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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    farenheit Guest
    Here's a quick icon0.png for use with this emulator if anyone fancies using it

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    sheeks Guest
    Hey great emulator by the way mate. Works perfect from int drive.

    Only thing i don't like is the cropped screen, dosent look good on a 40" lcd.

    But still it think its great homebrew mate thx

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    lukifer Guest
    Everything seems to work with the limited number of games that I have tried using the 720p build. Thank you for all your work!

    One small request for future revisions, on my tv for whatever reason the menu is actually cutoff on the left side so I can only see the ends of filenames. Also the text is very small and difficult to see from the couch. Perhaps centering the menus and bumping up the text might make it easier to navigate.

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    JMilburn Guest
    i love SNES now i'm really happy about this emulator. WOOHOO!!!

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    zeromx Guest
    squarepusher2 - keep up the great work.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I tried Super Mario World and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Both worked fine but there is controller input lag. Mario was hard to play because timing jumps on moving enemies is difficult when the actions are lagging.

    The ROM selection list is also EXTREMELY small. I was using a 46" Plasma TV and it was a little difficult to read the very small list. I'd suggest making the font a good bit larger to make it easier to read.

    It doesn't read ROMs if they are in .zip format. You need to extract the .smc file and use that. SNES games are usually smaller than an average MP3 song, so .zip support is not a big issue in my opinion. I FTP'd my games to the internal HDD so I wouldn't need to plug in a USB device, and it worked fine.

    Excellent work so far. I think it could use some more performance tweaks and it will work perfectly.

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    OK, the current build I'm working with is far too unstable to release, so instead I have backported all of the improvements I've made to the last stable build I had (4.3.1) - thus this becomes 4.3.2.

    There is now a README file and a CHANGELOG file attached to it - sabin1981 will still be left out in the cold by this release since his monitor/TV doesn't support 59.94Hz - but don't worry, I will send him a custom build instead that doesn't run at 59.94Hz. I don't recommend this for anyone else though - if your monitor supports 59.94Hz, absolutely use it because it will give you the best performance (compared to 60Hz).

    I will probably do some video output/refresh rate detection and then decide from there which refresh rate to choose - giving preference to 59.94Hz whenever possible.

    SNES9x PS3 Squarepusher Build 4.3.2 (With source)

    Build 4.3.2 (1-10-2010):
    * Totally rewritten controller/input code (check cellpad.cpp/cellpadutil.h). Theoretically, input lag should be less now since the read_pad loop was previously hardcoded to do a pass at least two times - now it will check how many controllers are actually connected. So for instance, if only one controller is connected, it will only go through this loop where it checks for button input one time instead of twice - thus reducing clock cycles.
    Also there are now function calls available such as cellPadUtilButtonPressed and cellPadUtilButtonReleased, which could be used in various ways.
    * The left analog stick is now mapped to the directional pad.
    * The left analog stick now works at the ROM browser menu and is a lot faster than the D-pad - so use this for browsing in case you have a big ROM list and the D-pad takes a while to browse through it.
    * Files in ROM directories are now alphabetically sorted (cmonkey69)
    * ROM browser will return to the last entered directory after quitting ROM
    * 'Quit ROM' shortcut changed to R3+L3
    * The 480p build in the last version (4.3.1) did not output at 480p but at
    576p, because the 576p mode was ticked in the PARAM.SFO. The 480p build will
    now display at 480p like it's supposed to.
    * Removed the 'Load PAL ROM' option by pressing Triangle at the ROM browser
    menu since it serves no purpose at the moment and doesn't do what it's supposed
    BTW - I don't really get the 'input lag' complaints - never really noticed anything wrong with it. But if anything, do try out the latest release because as I said, the input code is totally rewritten and it will now pass the for loop for as many controllers as are currently connected.

    Previously this 'read_pad' loop would always do two passes because of an incorrect assumption that for every clock cycle/frame rendered, you should check for two controller inputs - when it makes far more sense to first quickly check how many controllers are connected and then do the loop according to that.

    Here is the new 'read_pad' function:

    void read_pad () {
    uint8_t pads_connected = cellPadUtilNumberPadsConnected();
    for (uint8_t i = 0; i < pads_connected; ++i) {
    if (cellPadUtilUpdate(i))
    uint8_t pad_id = i + 1;
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_A), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_CIRCLE)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_B), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_CROSS)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_X), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_TRIANGLE)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_Y), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_SQUARE)));

    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_SELECT), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_SELECT)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_START), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_START)));

    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_L), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_L1)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_R), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_R1)));

    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_UP), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_UP) | cellPadUtilAnalogPressedUp(i,CTRL_LSTICK)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_DOWN), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_DOWN) | cellPadUtilAnalogPressedDown(i,CTRL_LSTICK)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_LEFT), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_LEFT) | cellPadUtilAnalogPressedLeft(i,CTRL_LSTICK)));
    S9xReportButton(MAKE_BUTTON(pad_id, BTN_RIGHT), (cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_RIGHT) | cellPadUtilAnalogPressedRight(i,CTRL_LSTICK)));
    if(cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_R3) && cellPadUtilButtonPressed(i,CTRL_L3))
    is_running = false;
    if(rom_loaded_count == 4)
    mode_switch = 3;
    mode_switch = 0;


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    Mennelol Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by SwordOfWar View Post
    I tried Super Mario World and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Both worked fine but there is controller input lag. Mario was hard to play because timing jumps on moving enemies is difficult when the actions are lagging.
    Same problem for me.. tried all versions.

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    sintax Guest
    Is anyone else getting a very distorted picture with the 720p version? The display is much too narrow - It almost seems taller than it is wide. 480p version looks much better - What am I missing?

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    stircrazie23 Guest
    super job on the snes emulator, keep up with the great work! i just had a couple of questions. is there a way to make the screen wider. its seem more narrow than wide. basically full screen.

    the fonts size is a bit small to read and is too close the left of the screen where the first letter gets cut off. is there a way i could edit it to fix it myself? thank you.

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