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    xcjzerox Guest
    I agree, the only thing they need to work on is making not jailbroken anymore so we won't turn on our consoles to jailbreak it. i feel like at some point im gointo break my ps3.

    Great job hope everything comes into play =D

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    carlocooxx Guest
    where can i find the debug dev_flash ?

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by carlocooxx View Post
    where can i find the debug dev_flash ?
    That is the catch - short of dumping it yourself, you will have a hard time finding it, as those with debug boxes do not want to leak it (and have the value of their consoles go down the drain).

    And, if you have one, you will be faced with the same dilemma!

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    OK Major update on my part when it comes to Blu-Ray fixes on ps3! First let me say I can not fix it with my current tools as it is actually a HDCP/AACS problem. I compared slim consoles with my fat one and found only the fat ones are affected so far.

    I searched diligently for for anything I could find and discovered that the Blu-Ray fails because the copy protection is disabled and the decryption keys do not line up. I tried region free Blu-Ray discs and one from every region yet none played.

    I ruled the region coding out because it can play region A when it has no BD+,AACS,HDCP, ect. Even after replacing devflash 0,2,and 3 and trying different PUP files It is clear that The PS3 refuses to enable "VFLASH" when updating because the decryption keys do not match and it "(re)-disables" Blu-Ray every time it is Up/Downgraded.

    Every Update_log.txt reveals that to be true. A script or payload that hooks the .PUP file before it is loaded and forces the correct flag to update the BD-Player DRM may be possible but it is unlikely. The DRM keys are specific to each console if I am not mistaken. Understanding it Like that, I have little hope of a new modified .PUP to fix this.

    I think a new psgroove payload that can work around AACS/HDCP is in order at this point. The only other solution is a payload that blocks the internal BD player and loads a completely home brew one in its place. If anyone has any input or wants to try to make such a payload I will be the test subject.

    Non-working Fat CECH-E01 below:
    manufacturing updating start
    PackageName = /dev_usb000/PS3UPDAT.PUP
    settle polling interval success
    vflash is disabled...
    boot from nand flash...
    creating flash regions...
    create storage region: (region id = 2)
    format partition: (region_id = 2, CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH1, CELL_FS_FAT)
    create storage region: (region id = 3)
    format partition: (region_id = 3, CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH2, CELL_FS_FAT)
    create storage region: (region id = 4)
    format partition: (region_id = 4, CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH3, CELL_FS_FAT)
    create storage region: (region id = 5)
    create storage region: (region id = 6)
    taking a while...
    start Updating Proccess
    Initialize elapsed time = 43 msec
    check UPL
    Check UPL elapsed time = 38 msec
    check Package Size
    get package size elapsed time = 7 msec
    start Updating Package
    Update packages num = 19
    Update packages total size = 107506567
    Update Package Revoke list
    read package revoke list package (576 bytes) elapsed = 9 msec
    update package revoke list elapsed = 109 msec
    Update Package Revoke list done(0x8002f000)
    Update Core OS Package
    read core os package (4051692 bytes) elapsed = 267 msec
    update core os package elapsed = 160 msec
    Update Core OS Package done(0x8002f14b)
    update package elapsed time = 546 msec
    Updating or Verifying failure 0x8002f14b
    UpMng.UpdatePackage() failure
    manufacturing updating FAILURE(0x8002f14b)
    Total Elapsed time = 1644 msec
    Working slim below:
    Bul-ray Disc Player Revoke
    read bdp revoke package (1905 bytes) elapsed = 25 msec
    decrypt and verify bdp revoke package elapsed = 47 msec
    write bdp revoke package elapsed = 48 msec
    flush_cache() SUCCESS
    compare bdprevoke package elapsed = 61 msec
    Bul-ray Disc Player Revoke done(0x8002f000)
    Update Program Revoke list
    read program revoke list package (736 bytes) elapsed = 24 msec
    update program revoke list elapsed = 4491 msec
    Update Program Revoke list done(0x8002f000)
    I hope this helps! PS I'll give $50 to the first universal fix that I can verify works on my fatty.

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