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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    sika Guest
    Just thought i'd add that i have a few problems playing some roms on my pc with snes9x but they work flawlessly with the ps3 emu, well done on the emulator, its my favourite thing to use right now, YAY!

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    Bishoff Guest
    I finally got around to installing this and wow this Emulator is simply fantastic! Great work mates!

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    ghorricks Guest
    I think that it's time that homebrew such as the Snes Emulator were signed and re-released.

    Although, I am aware that if the homebrew uses certain calls/functions it will not work without a jailbreak.

    Would it be possible for SquarePusher2 to please look at the possibility of signing the latest release and testing when the JB USB dongle is not attached and see what may need to be done to get it working on a retail console.

    Many thanks.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    I just hope squarepusher is still alive

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Nope, I'm not dead.

    The tools are not yet released for me to be able to sign SNES9x PS3. So it's out of my hands right now.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Glad to hear from you...

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    Apr 2005

    SNES9x PS3 4.4.3 (FW 1.92+/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/CFW 3.55)

    Today squarepusher2 has updated the Super Nintendo Emulator PS3 port to SNES9x PS3 4.4.3 for Firmware 1.92+, 3.15, 3.41 and GeoHot PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware 3.55.

    Download: SNES9x PS3 4.4.3

    To quote on the SNES9x PS3 changes: Build 4.4.3 (11-01-2010)
    • Autodetection of Super Scope/Mouse/Multitap had a bug in it - after you loaded a Super Scope/mouse game and then tried to load a multitap-compatible game, the game would attempt to hook up the Mouse/Scope instead due to an error in a switch/case statement. Fixed this.

    • Autodetection now works as expected. Please upgrade to 4.4.3 as soon as possible to avoid inconvenient problems.

    Finally, below is SNES9x PS3 4.4.2 (FW 1.92+/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/Geohot CFW 3.55) with the changelog that we missed reporting on previously.

    SNES9x PS3 4.4.2 Changelog:
    * Super Scope and SNES Mouse support. The Super Scope and the Mouse are currently
    mapped to the left analog stick - the controls are -
    - Circle Button - Scope Toggle Turbo
    - Cross Button - Scope Cursor Button
    - Triangle Button - Mouse R Button - Scope Aim Off Screen
    - Square Button - Mouse L Button -Scope Fire
    - Start Button - Scope Pause Button
    * Automatic Super Scope/Mouse support detection (works for most games)
    * Automatic multitap detection (for most games)
    * Automatic PAL50/PAL60 switching (for 576p PAL resolution only)
    * Only shows toggleable resolutions now in the Settings menu that your TV supports.
    * Fixed Syvalion/R.P.M. Racing/Power Drive (games use 512x448 - flickered
    like mad before)
    * Added .GD3 ROM extension.
    * Added configurable controls - nearly any button/button combo can be
    configured. All of the configurable settings are saved of course.
    * Some of the new things you can 'bind' buttons to:
    - Record movie
    - Stop movie
    - Playback movie
    - Fast forward
    - Increase fast-forward speed
    - Decrease fast-forward speed
    - Reset
    - Soft Reset
    - Some more shaders (Lanzcos12/Lanzcos16/SuperScale2x - you've probably seen them already in Genesis Plus/FBA et al - that's because they all use the same shaders from Cellframework.)
    - Sane parental control defaults (you can use this when parental control is enabled at highest level).
    - You can set the SRAM path directory now.
    [imglink=|SNES9x PS3 4.4.3 - Super Nintendo Emulator for PS3 is Updated][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    oldgill85 Guest
    i would love to see a nintendo 64 emulator... that would be excellent... but much thanks to all your hard work so far!!!

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    skribblenauts Guest
    can anyone explain how to save game states to the save slots? I have my roms stored on a usb so maybe that's why I can't save? Help plz.

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    xacoffeemx Guest
    R2+R3 saves onto save slots.

    save slots can be browsed by using the right joystick left/right.

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