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    TimRex Guest
    Well, that's not MAME per se.. But it looks pretty darn good all the same.

    C64 emulator is on the way, whether anyone wants it or not (yep, we're going backwards

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    ClausG76 Guest
    A C64 emulator would also be great. That was my favorite gaming system. Do you have more info on that?

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    thedevilsdj Guest
    to be honest with you, nothing beats a real 64! i mean i used to try and enjoy the N64 emus... but cmon... i bought a 64 just so i could play bond again.... and use a proper 64 control!!! [the best control ever made imo] i even ended up getting myself a NES and SNES just to complete the collection!!! these truly are the best consoles ever made!!!

    i love playing SNES on my PS3 so simply because we now have one of the best emulators ever made!!! but a N64 emulator wont be that good on the ps3 simply because the ps3 controls will never feel right!?

    they could prove me wrong [and probably will =p] i hope they do because i would love to play Goldeneye online!!! and i could just get one of those N64 to USB !!!

    Oh and im just wondering if there is any though of online support for SNES9X??

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    TimRex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ClausG76 View Post
    A C64 emulator would also be great. That was my favorite gaming system. Do you have more info on that?
    Claus, give it a day or two.

    DevilsDj, I think you've mistook our mention of the C64 for an N64. There's about 15 years between them. You don't even want to know what an original commodore joystick was like. But we're off topic now...

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Shaders are now in.

    SNES9x PS3 - Build 4.4.1 (w/ Source)

    Build 4.4.1 (15-11-2010) - rev. number da152b168e
    * Added pixel shaders - select them in General Settings.
    The following pixel shaders have been added:
    - Stock (Default shader)
    - 2xSaI
    - Blur
    - Curved CRT
    - HQ2x
    - Quad interpolation
    - Scanlines
    - Sharpen
    - Super2xSaI
    - SuperEagle
    all but SuperEagle, Super2xSaI and Curved CRT run at fullspeed at 1080p 16:9 - the highest resolution. If a shader doesn't run at fullspeed on that resolution, 720p resolution 16:9/4:3 will run it just fine at fullspeed.
    * PAL60 option works with 1.92 version
    * Added a 'Force NTSC ROM to PAL' option in SNES9x Settings
    snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-fw3.41 -
    this is for people with firmware 3.41

    snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-576pdisabled-fw1.92 -
    this is for people with firmware 1.92 AND if you'd rather default to 480p if you have a CRT TV

    snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-576penabled-fw1.92 -
    this is for people with firmware 1.92 AND if you'd rather default to 576p if you have a CRT TV

    One request though - others have pointed this out already - the first post should be edited to reflect that this SNES9x port is for all intents and purposes feature-complete, doesn't have bad sound, doesn't have bad graphics, does have savestates, now has shaders, and so on. It's as simple as that. Video should also be deleted as that gives off the wrong impression that there's all sorts of things still wrong with this emulator.

    This is just my opinion of course - but since we're onto version 4.4.1 by now and it doesn't look like eiz will be coming back, perhaps we might as well pretend that this has become for all intents and purposes the SNES9x PS3 emulator now rather than just a fork.

    Also, I would just remove the attached SNES9x eiz zip files and attach the latest one that I posted above. Nobody is going to want to use the original again - it hasn't been updated since September 18, 2010.

    If this isn't possible, perhaps spin off this thread and create a new one for SNES9x PS3.

    I will provide some screenshots and perhaps a video if the first post will look a bit too barren without a video at least.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Yea, we can't remove/change that unfortunately... all I can do is add updates to first post, or if you make a new Site News post for your next release we can lock this one and direct users to the new one basically.

  7. #577
    tillman Guest
    yeah a new thread would be nice and a lot more clearly laid out.

  8. #578
    pepijndamen Guest
    Thanks for the update. Going to try out these new shaders tonight. Hope my ff6 is going to look even better. Because of this emu I started replaying old classics like ff6 and Chrono Trigger.

  9. #579
    zeromx Guest
    Thanks for the update...

  10. #580
    jdoerty Guest
    This is just a wonderful emu. Even better than the orig pc versions. IMO

    I only have one gripe. I have gone over the readme, tried the liked source on google listed by the devs. But for the life of me I cannot get any of the cheats to work. In the menu when selecting the cheats they are all blank!

    If I enable a blank cheat slot nothing happens. However, I edited a new empty .CHT file and added a line of GG code, nothing special not in zsnes or snes9x format just raw code, and when I go to activate the cheats it shows up in the cheat menu.

    Again however, it still does not apply the cheats. And yes the cheats are named the exact same as the roms and the cheat directory does indeed point to where the cheats are located.

    Has anyone else had this problem or is this an isolated incident?

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