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Thread: Some PlayStation 3 Service Mode Details!

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    parkerparker Guest
    long time no read cjpc!

    it would be interesting to use the so called "jig" to try install a debug fw on a retail.
    and 500 bucks... i waste more money drinking on the weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerparker View Post
    long time no read cjpc!
    Ya, sadly between life, class, and our recent server move he has been BUSY (to say the least) with non-Dev stuff... but at least others are doing their part to make up the slack.

    On the bright side, we think we have all of the backend stuff working properly now (the new PHP broke a lot) on the new server... so hopefully CJPC will be able to post more regular PS3 Dev updates once again.

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    MrCandydance Guest
    Maybe you should set up a PayPal dev donation account or something like that? I would contribute atleast a couple of bucks

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    The closest thing we have to that is the Premium Memberships:

    Money from that goes to CJPC and helps pay for Dev stuff we buy, and in return users get to view the site 100% ad-free and don't have to make posts to download, etc.

    Anyway, when CJPC is back on he will answer some of the tech questions posted earlier in this thread... so we can get it back on-topic.

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    PeacefulDiscord Guest
    Wow... So say if this jig thing was to be replicated and the CEX/DEX PC software was to be used, can we do something about the Hypervisor, say like disabling it? I am a bit of a noob when it comes to these things.. It would be cool to be able to run Linux or even XP on the PS3... The ultimate media centre!!

    But seriously, you guys should set up a donations thing for the site.. I would donate... I feel Premium Memberships are not for everyone... but those who would like to still contribute to the devs in some kind of way should be able to do so... Just my 2 cents!!

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    nice find, hopfully more soon..

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    UserXY Guest
    wow nice work after soo long time I hope you'll released it as soon as possible!

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    CoreTX Guest
    Is this copy' n paste from lvl2 files, or does a scener have the jig ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreTX View Post
    Is this copy' n paste from lvl2 files, or does a scener have the jig ?
    Read a few posts back...

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    Starlight Guest
    Nice news indeed, and keep up the great work.

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