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    Apr 2005

    Arrow SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev c2f1b90f1a

    Here is an update of SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev c2f1b90f1a.

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev c2f1b90f1a

    Below are some details from pete_uk as follows: ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/1130-Snes?p=10100#post10100

    Source aquired from https://github.com/twinaphex/snes-next/
    Commit History: https://github.com/twinaphex/snes-next/commits/master

    Only problem found one problem so far. To return from to the main menu from a game, you need to press L3 & R3 together, the "Return to Menu" option in the quick menu does not seem to work.

    I have only tested it quickly, but seems to running nicely.

    Another update from pete_uk also below: ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/1130-Snes?p=10100#post10100

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev e6b54d879d

    Newest commit (e6b54d879dc9fe4d2efea50c27795e3d7d478876) packaged for 3.41.

    And also an update by Twinaphex (aka squarepusher2) below:

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev ce333489e1

    Current commit of Snes9x-Next: https://github.com/twinaphex/snes9x-next/

    This build is NOT Multiman Compatible!!!

    Recent Updates & Changes:
    • Further improved Star Fox 2/Vortex speed - now is always 60fps and/or higher - without frameskip!
    • Speedhacks for a great number of games - FPS improvements range from ~10 to ~20-25fps (sometimes more) forgames where we don't 'draw' the subscreen display
    • Speedhack - PPU.FullClipping (new speedhack variable) is set to false for Final Fantasy III/VI - bypass some steps during clipping for additional 10fps speedup (in field mode)
    • Use joypad callbacks - basically more efficient input polling - if no joystick data is polled for a frame, we won't have to waste time reporting all the buttons to SNES9xanyway (for that frame)
    • Revised PS3 input - Super Scope works again, Mouse doesn't yet - next on the list
    • Input presets - users can now make presets for input from within the emulator and switch between presets - allows you to switch between different button mapping schemes
    • 'Save Settings as Shader Preset' works now - can set filename and title - also fixed OSK util

    As of this commit (github.com/twinaphex/snes9x-next/commit/9d70571d1a7416fa19bbfa0a55eb4bd3fac754ec) this option - 'Save Settings as Shader Preset' can actually be used. At the moment, it will ask you to input a filename for the preset (without file extension), and after that it will ask you to input a name for the preset.

    I will further improve upon this by also allowing people to overwrite previously existing presets in addition to just creating a new preset everytime.

    NOTE - I have decided to remove all pre-existing presets - the idea being that now that users have the ability to create their own from inside the emulator, there should no longer be a need to maintain 100 pre-baked presets - it should be up to the user to create as many as he/she wants.

    Also, this feature will be brought to all the other emulators as well obviously.

    Another update from pete_uk via: https://github.com/twinaphex/snes9x-...ebefa00e87582d

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev dbe74399e1

    Another update pete_uk via: https://github.com/twinaphex/snes9x-...8168ab158b5443

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev 45d7656276

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev d3bbed1d1d MM (multiMAN compatible)

    Source Code: https://github.com/twinaphex/snes9x-...e8fae47d96fd55

    Download: SNESNext Super Nintendo (SNES) PS3 Emulator v4.4.9 Rev 74e395d851 MM (multiMAN compatible)

    Source Code: https://github.com/twinaphex/snes9x-...5faf3b9edd107f

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    Jacoby05 Guest
    How do you use this on the PS3?

  3. #673
    NTA Guest
    You need to have CFW. You can put the pkg file on some kind of external storage device (I use an ipod) and go to install package files, and it should show up. If you don't have cfw, then you can't install it.

  4. #674
    TwistedJay Guest
    Easy just install install the snes.pkg file and then put some games on a usb drive in a folder named snes games or whatever and then enter the snes program from the games menu. Now highlight the usb and search for you game folder and then the game. push x and play

  5. #675
    lindwurm Guest

    Beside on cfw you can also install snes pkg on ps3 with jailbreak dongle enter snes emu from xmb then press select to go to setting screen,press R1 to go forward to the path section then highlight startup ROM directory and press X to enter after that find your snes rom folder ex: dev_hdd0/Snes Roms

    if you put the folder in internal for external it's in dev_usb and press square to finish it then quit and restart your emu... there you go you have list of your snes title to play, oh you can play with rar file or extracted (i prefer an extracted to avoid any corrupt data)

  6. #676
    PR0r Guest
    I'm after the snes next emu for MM.. all the links are dead

  7. #677
    Mitchel12345 Guest
    Please ReUp!!

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    Apr 2005


    If you search here you will find all of the emulator revisions so no need to reupload them: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/downlo...p?do=cat&id=12

  9. #679
    Luis ngu Guest
    snes9x v4.4.9 signed by Luis ngu!


    tested and working (+restyling) !

  10. #680
    G Sus Guest
    i can't believe we spend millions developing new powerful consoles. and then spend years trying to get them to play old 8bit games
    oh how great it is to be human were all just a little insane, he he he.

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