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    squarepusher2 Guest

    SNES9x PS3 - Build 4.3.7 (w/ Source)

    OK folks, new release out.

    SNES9x PS3 Build 4.3.7

    A lot of changes. First off, much smaller pkg files. Second, no more separate '480p' and '720p' version - they're rolled into one.

    That's just for starters.

    Build 4.3.7 (19-10-2010) - rev. number f2e3e0bef2
    * There's now a build for PS3s with firmwares below 3.41 (basically bigger than or equal to FW 1.92) and a build for PS3s with firmwares 3.41 or higher.
    * You can now switch resolutions inside the Settings screen - go from 480p to 720p or vice versa, hence the need for two builds (480p and 720p) eliminated. (Halsafar)
    * Zipped ROM support (ZIP/JMA) (Squarepusher)
    * Savestates are now compressed as well (NOTE: I don't know what this will do to your pre-existing savestates. Try to back them up first - they're inside the USRDIR folder of /dev_hdd0/game/SNES90000/)
    * Menu looks a whole lot better now at both 480p and 720p; crappy font has been put out of commission. It's now actually readable (Cmonkey69)
    * Games that switch between SNES resolutions (Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana) are now both vertically scaled correctly - you don't even notice the resolution switch anymore. This is only at 480p mode - in 720p mode you will notice the same effect as you did previously. This will be worked on. (Halsafar)
    * A lot of settings got added to the Settings screen. For instance, it's now possible (on most PAL games) to run them at 60fps by setting 'Force PAL ROM to NTSC' to ON. This won't work for every game, however (most games after 1993 came with region protection), and it might even result in a crash because you're doing something that is not deemed appropriate by either the SNES hardware or the emulator. A solution for PAL ROMs is worked on.
    * You can return to a previous folder inside the ROM menu by pressing the CIRCLE button.
    Also, a word of warning on the resolution changing:

    ** - NOTE: You may get a black screen if your screen does not support 720p or you're not on a HDTV/monitor - in that case, try pressing Left again so you revert back to 480p

    In any case, this should be a non-issue on most modern TVs/monitors, or just for those that do have problems, we're going to look at some ways of first determining whether the PS3's output device (the monitor/TV) actually supports said resolution before toggling it.

    BTW - to the guy with the Earthbound controller problem, try this -

    Go to the Settings menu, set 'Display button input' to ON, return to the ROM menu by pressing Circle button, then click L2+R2 to go back to the game, then tell me if you can see button characters on the screen when you press a button. This might help us determine whether this can all be chalked up to input lag of your telly, or whether it's a faulty controller.

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    New Guy Guest
    must feel like barney off of how i met your mother cause your freaking awesome lol

  3. #413
    marc2590 Guest
    Great job tested and works flawlessly... once this gets a nice GUI it will be awesome.

  4. #414
    DJTommy812 Guest
    truly awesome work! thank you a million times. Looking forward to filtering options that will make the games look fantastic on big screens.

  5. #415
    SaveU Guest
    squarepusher2 you are the man.

  6. #416
    halsafar Guest
    Resolution switching was top priority for me. I am glad to see so far it works for most. It is not robust at all so be careful (ie. don't change to 720 on a TV that can't support it). Now getting libGCM to work properly is my next step. Once I have libGCM rendering textures I will implement a filter or two just to get the ball rolling for others to help there. Finally an object based GUI framework for a couple of emus will be made.

    At least that is the future goals I have in mind.

    Some of this stuff needed to get done before continuing the FCEU port btw for those who were interested. The idea is to keep the code base very similar across each.

  7. #417
    DJTommy812 Guest
    the res switch is ingeniously convenient especially since i sometimes switch to a tiny sd monitor to play games. the 480p res is the sweet spot. Will 1080i-p be an option? 720p is great already anyway. thanks again and looking forward to more awesome breakthroughs.

  8. #418
    clouduzz Guest
    this is a really nice update, halsafar really look forward to your filters.

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    dragonsurfer Guest

    Red Face

    I asked once here, but never got an answer- does anyone know if cheat support will be added soon or at all? (game genie, or pro action replay, or even user based memory address searches)?

  10. #420
    squarepusher2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsurfer View Post
    I asked once here, but never got an answer- does anyone know if cheat support will be added soon or at all? (game genie, or pro action replay, or even user based memory address searches)?
    Sure it will eventually, but right now it's not a priority - to me anyway.

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