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  1. #71
    newgen2005 Guest
    Just tested this emulator and all I can say is wow

    I have tested:

    Super Mario Kart
    Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time

    The all work perfectly, speed on Mario Kart is awesome. Only heard one audio glitch and that was it.

    I changed the file extension to .smc in order for the emulator to see them. Well done for making this superb SNES emulator.

    At last I can use my PS3 for something useful

  2. #72
    BlankCD01 Guest
    Great Job! Looking forward to a Chip 8, NES, GB/C, GBA, Atari, MAME, as well as Genesis port

  3. #73
    rip Guest
    I just saw the new update. I can't wait untill I have time to try this.

  4. #74
    limnique Guest
    Yeah GBA would be awesome!

  5. #75
    zeromx Guest
    Here is another video i made with the new r2 version.

  6. #76
    tremendazo Guest
    excellent work, it saves and I can now choose the location of the roms. Almost forgot REPS!

  7. #77
    djhazardous Guest
    And full-screen - shibby! When will this version be released?

  8. #78
    tremendazo Guest
    it is in the first page already..

  9. #79
    neophyte5001 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by austindriver13 View Post
    Truthfully, I'm not sure if there is a correct place so long as it's in the hdd folder and not any flash--I just copied mine into dev_hdd0/vsh and they run fine from there.
    And when you launch the emu, do they show up right there as when the usb with roms is inserted, or do you have to navigate manually to the roms location everytime? (would be a major PITA lol)

  10. #80
    MicroNut Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tremendazo View Post
    excellent work, it saves and I can now choose the location of the roms. Almost forgot REPS!
    First release lets you choose the location to load the from ROMS as well. Just the starting default location has changed.

    My question is if there is anyway to set the ROMS path as a variable with an ini or cfg file so we don't have to browse to our SNES ROM directory every time?

    Excellent work! Looking forward to FBA and Mame and XBMC!

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