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Thread: SKFU on PS3 Registry Research and PS3 USB Custom Firmware

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    Lyker Guest
    Best end solution would be a jaibreak stick with flash mem on it so you keep the costum fw on the stick.

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    livpool Guest
    i hope not.. but my guess is it does unfortunately

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    onenut Guest
    it only does everything is sounding more realistic then ever, keep up the good work boyz

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    and there is no PSP port of the jailbreak yet. It's already been ported to a god damn toaster along with 80 hojillion esoteric phones no one has ever heard of, yet there has only been a peep so far about the possibility of a PSP version.
    I think it's more to do with the original exploit code being ported to something which the psp can understand - which isn't something as simple as a "google translate linux to lua"!

    The original exploit (AFAIK) was designed for linux environments, and i believe that the psp uses lua/c. So the code would have to be ported from whatever it's native language is to lua or c to work on a psp.

    However, i say this without having seen the exploit code and without having coded for the psp, so please correct if wrong!

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    biotechhh Guest
    The retail PS3's registry contains all values to unlock the settings which are possible on a test/debug PS3 and even more like QA mode. We can enable those via the registry
    i suppose this registry can be written via linux-jailbreak or with a nand flasher (like infectus) but sony can't fix this?

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    DeadlyFoez Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by biotechhh View Post
    i suppose this registry can be written via linux-jailbreak or with a nand flasher (like infectus) but sony can't fix this?
    The nand is encrypted, so it would not be possible to just write one file using an infectus. And quite frankly, the infectus probably can't write to the nand on most ps3's because they updated the chip to a newer type and the infectus can only write data in one type of way. Chances are it wont happen, at least not with an infectus.

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    MustMunMoji Guest

    Big Grin

    this is brilliant, i don't know much about it but it sounds cool..

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    DanielSV Guest
    The original code is in C, written for AVR specifically. The problem with the PSP is that the mechanisms one need to overflow the descriptors is not in place, if I understand it correctly.

    Also, this is not weird at all, because there is no "normal", sensible uses for overflowing USB-descriptors.

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    dawes Guest
    The guy who is writing a PSP port said he was going to write an emulator of the Teensy which seems to be a massively over complex way of executing some basically simple code (which is very timing dependant more than anything)..

    A dedicated usb dongle seems a far more practical method.

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    austindriver13 Guest
    This is awesome news. No chance of even bricking the thing--wow. The slight "inconvenience" of having to power cycle it every time is way more convenient than dropping $300 on a new ps3.

    This scene is about to explode in the coming weeks... I'm pins and needles

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