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    stefano281062 Guest
    hi everybody where i put the roms? and i have to make a folder for them?


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    ragnar Guest
    nice work with the updates, just a quick question since i've never had to update an app yet lol.

    do i just overwrite the old install or do i delete the one i have first?

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    Krawuzi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by squarepusher2 View Post
    Finally, I'm getting somewhere. I applied these two patches from the snes9x-gtk fork to the vanilla source ...
    squarepusher i downloaded your version, the sound is much cleaner but nevertheless your version has major graphic issues (flickering) for moving objects - maybe slowdowns, don't know.

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Were these graphic issues (flickering) there before? Any and all changes to the way the graphics are handled would have to be due to the patches being applied (which came from snes9x-gtk) - and I can't really see why there would be any additional graphic issues because of the patches since the only changes were made to the APU source files.

    Do you perhaps have some specific example of this occurring? What game(s)?

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    Krawuzi Guest
    this graphic issues are not in the original release and r2.

    example: "Super Mario All-Stars & World (E) [!].smc" they are already occuring when u can chosse one of the mario games at the start - while browsing left and right through the games and can be seen everywhere when sthg is moving, its just not as clean as before

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eiz View Post
    Sound playback rate has to be 48000 because it's the only sample rate the PS3 AudioServer supports.
    This seems to be the main culprit. This APU core (that is present in both bSNES and SNES9x) is really finicky about the input frequencies and output frequencies you feed it - on PCs (x86, PPC, whatever), most just recommend going with an output rate of 32000 Hz and setting the Inputrate at something like 31894 Hz.

    I have tried some really ugly hacks - like setting APU_DEFAULT_INPUT_RATE at 48000 in apu.cpp, changing all instances of 32000 to 48000 and then setting the Inputrate in cell.cpp at 48000. This creates even worse sound because the SNES APU normally works with an input frequency of 32000 Hz - so me hacking that to 48000Hz just creates aberrant behavior.

    I can't believe the SoundServer API is this limiting, but it appears to be true - from the CHM:

    2. 1 Sampling Frequency
    libmixer only supports a sampling frequency of 48kHz.
    It's important we find a workaround dealing with this specific problem - because if we port bSNES, we will run into exactly the same problems.

    Perhaps eisz or someone else should ask byuu about this for advice since he wrote the thing and he seems to indicate in this thread he wants to have bSNES on PS3 too: http://board.byuu.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1014

    Perhaps later versions of the PS3 SDK support sampling frequencies other than 48KHz?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krawuzi View Post
    this graphic issues are not in the original release and r2

    example: "Super Mario All-Stars & World (E) [!].smc"
    they are already occuring when u can chosse one of the mario games at the start - while browsing left and right through the games
    and can be seen everywhere when sthg is moving, its just not as clean as before
    I have yet to try the E (European) version, but I don't see any of the problems you're referring to with 'Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (USA).sfc' (it's not the ROM - it's the region probably).

    I come from an European country, but I don't get why you would want to run a PAL ROM anyway (especially when you're running this on a HDTV) - it will run at 50fps instead of 60fps (creating slowdown) and it will run in letterboxed mode (because PAL had extra vertical lines which they couldn't fill with any extra pixels because of the SNES's memory restrictions). Best to just go with NTSC ROMs whenever possible.

    I think a possible solution would be to mess with Settings.FrameTimePAL.

  7. #127
    Krawuzi Guest
    Just tested with the NTSC version and there are no more issues. Seems your version of the snes9x port + NTSC is currently the best experience u can get. But still wondering why i didn't have any graphic problems with the original release and PAL.

  8. #128
    squarepusher2 Guest
    Someone seems to report similar PAL problems here with SNES9x 1.52 (the Gamecube/Wii port, snes9x-gx). They recommend going back to 1.51 (which of course has the old APU - inferior sound). A lot of the problems occurring seem to be all down to the new APU - it's not that there's anything wrong with the APU, it's due to the way SNES9x was programmed - it wasn't geared towards accuracy, and this has come back to haunt them now that they're swapping in APU cores and whatnot.


    Comment 5 by project member bearoso, Aug 14, 2010

    Ah, I see you're using the German PAL version. I tested this with 1.52 and WAS able to reproduce the problem there, so it's not related to the changes made since then.

    This could be another SPC bug like the Earthworm Jim 2 one. But I see that ZSNES does the same thing with this particular ROM version, so it could be the bad timing again. Until one of us gets around to fixing this, you could try the 1.51-based version of Snes9x GX (if it's still available), or--since I couldn't reproduce the freeze with it--use the NTSC English version.
    I dunno, all of this screwing around makes a bSNES port seem even more sensible. At least then we could be certain any bugs occurring would be our fault instead of the emulator itself.

    Alright, here is the latest version (build 3).


    Build 3
    + Patch r287 from snes9x-gtk - 'Don't push sahmples if there aren't any'
    + Patch r260 from snes9x-gtk - 'Optimize the linear interpolation macro'
    + Patch r272 from snes9x-gtk - 'Merge zones' timing stuff' (bSNES' SA-1 core integrated in SNES9x + Seiken Densetsu 2/Secret of Mana gamehack)
    Build 2
    + Patch r283 from snes9x-gtk - 'Integrate timing hack variables into the clock ratios to allow integers in all cases.'
    + Patch r282 from snes9x-gtk - 'Use APU clock that yields 32040hz output instead of 32000.' - Together, these two patches seem to fix the sound lag and pops (but crackling remains).
    + Settings.AutoSaveDelay changed from 5 to 0 - SRAM lag fix.
    + Settings.SyncSound set to TRUE.
    + SFC file support in rudimentary file browser.
    Not sure where to go from here, since the sound crackling seems to be kinda a dead end given the PS3AudioServer restrictions. Perhaps ask byuu what to do given this predicament (being only able to use an output rate of 48000KHz - what the InputFrequency should be, whether any additional changes should be made to apu.cpp or any other files, etc).

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Hey Eiz, have you received my email? I think working together would be practical

  10. #130
    izac01 Guest
    Great work! installed yesterday. requires no real thinking or reading if you have been following the scene. Works fantastic, love play'n my old TMNT and street fighter games on my ps3! congrats and hope to see more useful homebrew!!!

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