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Thread: Simple PS3 Proxy - PSN Firmware Version Bypass is Released

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    Simple PS3 Proxy - PSN Firmware Version Bypass is Released

    Today Hideki has released what he calls Simple PS3 Proxy, a PSN Firmware version bypass application which functions similar to the other PSN bypass methods.

    Download: Simple PS3 Proxy

    From the ReadMe file: Set on your PS3 a web proxy of (PC IP) port 8080

    IE: if the machine you are to be running this proxy on is then put that as the IP and 8080 as the port in the PS3 network configuration for your web proxy.

    If 3.56 is still current, just run the app and click start. If 3.60 or later is now out, change the 3.5600 value in required PS3 version to 3.6000 or similar.

    As long as the PS3 is correctly configured and this app is running, you will be signed in. This is licensed under version 2 of the GNU public licence, see license.txt for details. Source code is included in the archive in /src

    This software may not be sold, this software may not be bundled with things being sold, this software (or any derivative works) may not be distributed without the license and its source.

    Please do not cheat in online games, it makes you a lamer and aggravates Sony. Hi to the people of #Amiga, #Atheism, #Pharyngula, #PSGroove etc.

    [Hideki] - hideki.adam @ - 31 Jan 2011

    Possible errors

    On PC:

    If you get an error about mswinsck.ocx being missing, either run the proxy app as administrator or copy the included .ocx file (in \ocx) to \windows\system32. (or if you prefer, download and install the microsoft VB6 runtimes which include this required file but also a large number of other not required files...)

    MS VB6 Runtime KB article link:

    On PS3:

    Error 8071053D - You are not running the proxy or the IP/Port are wrong.

    Update request - You have not setup the proxy on PS3 side or Sony have worked around this workaround.

    [imglink=|Simple PS3 Proxy - PSN Firmware Version Bypass is Released][/imglink]
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    wandiana Guest
    this works?

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    Until Sony closes the bypass hole again yep, which they only leave open for a few days after each PS3 Firmware update.

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    Anticleric Guest
    Yeah for the shout out to Atheism! Also, thanks for the app. Been dieing to show off my trophies on facebook

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    Bishoff Guest
    Those of you having problems with the missing ocx... you have to pull the ocx from the file and pull it to the folder where the app is for it to work. Putting in the windows/system 32 won't do it.

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    mastersource Guest
    I can't get it to work. I run the program and enter for proxy name and 8080 for the port and internet connection fails. Any help?

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    moeiscool Guest
    kudos to the bypass! trophies are a cheap knock off of achievements =D

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    zzk2001 Guest
    Cool, I guess... But what would impress me is to make a PSN bypass with FW 3.41

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    Turk645 Guest
    From what i read, this only allows XMB psn access and not online game access. Is this true?

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    RatAndDragon Guest
    Might have to get this and see what it does. There are some simple things you can replace, but (for instance) you won't get 3.41 online again easily because there are new signature fields passed to the PSN.

    Unless this guy has reverse engineered them of course.

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