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Thread: Some Easter PS3 Development Updates!

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    CJPC Guest

    Some Easter PS3 Development Updates!

    We have a few PS3 development updates for the new week, including some PS3 KeyVault Project and PS3 Flash news.

    To start, resident PS3 Dev subdub has been a bit busy, so he has yet to put the finishing touches on our PS3 KeyVault Server Application. In his absence, both ggparallel and mainman have picked up the slack, and are finishing up the server application. While they are finishing up the app, they are also optimizing the code so it is more versatile as it can auto-update clients, and it will also be able to handle more requests.

    Below is a picture of the client application's Web interface that runs on any PS3, including retail consoles via OtherOS. It basically lets you configure the PS3's IP address, check the status of the program, the kernel, and transmitted packets.

    Another resident PS3 Dev, who recently received a PS3 TEST unit, is currently awaiting some new hot air rework tools. His PS3 TEST (see HERE) then has an appointment with some solder and wire. We expect to have the flash dumped soon, barring any unforseen circumstances, and then we can analyze the differences in the IPL as well as the mystery detection bits.

    Finally, my PS3 Backup Launcher (for Debug units) is at version .002. The menu system was ported over, it is now a nice selectable menu. Due to this change, the graphics library is a bit limited.. so no cool moving background anymore, just a plain grey one.

    Also we have noticed some extra checks in a few newer PS3 games that disallow repatching and running from Internal HDD (USB HDD still works fine). We are currently attempting to locate and patch these calls in the newer titles.

    In the picture below you see four games, including the disc handed out in Japan at PS3 Launch- the "HD Visual Preview Disc" which is actually a game SELF with two movies! Also in Alpha .002, support was added to boot games from BD/DVD, which works perfectly provided the disc has been properly mastered.

    More to come, and hopefully we can get our PS3 KeyVault Project underway soon!

    [imglink=|Some Easter PS3 Development Updates!][/imglink]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    triple7 Guest

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    That's great news CJPC! Let us know if you need any help in beta testing. I'd be glad to help out as would many other of the forum members I'm sure.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    So if the Keyvault Project is to install under another OS will we need to format the HDD??

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    Nope, you will just have to overwrite the OtherOS bld file... but you can back it up on a USB stick, etc so then when you're done using the HyperScanner you can just swap bld's and overwrite it again. It's a few second process tops.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Oh great thats good I didn't want to mess around formatting the HDD incase I lose some of my stuff like save files getting corrupted etc.

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    ytifle Guest
    Ok, a bld, that works like fah (kinda), but does calls to smash the hypervisor to pieces?

    the thing is, when the security would be compromised, wouldnt it close itself up?

    It at least should... (I hope not, but lets get prepared for the worst...)

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    It's not the key itself, but rather the names and values for the HV configuration.. the PS3 Devs call it "KeyVault" as it's similar to one.

    Once they obtain the data they are seeking from the initial project, I believe their plan is to rebuild their own from it for further analysis.

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest
    If I have understand PS3 DVD or BD form, some files are same as PSP. If I am not wrong, the video presentation of game is ICON0.

    It is possible to show the video presentation with the game title ?

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