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    whinis Guest
    Sony can not get your real name and address from your IP, There is laws in the united states that prevent anyone including law enforcement from acquiring this information without a warrant.

    Why do you think it takes up to 4 years for them to bust someone who uploads pirate material. In order to get their real address and name they must get undeniable evidence that this person is uploading material in order to get said warrant.

    What un deniable evidence do they have to say that you are 100% do what you are doing, none they must be inside your house to see it. It is the reason Microsoft never did it and instead banned. Trying proving to the courts that you are circumventing security because your drive takes .024 ms longer to respond that a stock drive.

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    sathound Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dentnu View Post
    Could you explain how you did this ?
    You enter a static address.

    If your LAN has IP 192.168.1.x then the static IP address of your PS3 might be

    A correct gateway address would here typically be, but instead you enter an incorrect one that does not exist on your LAN, like

    All local access to your LAN, ie 192.168.1.x will be available but internet access will fail.

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    Kuresu Guest
    Would anyone be able to tell me if i'm doing the blocking correctly if i sent them a picture of my settings? I'm using a linksys router.

    Please reply if you can help

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