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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    ghorricks Guest
    Thanks Squarepusher. I understand what he is saying and although he has worked on the development of this port, it's not his responsibility to give support for this on matters where 3rd party filters and processes are concerned.

    Most TV's use some sort of filter (even without saying) and dont let you turn it off too.

    Squarepusher... please move on to another project - your experience is certainly appreciated at this early time during development of homebrew. What about an MKV player?? lolz.

    More emulators would be appreciated and i think would suit your skillset.

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    We're setting up SNES9x as a skeleton framework so other emulators can be built with it.

    Just take a look at the repository to see some progress on that - it's shaping up quite nicely.

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    SaveU Guest
    I can see it now.
    Get the skeleton framework up
    Port over all sorts of emu
    Add a Backup manager
    Add an FTP client
    Add a media player that supports all formats.
    Add abestOS
    Put it all under one GUI where you can play with everything

    Call it iNde (pronounced indy, in reference to independant developers)

    i - it
    N - Now
    d - does
    e - everything.

    ((Remember you heard the Term iNde here first.))

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    fugi702 Guest
    square, i just wanted to tell you. i use this all the time... out of all the apps and stuff coming out, snes9x is what i use most of the time and play around with. good ol chrono, nba jam, secret of mana... some games i played a very long time ago. funny enough, on my ps3 beast of a machine lol. thanks a lot bro, for ur hard work on this.

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    xat Guest
    A media player won't happen unless someone ports libavcodec/ffmpeg/mplayer. Accelerating it/them is a huge undertaking, and they're not emulators. I'd like to see a Genesis emu under this framework though!

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    dava007 Guest
    I finally got my key earlier this week and I got to try it... frankly I though I needed more features (especially hd4x on 1080p or 720p.. or some kind of NTSC artifact emulation) but I like it as it is, it just works for the games I like and I can play them in the living room without having to setup an HTPC (which is why I never installed linux on my PS3 as well).

    But if we could have a menu similar to the one in Magic Engine (game list on one side, screenshots slideshow on the other) that would be just amazing, magic engine just use screenshots you take with the emulator itself.

    Thanks guys...

    Now back to Chrono Trigger!

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    Godinster Guest
    Squarepusher has enough on his plate, buy a new monitor or use a different TV. Works 100% flawlessly on my no name Protron 37" 60hz LCD TV.

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    Ax3l Guest
    hi there,

    superb work! i have just one little question. in donkey kong country 1, the screen flickers when it scrolls. i'm not sure, if it's a problem with the emu or if it's a general issue with this special game. (dkc2 and 3 in comparision are running very smooth)
    i think, i have a PAL rom... can anyone tell me if there another version of the rom that runs better?
    thanks a lot in advance.

    best wishes,


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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Yeah, PAL ROMs are borked currently, unless you compile the most recent version from the trunk and set Force NTSC mode to true - but that won't work on some games because they had region protection.

    It's better to run the NTSC ROM anyway in most cases.

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    Ax3l Guest
    jepp.. your're right. i've tried patching the rom to ntsc without success. now i found a ntsc rom and it runs perfect.
    thanks a lot.

    best wishes.


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