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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    BwE Guest
    i can't really use it without savestates :S

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hungryduck View Post
    First started noticing it in the 3rd level when you're in that cave. When there is a lot of action on screen it slows down. I think I remember experiencing the same issue on my desktop. I suppose it's a general snes9x problem. Perhaps once bsnes is ported it will do better?
    I tried bSNES 0.69 on my PC (Intel Core Duo 1 T2300 running at 1.67Ghz with 1GB of RAM and a Geforce Go 7400) and if anything, Yoshi's Island was a lot slower than it was with the previous build. I had the Performance core enabled, tried Video with Direct3D, then OpenGL, Audio is using XAudio2 - now, byuu does highlight that the video card drivers are usually the culprit and I have not yet done any tweaking of the sound input rate. But given that bSNES is still a tad slower than SNES9x due to the accuracy, I don't think the speed will be necessarily better for it - though the framerate may be more consistent than SNES9x - you will notice indeed that certain levels (such as level 1.7) slow down massively even when there are no real special effects occurring. In any case, it isn't really a major issue, since the game is still playable, but it's a bit disappointing to see it skip a beat from 60fps to what looks like 50/45fps.

    Quote Originally Posted by smotheredhope View Post
    You are the man squarepusher2 the 720p version is nice. Thanks for you work on the emulator. I do have a question. I have my ps3 hooked up through HDMI to my 7.2 receiver and I only get sound out of my left speaker. I know Snes didn't have surround sound or anything but is it outputting as mono instead of stereo?
    Very strange - I definitely do get stereo though but it might be because I don't use any kind of surround settings - because I have my PS3 hooked up through my receiver (which only supports stereo and Dolby Surround Pro-Logic - it's a very old receiver - a Sony STR-DE225 if you want to know) and I use an audio in cable to connect my amp to my PC's input port, then I run JACK on my PC and connect both Capture ports to Playback. This way the sound is output through my PC - then I listen to it using my headphones, and I can definitely hear stereo sound - it's definitely not outputting at Mono. For instance, there are certain games where if an enemy gets defeated to the right, you only hear the explosion effect on the right channel. (Mega Man X3 also does this, and Equinox seems to like to use stereo a lot - fading in sounds from the left to the right channel)

    The video on my setup goes through HDMI while the audio uses a bogstandard composite AV cable (only red and white is connected to the amp).

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    cmonkey69 Guest
    To sort file names alphabetically (non-case sensitive) using qsort add the following to cell.cpp

    at line 901 (or anywhere above void rom_menu())
    static int cmp_function(const void *str1, const void *str2)
    	return strcasecmp(* (char * const *) str1, * (char * const *) str2);
    at line 978 in the rom_menu() function (immediately above if (read_pad_buttons(&buttons)) {
    qsort(&file_names[2], file_count - 2, sizeof(char *), cmp_function);
    Seems to work OK for me. Huge thanks to eiz for the original porting work and squarepusher2 for furthering progress on this.

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    biohazard55 Guest
    hey squarepusher, your SNES Emulator is by far the best homebrew available !!! Thank you so much for bringing me the ability to play my beloved snes games again ....

    I have one question to you mate:

    do you planning to add an fullscreen support for 16:9 Displays ? As you may know its definatily possible (like iphone and PC did) to display SNES games in 16:9... is this even possible. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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    tigertailz Guest
    Amazing developement Squarepusher! Keep it up

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by biohazard55 View Post
    do you planning to add an fullscreen support for 16:9 Displays ? As you may know its definatily possible (like iphone and PC did) to display SNES games in 16:9... is this even possible. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
    This might explain why we get these massive borders:

    Another thought just occurred: since based on the video settings toggled in PARAM.SFO, the PS3 decides which resolution it wants to pick (it chooses the highest resolution your monitor can support based on the settings in PARAM.SFO), then it would also appear to me that it chooses the highest aspect ratio as well (16:9 instead of 4:3). So try to untick 16:9, save the PARAM.SFO, then recompile the whole thing and perhaps it might do something about the massive black borders - it might not be fullscreen still, but at the very least the borders might be less big.

    I'm going to test this now.

    EDIT: Just tried it - unticked all video resolutions except for 480p 4:3 - and the funny thing is, my PS3 actually prevents me from starting up the program.

    It gives me this error: You cannot play this game at the current video output setting. (80028F10).

    So it seems to insist on you feeding it a resolution at a 16:9 aspect ratio - it does not want to output at 480p 4:3.

    My PS3 Display Settings are set up this way - Video Output Settings - Current Output Resolution: 1080p.

    After 'Select A Setting method', when I choose Manual, it only gives me the option to either tick 720p, 1080i or 1080p - 576p is grayed out.

    CONCLUSION: So yeah, it seems to insist on a 480p 16:9 resolution at the very least - 480p (4:3) it won't even start up with - perhaps someone who has connected it to a regular SD TV wants to test this.

    This might explain the black borders - so Snes9x indeed tries to output it to the whole screen, but seeing as our aspect ratio is 16:9 and we have no way of manually setting this, we get the black borders.

    The only thing in terms of resolution that it does permit us to manually set in the code appears to be the refresh rate though - because there is a massive difference in performance ever since I set it manually to 59.94Hz.

    So, the thing is, apparently we can't set 480p at 4:3 aspect ratio - and only 480p and 576p have a 4:3 aspect ratio - anything above that only supports 16:9 aspect ratio. So SNES9x might be trying its best to output a true 4:3 aspect ratio picture, but the problem is that all of the video modes we have been up until now are all 16:9 - it does not even matter what value you give to the VideoState inside the code - based upon the display flags set in PARAM.SFO, the PS3 will decide which resolution is most optimal and at which aspect ratio - the only thing so far that I have been able to change has been the refresh rate.

    We need to find a way not to let the flags in PARAM.SFO dictate at what resolution we can set it.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmonkey69 View Post
    To sort file names alphabetically (non-case sensitive) using qsort add the following to cell.cpp
    Great contribution! I tried something similar and it did not seem to work, but I wasn't exactly sure where to put it - so I was wondering whether the routine itself just did not work on the input I fed it or whether it was due to the placement of the sorting call. Then I just moved onto other things.

    I haven't tried the latest build, but the last time I checked the file listings were still unsorted - perhaps put this little snippet in there so that Compgenie can implement this in his emulator - he seems to have not released the source so far, so you can't exactly contribute to it as easily as you can with SNES9x.

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    cedni Guest
    Hi , I work on it too and for the sort , I think , the roms are sorted by default by order of creation (when you copy on your usb device for example)

    I add , to exit , I use :
    if (buttons & CTRL_CROSS) {
    if (is_dir[current_index])
    { sprintf(path, "%s/%s", path, file_names[current_index]);
    needs_update = true;
    continue; }
    else {
    if (NbRomsloaded == 4){ sys_process_exit(0); }


    sprintf(rom_path, "%s/%s", path, file_names[current_index]);

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    Colnechris Guest
    got this working, I don't have any problems, sound seems fine, runs smooth and I think I can save. I will need to check this out though as the girlfriend is just having a go on mario bros 1.

    Edit - I was able to quit and restart the game and load up from where I left off.

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    It would be nice if we could have the latest build of SNES9x in the first post, because as it is right now you have to hunt through the pages to find the newest version.

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    Godinster Guest
    How do you uninstall a copy of SNES9x? I am trying to install 720p and it says I already have current version even though 720p is newer.

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