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    How did you extract that in clear text from the eboot.bin?

    I don't see the point of adding the "No ROMs" part. If i plug in my usb hdd, the app starts. And you can browse trouhg the whole ps3, just select the ".."

    So you can store the ROM's on the internal hdd. But you still need a usb000 for the app to start, or else you just get "No ROMs"...

    Why use usb000, insted of dev_hdd0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave898 View Post
    SWEEET!!!! This is the #1 thing I was waiting for...

    Does it play games with FX chips (StarFox, Star Ocean, Far East of Eden Zero, et cetera)?
    Appears to work with fx chip games, i tried Mario Kart and Star Fox, both work fine.

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    can you do a rough DGENS port

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    I downloaded and tested it. dev_usb000 for me was the very right USB port (original PS3 NTSC 60gb) as others stated that might change. I played through 6 guys in Super Punchout, and loaded up a few other games, all work well. I didnt have any noticable sound issues.

    I know the port isn't complete yet, but thanks i was very happy to see this.

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    Killer Instinct on ps3 :

    No lag , no problem with sound or controller

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    The problem i encountered is something, it hangs for a second and resumes.

    dev - maybe you could make pressing L2+R2 to give you snes9x menu to exit, save state, change rom, etc... just a idea.

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    Yes , it just need a function to return to select menu , and a bigger fonts size

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlask2 View Post
    Killer Instinct on ps3 :
    Thanks atlask2, I added the video to the first post as well and +Rep.

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    Wow, this is great. Every game I've tried on my slim works wonderfully, kids playing street fighter turbo rt now Emulation was fun on the pc, but you really get the old school console feeling back with this. And to not have to tweak plugins, etc for every other game? Priceless. I realize it can be better, but for such a short period of time this is mighty impressive.

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    Awesome work buddy! your the man. Super Mario here i come.

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