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Thread: SKFU: Sony Wants PS3 YLOD, TeamICE PSP Emulator Bricks PS3

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    SolidSnakeEyes Guest
    For most of its lifetime Sony lost money on every PS3 sold, they were banking on making the profit through software and having current owners repurchase consoles wouldn't really have helped them. Interesting discovery though.

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    51N15T3R Guest
    YLOD isn't due to PS3 overheating, it's from stress fractures and separation of the solder joints from using lead free solder (which is more brittle, and needs a higher temp to flow). This is the reason many people can reflow their own PS3s with a heat gun (I have fixed mine this way too). But you must also flux the board well or you will continue to weaken the solder.

    From what I've heard this is the same type of problem the 360s were having. I more permanent fix would be to "reball" the RSX and the Cell chips with a more durable solder compound.

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    dc740 Guest
    I have seen that warning message. it appears as a notification (just like trophies).

    Try putting the ps3 in a closed case, and play for 15 minutes. the Warning message will appear.

    This time SKFU got it wrong. (I haven't read the entire thread, sorry if someone else posted the same)

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    twitch Guest
    Well from a conspiracy theory point of view I can see sony leaving that out of firmwares but from a logical point of view if they shut down a hot ass system there would be more risk of them warping than by letting them cool at a idle. so I'm up in the air about this one.

    As for the psp emulator dicks I hope they all burn. It may be harsh but what about the poor kid who was like YEA I can finally use my psp games again and then BAM bricked... Dicks.

    But CJPC good work and thanks for all your effort in this with out guys like you we would be no where.

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    dronesplitter Guest
    My slim console gave me that message (or at least a very similar one) while playing Deadspace and proceeded to shut itself off. I thought that was normal, guess not. I distinctly remember it happening since I was pissed about losing some progress.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Yup, SKFU got it wrong this time.

    Ylod isn't a ps3 overheating issue, it's a solder issue. That message appears when your Ps3 is too hot (I got it on a defective console, right back from Sony's repair center...) and, as said earlier, appears as a notification. Less than a minute after that, the console shuts itself down, and that's it. In my case, that message appeared a few seconds after I booted up my Ps3, but I suppose most of the users never saw that warning.

    Still, they put that message with a function to shut off the console, so no, Sony isn't trying to break our Ps3 ^^

    Paranoļa will only get us that far

    Edit: Sorry to edit, but Woohoo! My hundredth post in around 5 years ^^

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    BwE Guest
    i've gotten that message before.

    skfu - lol.

    and the ylod is technically from overheating as it makes the solder mess up and the board bend etc

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Nope, it's just the link between the board and the processor or the GPU that broke. Again, as said earlier in this thread, the proco and GPU aren't "properly" soldered, they are just in contact with each other (I don't know the exact word, even in my own language ^^ ).

    If they were properly soldered, even an overheating console wouldn't melt the solder points! A Ps3 that overheats = 100 to 150 C, a solder gun = 750 to 800 C...

    Sorry to talk about Celsius but I can't even spell Farheineit right ^^

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    BwE Guest
    so it happens just for no reason... can't be, has to be heat related!

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    Wonderkik Guest
    It does happen for no reason! ^^ A lot of things happen without any reason.

    Mine did a Ylod while off and unpluged... Probably too much move around (the one that Yloded on me never moved from my desk, but hey, you wanted a reason ^^ ) but definitively not from a heat issue.

    It's not an overheating issue! A misconception, a bad technical design, you name it. But it has nothing to do with overheat. Tell me the temp a piece of electronics has to be to "re-solder" itself? It's VERY far from any temp a Ps3 could be.

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