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    skrapps Guest

    Question small idea / theory

    from what i gather, ps3 is able to run psx/psp games, the ones downloaded from the store. I'm wondering would it be possible to convert a ps3 iso into a psp eboot.pbp, using the same license aquired while purchasing/downloading the game, putting that iso onto a usb hard drive, into a PS3_GAME folder or whatever, and launching the game? pretty much tricking the ps3 into thinking the eboot.pbp is the same psx/psp game you downloaded, because it uses the same license?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well there are some giant problems with that. The big obvious one is the whole encryption thing. Not to mention code is needed to parse ISO files, which have there own protection. Since the PS3 requires very specific calls to start a PS3 game, its impossible that by loading a non PS3 game, it will launch a PS3 game.

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