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    bobross Guest
    Would be nice if you could switch to 480i or 1080i when your PS3 is set to 720p mode. I don't have the option for any "i" modes just 480/720p.

    Getting some really bad combing effects.. I'm on 3.15.

    Other than that so awesome, thank you!

  2. #642
    rubixcube6 Guest
    hey, I made a new Icon theme. tell me what you think and what to change to your liking if anything. add/remove/change etc.. I thought since this emu has had that icon for so long, I think its time for a new flavor

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    I like the icon but I would like to keep the PIC1.PNG I have now. Could you perhaps post the ICON0.PNG you have so I can see if it fits well with the current background?

  4. #644
    rubixcube6 Guest
    I'll try to post it.. ok its attached.

    and I agree, that background you have now is a great peice of art. who did that?

  5. #645
    mare92 Guest
    Does on that emulator also run NES games (super mario bros, contra, castlevania etc)? and.. where do you get games? Is there some cool packs?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    You will have to check search engines on your own for the game ROMs, as we don't get into linking to such things here.

  7. #647
    Koga316 Guest
    OMG! SNES games look SO much better with the HD Shaders. Can't wait for the NES, Genesis, and VBA emulators to get the Shaders.

  8. #648
    theone1982 Guest
    I have the latest version... I can play 2 players on lots games. However 2 player on super mario 3 has just vanished... only says 1 player.. anyone else have issue with that rom?

  9. #649
    squarepusher2 Guest

    SNES9x PS3 4.4.7 (FW 1.92+/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/CFW 3.55)

    Today the Super Nintendo Emulator PS3 port has been updated to SNES9x PS3 4.4.7 for Firmware 1.92+, 3.15, 3.41 and PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware 3.55.

    Download: SNES9x PS3 - 4.4.7 (FW 1.92/FW 3.41/CFW 3.55) / SNES9x PS3 - 4.4.7 (FW 1.92/FW 3.41/CFW 3.55) (Mirror)

    Complete changes are detailed below, as follows:

    SNES9x PS3 - 4.4.7 (FW 1.92/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/CFW 3.55)
    • Added new shaders (waterpaint-normalcontrast, waterpaint-normalcontrast-scanline,
      waterpaint-highcontrast, waterpaint-highcontrast-scanline, crt-highgamma)
    • Optimized crt, crt-highgamma shaders - both run now at 60fps at 1920x1080.
    • Reduced lag.
    • Fixed Turbo Mode toggling - works the same now as in 4.4.4.
    • Fixed RSound bug with Windows OSes.
    • Fixed L2 button mapping issue.

    BTW, regarding that error above with GCC - that has been fixed.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    We are now using MU/RS/etc for file attachments... I have now added the links to the post and promoted it to the main page, and +Rep squarepusher2!

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