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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    eiz Guest

    SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

    Update #2: squarepusher2 has released several more updates to SNES9x PS3, the Super Nintendo Emulator for PlayStation 3, which are all available for download now HERE.

    Update: A new SNES9x r2 binary is now available with changes noted HERE followed by a SNES9x v1.0.3 port by Alex793 which includes some more fixes for those interested.

    I got my Teensy++ Thursday and decided to port SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) over to the PS3 as a little exercise to play with the Cell SDK.

    It's pretty rough but it seems to work OK. It will load (uncompressed) ROMs off of /dev_usb000.

    If anyone is interested, the code is linked above via GitHub with a binary attached below.

    Download: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port / SNES9x PS3 Port Source Code

    It's a new port to PS3 LV2 OS based on the vanilla SNES9x source.

    To build:

    - Install Cell SDK >= 1.92. You know how to find it. Configure according to the install instructions (make sure to set CELL_SDK).
    - Make pkg
    - Load the pkg and your ROMs onto a usb drive.
    - Install on PS3 using your jailbreak device of choice.

    Things that suck:

    - Lots of SNES9x features are not supported yet. No save states, for example. Most of these are really simple to implement.
    - Sound code is rubbish. It more or less works, but you'll probably hear the occasional skip.
    - Performance isn't great.
    - UI. Or rather, there isn't one.
    - So much more.

    [imglink=|SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    enohand Guest
    nice man... is this just the ps2 one? or a completly new one?

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    eiz Guest
    it's a new port based on the vanilla snes9x source.

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    deliol Guest
    snes emulation was the reason i bought a psp 3 years ago... :-)

    It's just awesome to be able to play "Lost Vikings" again , this time on my PS3 !!! Thank you!

    Unfortunately i cannot try it right now, as my wife is watching tv... :-(

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    shdwghst457 Guest
    awesome! good work man. look forward to seeing it get really polished! SNES9X TYL is the only reason I still have a PSP!

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    eventum Guest
    Many many thanks!

    My old Xbox broke of couple a months ago and I've been totally lost ever since. I play SNES games on a daily basis so this really made my day, to be able to play SNES games again and in HD on the PS3!

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    Apr 2005
    I moved this to the Site News now and +Rep eiz!

    Apparently somehow we will have to make it so users can only submit news HERE... because when news is posted in the Forum the old link will no longer work once it is moved to the Site News and recopied to the Forum.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    SNES on PS2 was a little slow, let's see what PS3 can bring to us! A Genesis port will be lovely as well.

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    ferrell Guest
    Oh wow! Gonna DL this now and try it out!

    Thank you!

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    Walkies Guest
    You're legendary, eiz This is what I've been waiting for!

    Thanks for going to the effort for all us SNES fans

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