - I was looking at this mainly from the point of view how many links and most of all how often you'd need to maintain the list other way around. Also - you can't be ever sure that all the server requests sent out by PS3 during the game update are related only (or purely) to the update itself so while you'll be trying to make the update work by enabling one server after another you can still accidentaly enable one of the "snooping" ones and get in troubles anyway.

    Let's say that PS3 will try to reach 4 different URLs during the game update - this gives you already 16 (or let's say 15) combinations of enabled and disabled addresses. With 5 URLs this numer basically doubles to 31 and so on and would be quite pain doing all this every time you'd like to update the game.

    Other option is to simply disable HTTPS communication / port for your PS3 as both PSN login as well as most of the spying transfers is encrypted or pass it via customize proxy and simply block / throw away all SSL communication.

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    d3adliner Guest
    This entire thing is blown out of proportion. Banhammer? When we can't get online anyway? Ban from game updates? Then just install them as pkgs.

    Problem solved.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    When no one fully understands the nature of the info sent when our ps3's "phone home" I for one don't care to find out the hard way. It took me all of 2 min to copy/paste these URL's into my router.

    Wanna be one of the first victims when/if someone figures out a way to get us online again? Bury your head in the sand and let your hardware keep telling on you. Problem solved. No offense to anyone who is skeptical but enough time on the 360 scene and you learn to be precautionary.

    PPL there found out the hard way about your offline unit logging backups in NAND and then phoning it all in the second you connected. If it takes very little of my time to do why not do it even if it never does any good? Being permabanned is a high price to pay and I'd never stop kicking myself if it turned out preventing it was something that was simple. IMHO it pays to err on the side of caution.

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