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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by j0hnny View Post
    doesn't Snes9x v4.3.9 read 7z files still? i downloaded a complete pack with the pkg, all games are in 7z but they won't show up in the rom directory of my ps3 when under roms.. but when selecting the directory as start directory i can see them there..
    7z is not currently supported, no. It might be in the future.

    About selecting the ROM directory and seeing 7z - well, that's normal - it will actually show you all the files on your filesystem - I should probably hide all regular files for the mode where you only have to select a directory for savestate/ROM directory/cheatfile path.

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    squarepusher2 Guest

    SNES9x PS3 - Build 4.4.0 (w/ Source)

    Alright, the PAL problems are fixed.

    SNES9x PS3 4.4.0 (W/ source)

    Build 4.4.0 (12-11-2010) - rev. number 0cb00f8c86
    * PAL issues are fixed at all resolutions - ghosting is gone
    * It's now possible to run NTSC ROMs and PAL ROMs alike correctly at 576p PAL mode. When the setting 'PAL60' is set to ON, a trick will be applied to get NTSC ROMs to run correctly at 50Hz mode. If set to OFF, it will run PAL ROMs correctly. Even though PAL ROMs will play normally now at 480p/720p/1080p, 576p still seems to run PAL ROMs slightly better - but it's probably unnoticeable to the user.
    * Cheatcode files can now be loaded and selected/enabled ingame. Note that all zSNES and SNES9x cheatcode files are supported - everything with the .CHT extension. You can also set a Cheatfile directory. If you don't set a Cheatfile directory, the default will be USRDIR.

    Cheatfiles must have the same filename as the ROM. Here is how selecting and enabling cheats works in-game:

    Right analog stick - Left + L2 - Move cheat position back by one (-1)
    Right analog stick - Right + L2 - Move cheat position forwards by one (+1)
    Right analog stick - Up - Enable the currently selected cheat
    Right analog stick - Down - Disable the currently selected cheat

    Here are two links with some quite useful cheatfiles:


    There still remains the issue that with the FW 1.92 versions you can't switch the resolution easily - so I have had to resort to including two builds for 1.92 (just for the people who are running this on CRT TVs - the PS3 has this odd habit of picking as the best resolution exactly the resolution you do not want to use in the first place :P).

    snes9x-ps3-4.4.0-fw3.41.pkg - this is the one most people would want to use - for firmware 3.41 and up

    snes9x-ps3-4.4.0-576penabled-fw1.92.pkg - 576p is enabled in PARAM.SFO - so if you're running this on a CRT TV and your TV happens to be PAL, it will select 576p first and you're stuck with that resolution basically because there is no resolution switching with the 1.92 version (this has never been possible even up to now - but I'm just mentioning it for the first time since it's only now becoming an issue due to certain people using it on a CRT TV and getting stuck in PAL mode).

    snes9x-ps3-4.4.0-576pdisabled-fw1.92.pkg - 576p is disabled in PARAM.SFO - so if you're running this on a CRT TV - even if your TV happens to be PAL, it will select 480p and you will be stuck with that resolution basically because there is no resolution switching with the 1.92 version.

    BTW, for all people using this on HDTVs - don't worry about this long-winded explanation - it will automatically pick the best resolution for your TV with the 1.92 version.

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    promythyus Guest
    YAY! The PAL support is VERY welcome, you're bloody awesome!! I can't say how amazingly happy I am about this!!!

    Cheatfiles is also pretty awesome too

  4. #564
    idbirch Guest
    Nice work, thanks for the update.

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    alienJIZ1990 Guest
    so whats next on this squarepusher? I honestly can't think of anymore features that I'd want, it's all been done

  6. #566
    pasky Guest
    In game cheat engine... Duh.

  7. #567
    pepijndamen Guest
    Thanks for the update. Really enjoying this emulator.

  8. #568
    sascha8192 Guest
    squarepusher2 THX for the great PAL update!

    I tested the pal mode, overscan and Linear interpolation function. She is verry good.. better than the original ever was awesome... but unfortunately not in the menu mode. My tv does not show all the letters from the menu at

    can you please integrate overscan for the menu?

    my settings:

    576p (50Hz)
    PAL 60 ... on
    4:3 aspect ratio (Scaled)
    Hardware filtering ... Linear interpolation
    overscan ... 0:15

    great performance ... keep it up!

  9. #569
    dvdrdiscs Guest
    Best work yet. Any interest in porting over a M.A.M.E emulator?

  10. #570
    alienJIZ1990 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dvdrdiscs View Post
    Best work yet. Any interest in porting over a M.A.M.E emulator?
    There's one being worked on here I believe: code.google.com/p/fba360/

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