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  1. #21
    BwE Guest
    i simply cant believe it... i really can't.. how can the solder just - detach or break HAS to be heat.


    meh eitherway i get money fixing them so im fine - as long as it keeps happening haha

  2. #22
    Wonderkik Guest
    You should read better, it's not a "solder broke too bad" issue, it's not even a real solder point hell! ^^

    Again (a bit tired of repeating myself ^^ ), it happens, for no particuliar reason, it just do. And solder points have to abid to this rule too

    Well, let's stop this and go back on topic.

  3. #23
    bernzburnz Guest
    It's already been confirmed its a heat issue that messes up the solder. Why argue this?

  4. #24
    pip1 Guest
    I would say your both right, the cpu, gpu, and motherboard all expand at different rates due to heating, cracking the solder joints. however this happens more when a console is warming up under normal conditions then overheating.

    but your right lets stay on topic.

  5. #25
    BwE Guest
    see has to be! but yeah lets get on topic..

  6. #26
    Jes03 Guest
    This is all crap. I've had that happen on both the phat and the slim. The message already appears so its not disabled or whatever he's trying to go on about. SKFU is full of it. Nothing his says is real.

    It happened on the phat just before it YLOD and on the slim it happens if you block the air vents.

    I put him in the bs list. He's done nothing for the hacking scene but start crap like this.

  7. #27
    xer0 Guest
    The solder joints crack because the mainboard warps... not because it gets so hot that the solder melts. The mainboard warps because its a cheap Foxconn piece of garbage. Heat does play a part in this as does stress from the heat sinks.

    A reflow works because you actually work to get the solder hot enough to flow back together. It always breaks again because the mainboard continues to warp under normal operating conditions which will eventually break the reflowed joint. Reballing works a little better because you're normally using a good amount of high quality solder but the board will still warp and more than likely in a few months you'll be back at the YLOD.

    I've always wondered if a high quality replacement mainboard could be made for these systems. Would be nice to give life to some of these systems thought to be lost forever.

    On the PSPemu... that is absolute crap. Stuff like this is not what the community needs right now. I highly doubt Sony is behind it but they love that it happened as it gives them something to point at and talk about how bad and unsafe a jailbroken PS3 is.

  8. #28
    xxkrizxx Guest
    well since everyone was talking of ylod i just want to ask since i'm worried.. when my ps3 starts it goes to fine you can't even hear the fand as soon as i start playing assasin creed 2 fans go up to level 4 where they make pretty much noice and after 2 or 3 hours the fans make a lot of noice so much that it makes me put the volume up on my tv does this mean that my ps3 is abou to get ylod or is this just something i shouldnt worry about?

  9. #29
    myrideruk Guest
    If you are a smoker, this can help ruin your fans on the ps3, the fans get sticky from the smoke and dust and start making noises after build up good way to check this is get a wet wipe and rub it on the fan vent of yer console, if its yellow blame fag smoke, if not it could just be dust build up on 1 side of the fan causing it to wobble as it spins, if you have noisy fans, they aren't spinning right and eventually will go, could be months could be years, I had an old AMD k6-2 PC noisy as hell for years but still runs!!!

  10. #30
    phillatoia Guest
    If this is from Sony, it is an inovative way of weeding out the "modded" ps3 from the legit ones. At least much more accurate than the Microsoft way of doing things when the boot people off from their servers.

    While I am not happy the way Sony has heavy handedly gone about restricting their machine, I would like to think that by keeping legit we will get a better machine, better games, and cheaper pricing.

    Of course I am nieve with the last one is in the hands of business wanting to make extreme profits.

    I have yet to mod my PS3 or XBox 360 due to wanting to continue with more games coming out improving on the current ones, and thereby hoping my loyalty will reap some benefit in the long term.

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