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    squarepusher2, it's possible to add some in game menu for rom selecting?

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    Last update before the updates will actually become substantive. I've settled on an InputRate of 31942 (in the previous build it was 31968). Somewhere inbetween 31942 - 39150 must be the perfect value somewhere. At the very least the sound pops that we still got with the previous build are gone with the new SoundInputRate.

    If you push the SoundInputRate too low, you will get missing frames - if you push it too high, you will get audio pops, so it's a delicate balance. (31968 had audio pops, 31894 had noticeable missing frames)

    I think this value is the closest to perfection we're gonna get for now. There is no more lag, there are no more sound pops, and so it actually looks and sounds like a real SNES.

    SNES9x PS3 Square Build 4.2 (with SRC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by limnique View Post
    squarepusher2, it's possible to add some in game menu for rom selecting?
    Why would you want to do it that way? Typically, most console ports of SNES9x first have you exit the ROM you're currently playing (like pressing on the right analog stick as a button) and then selecting Quit Game, which returns you to the ROM Browser.

    xSNES9x (on Xbox 1) had an UI menu that you could pop up by pressing the right analog stick (pressing it as a button) and from there you could select a savestate position, quit the game or set the screen filters.

    Anyway, many hands make light work. I think it's progress that a day ago, we had sound pops, sound crackling and whatnot, while today - by simply applying a few patches properly - all these issues have dissipated like smoke. It actually looks and sounds like a real SNES now. I think that was more important to get right rather than implementing all sorts of features and having to deal with finding the right SoundInputRate weeks later - and because of that you wouldn't be sure whether it was your implementation that was to blame for the lag and the sound issues or whether it was down to the emulator itself.

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    squarepusher2, i meant it. Sorry for bad english

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    So does this emulator have any in game menus? How do I access them?

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    I think he mentioned earlier. That it still needs to be done, but it would be easy to do.

    I'm very pleased with this emulator project. I never expected something as good as this, to come as soon as it has. Thanks.

    Ps I like that you make the emulator runs good before you make it look good (menues)

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    lmao Okay fan boy I appreciate the release too, I was just curious because the original post doesn't really mention anything.

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    Fanboy! I was trying to be helpful..

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    I don't usually comment but I have to say how great the community is and how blisteringly fast we are seeing progress. Thanks.

    It's clear to me we've got a bunch of really smart people here and its up to them to decide how far we'll get.

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    just jailbroke my ps3 with my iphone with a helpful guide from here got snes9x running a treat, has anyone else found that reading from a hdd that you cant have too many roms in one folder or it wont read them?

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    Thumbs Up

    I must say, this has been the most community-friendly project I've ever witnessed when it comes to the homebrew scene. Everyone is offering input and every (legitimate) concern has been promptly addressed.

    Keep up the awesome work everyone--I wish I could contribute to coding and troubleshooting but I haven't the slightest idea where to begin so the only thing I can offer is my backing request/suggestion of a seamless method of selecting another rom and/or loading savestates.

    Otherwise, GUI be damned--this emulator is top notch haha

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