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Thread: SKFU on PS3 Registry Research and PS3 USB Custom Firmware

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    If the Custom Firmware works like the PSP, you wont' need a JB device to start with. The PSP used a software exploit in the beginning (i do believe) and then it turned into needing Pandora's battery then another exploit (TIFF exploit?) and now its using another software exploit.

    So, if they can get the PS3 anything like that, just depending on what firmware people are at (and 3.41 would be a good start since that's where the jailbreakers are gonna be). Wouldn't it be nice to have a TIFF exploit on the PS3? where all you need to do is use a USB thumbdrive to install a CFW on the PS3 which allowed you to load games from the XMB w/o even having to use Backup Manager? just have it listed in the list like the PSP does?

    Sure, Backup Manager would still be used to dump games to hard drive, but wouldn't it be nice if they were listed in the XMB? Maybe have a 3.15 CFW that allows for OtherOS install. Call it something like 3.41-OtherOS or 3.15.41 or something (meaning OtherOS install, but current firmware... i guess that would be 3.15.42 right now?)

    Of course have it where you can install PS1 games like you can the PSP. Also make it where PS3 games could be loaded w/o a disk in the console....of course, I am sure this is all stuff that is wanted by others....but hey, this is what we are going for right?

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    Kantraz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    If the Custom Firmware works like the PSP, you wont' need a JB device to start with.
    We don't have write acces to dev_flash, so you would still need a JB device to start the process, of having a CFW on your usb stick and boot it from it

    But it's a beginning and this might give us the opportunity to later on, writing directly to dev_flash

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    imtoodvs Guest
    right now the key to development is a way to jailbreak, this is somewhat of the PS3's Pandora battery.

    i'm really now throwing out any CFW idea's, since its still too early, but we've got some of the best in the game exploring the idea now.

    CJPC has always been the man, while the rest of these guys have been "scared" to share any info, CJ has stepped up and lead the blind.

    i'd say by November we should see the first CFW, unless CJ shares something else to further the progress (Remember his ISO loader alpha)

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    mckarlsson Guest
    So we would have a good solution to test and run custom firmwares as the brick risk is equal zero, because we can just unplug the USB device and the dev_flash is mounted as common - unchanged.
    That sounds like a very good news 4 me ^^

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    shummyr Guest
    You are absolutely correct, and this is why I love all of CJPC's work and knowledge...

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    Warrorar Guest
    nice news indeed, but i doubt that there will be a cfw in the next 6 months.

    sony will not give up there flagship =/

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    Moolan Guest
    With CFW, does anyone here think it is possible to cheat in games (offline of course)... like infinite gold etc?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Am I the only one not crapping my pants in excitement? I say that because any CFW likely will need an exploit to install it in the first place... and there is no PSP port of the jailbreak yet. It's already been ported to a god damn toaster along with 80 hojillion esoteric phones no one has ever heard of, yet there has only been a peep so far about the possibility of a PSP version.

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    lowskill Guest
    very good news i hope things go well so we all can enjoy cfw and other fine thing in not so distance future.

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    mckarlsson Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Moolan View Post
    With CFW, does anyone here think it is possible to cheat in games (offline of course)... like infinite gold etc?
    i think that ist THE question !!! Is it possible to CHEAT?!?!

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