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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    OK folks, sorry for the long wait - I truly apologize.

    BTW - just to make this clear- we (Themaister, Squarepusher2, Halsefar, and Cmonkey69) are one collective now - the SNES9x PS3 team. So don't thank just me - thank all these guys for their awesome contributions, or just thank us as a team. Themaister did the PSGL driver, Halsefar did a lot of stuff that will all be carried over into FCEU - heck, we might even merge at one point - in effect creating a NES/SNES emulator. We'll see if that works well. All of us put in a lot of our personal time to get this thing from the crappy state it was in previously (4.3.7) to the state it is in now.

    SNES9x PS3 4.3.8

    Build 4.3.8 (23-10-2010) - rev. number 768cf9df52
    * Updated to new SNES9x version - now runs the following games that didn't work previously (or had noise instead of sound):
    - Earthworm Jim 2
    - NBA Hangtime
    - MS Pac Man
    * PSGL driver built and in use - speed is now better at 1080p than it was previously at 480p. There's still a resolution switch, but there's no need anymore to switch to 480p - speed is the same at 1080p as it is on 480p, and it's damn good for the record. Enjoy.
    * All resolutions supported now
    * Added simple hardware filtering settings - Linear Interpolation and Point Filtering. Shaders will come later.
    * Added Aspect Ratio settings - 4:3 and 16:10 (HDTVs with 16:9 aspect ratio might experience that on 16:10, the screen might be slightly cut-off. We're working on a proper aspect ratio setting for 16:9)
    * Can now load configurable settings from snes9x.conf file stored in the USRDIR folder. Saving of this file will come in the next release.
    * Will now select the highest resolution your TV/monitor can support - so is no longer set to default at 480p.
    * No more performance difference between 1.92 pkg and 3.41 pkg.
    This is the actual performance of SNES9x PS3 at the moment (4.3.8) -at ANY resolution (1080p to 480p - you name it):

    * Here is how most games will run (at any resolution - 480p/720p/1080p):

    - Normal games (no special enhancement chips) = 60fps constant
    - DSP-1 (Super Mario Kart/PilotWings) = 60fps constant
    - DSP-1B (Ballz) = 60fps constant
    - DSP-2 (Dungeon Master) = 60fps constant
    - DSP-4 (Top Gear 3000) = 60fps constant
    - SA-1 (Super Mario RPG/Kirby Superstar/Kirby's Dreamland 3/Super Bomberman Panic World) = 60fps constant
    - Cx4 (Mega Man X2/Mega Man X3) = 60fps constant
    - OBC-1 (Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge = 60fps constant
    - SDD-1 (Star Ocean/Street Fighter Alpha 2) = 60fps constant
    - S-RTC (Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2) = 60fps constant
    - SPC7110 (Far East of Eden Zero/Tengai Makyo) = not tested
    - SuperFX
    - Star Fox 1 = 60fps constant
    - Stunt Race FX = 60fps constant
    - Doom = 60fps constant
    - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island = 60fps constant
    - Star Fox 2 = not 60fps constant
    - Vortex = not 60fps constant
    - Winter Gold = 50fps constant (was a PAL game)
    - Dirt Racer = 60fps constant

    Here is the source code repository -

    For the next releases, we have planned:

    * Saving of settings - including that of settings, savestate paths, last selected ROM directory, and so on.

    Halsefar will probably be working on pixel shader ports of the popular filters. For now, hardware bilinear filtering and point filtering will have to do.

    Also, we're going to add a 16:9 aspect ratio option as soon as possible - because 16:10 might cut off a little for your HDTV.

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    zeromx Guest
    OMG, This is awesome UPDATE!! There seems to be a BUG in your recent update, 4.3.8.

    When you load any game you get this small distorted line on the upper righter corner of the display.

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    That's not really a bug, that's GL_LINEAR for you - it's a little quirk that we will have to figure out - we were aware of it, but didn't think it would be a huge deal for the meantime. It's not with every game, BTW - Super Mario World for instance doesn't have it - it's with certain games where the bilinear filter tries to interpolate against a pixel that is not actually there - hence the weird effect.

    You'll notice that if you turn 'Linear interpolation' off, you no longer get it.

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    zeromx Guest
    Never the less - great work to everyone in the team..

    BTW; i think it would be best to set aspect ratio as 16:9 as you pointed out.

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    FMAranda Guest
    This is a huge update, thank you. Keep with your great work.

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    ferrell Guest
    Amazing work guys! I can't wait to see what's next!

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    Oh man... aspect ratio, that must be why all the backup managers are clipped off on my 60" projection tv. Definitely gonna be waiting for that additional feature but still a minor thing compared to the awesome progress that's been made!

    Wonder if the BM devs can implement this as well....

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    maxdb1984 Guest
    awesome news can't wait to try this out - I would also like to thank the team behind this

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    gear323 Guest
    Thanks for the update. This is great!

    Question: Do you think that is will be possible to get the PS Move to work as a light gun with the emu as some point in the future? I know it is probably isn't something that would be looked at until all other features are added but do you think it can be done?

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    clouduzz Guest
    yeah, you guys rock! It really seems like you all genuinely put a lot of effort into this emu and it DEFINITELY shows!! Thank you all very much

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