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Thread: something i came across, might be useful?

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    skrapps Guest

    Question something i came across, might be useful?

    Ok, today i loaded my gameshark version 8.2 for ps2 into my ps3, but i was using my psp as a storage device, hoping i could get some files off of it from the gameshark device manager, so i loaded gameshark, put my psp into usb mode or tried but it sat on "please wait"... so the psp wouldnt show in the the device manager.

    However, i tried it again, this time had my psp in usb mode before i loaded gameshark up.. and gameshark would not load. that is, until i disabled the usb mode on my psp. it's almost as having the psp in the usb port enabled before the game was loaded, caused it to halt, like the usb was read first. the controller wouldnt even reset, the light was on. maybe this is a possible exploit? getting ps3 to run code from the psp ? i thought it might be useful to some devs.

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    angelbemine3 Guest
    I had something simular to this, however it was my sansa and not being able to access the internet. As soon as I unpluged the Sansa I was able to access the Internet again. I personally think that that if the ps3 is trying to mount a usb device and fails to do so it won't relese some of the resources. Think of it as sony trying to prevent a usb hack.

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