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Thread: SNES9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) PS3 Port Arrives!

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    djhazardous Guest
    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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    hayman Guest
    wow wonderful job, will try it, maybe in few days a 3DO port

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    ionbladez Guest
    looks like something I could jump into here.

    always loved snes9x ports, if possible I'd like to do the graphical bit of the UI. anything I could do, I'd like to be a part of this :]

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    zeromx Guest
    OMG, this my kind of news...

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    ferrell Guest
    This might be a dumb question, but how do you control the name of the external USB drive?

    Sometimes it comes up as dev_usb000, but other times it appears as dev_usb002 or dev_usb006, or something similar.

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    Temzum Guest
    great - i love some mario kart

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    djhazardous Guest
    Don't think you can control the name, the first USB device plugged in gets named 000, the 2nd 001 etc.. You can work out if it's your ext. HDD by going into the directory though so it's not too hard.

    I just copied some ROMS over to the program directory on my internal HDD and they run from there also. Considering it's the first release the playability is excellent.

    Will it ever be in higher resolution though? 480p isn't the best.

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    mrppp Guest
    Doesn't seem strictly true regarding naming, everytime i plug my usb device in its dev_003 and its the only one plugged in, i had to resort to using the ps3 ftp program to rename it!

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    dvdrdiscs Guest

    Red Face

    This is such a nub question, but how does one go about installing this?

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    shummyr Guest
    this is simply amazing, this is my favorite emulator on all of the systems

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