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    nospa Guest
    Sweet I hope there will be a Windows version soon

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    Bosovond Guest
    Showtime is the most used app on my PS3 for sure.

    Thank you for creating this and most of all making it free!

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    luis01979 Guest
    Showtime /Movian its simply the best media player out there, hopefuly in the near future, we can see a 2x playback feature

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    Anasky Guest
    Thank you for this info.

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    asimply Guest
    Thank you all

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    hammer300 Guest
    great app! the one I use the most for sure.

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    hammer300 Guest

    Showtime / Movian Plugin issues help?

    Getting http -1 errors when trying to download program updates for movian or donloading plugins or updating them. Can anyone help?

    Tried restoring my ps3 diff versions of the program don't see to matter. my showtime/movian log is attached maybe someone can help? USING LATEST RELEASE .387

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Movian / Showtime 04.09.430 Build for MultiMAN Updated by DeanK

    Following the previous Movian / Showtime PS3 Media Center updates by Andreas Oman, today PlayStation 3 developer deank made available a Movian / Showtime 04.09.430 Build for MultiMAN with details below.

    Download: Showtime 04.09.430 [CEX].pkg (7.05 MB) / Official Movian TV Page

    To quote: SHOWTIME.SELF for mM is also available within the app in the VIDEO column and as a standalone package in the WEB column.

    It took me about 6 hours to recompile the whole ps3toolchain just to get this build to compile, but I hope it was worth it. It has HEVC (h265) support, although it is software implementation (the PS3 itself doesn't support h265 anyway).

    This is not a proper thread to post about it - sorry. I'll post in the Movian thread, too.

    I know it was a long break since January, but now I have time to update my apps, so in the next few days I'll update multiMAN/mmCM and webMAN to support CFW 4.70. Fingers crossed!

    I'll prepare stDISC.pkg in the next few days while I work on the other apps.


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    windrider42 Guest
    Thanks for the update.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Movian / Showtime 4.10 PS3 Media Center Updated by Andreas Oman

    Following the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman made available a Movian / Showtime 4.10 PS3 Media Center stable build with details below.

    Download: showtime-4.10.3.pkg / showtime-gh-4.10.3.pkg / showtime-4.10.3.self / Official Movian TV Page / NPUB30459_StealthShowtime_AlteredBeast.rar / (SHOWTIME)_MOVIAN-STEALTH-4.10.14_(AlexKidd_&_Altered_Beast).rar by PatrickBatman

    To quote from his blog: Movian 4.10 Released

    This release is mostly about stability and improvement of already present features. In particular the HLS streamer received a lot of love. Downloads are available here (linked above).

    New generic features
    • Deprecated SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine is removed. New plugin engine Duktape (ecmascript) is updated
    • Added magnet torrent links support
    • Support browsing local network for Windows/Samba servers and also browsing shared folders on each server.
    • Upgrade to libav 11

    Vastly improved HLS demuxer
    • More robust streaming of live content.
    • Support for supplementary audio tracks (multiple languages, etc).
    • Improved adaptive bitrate switching.

    Raspberry Pi specific features
    • Support for Raspberry Pi 2.
    • Audio pass-thru over HDMI.
    • Automatic deinterlacing of interlaced content.
    • Automount and show USB drives on start page.

    The future

    I will now start working on the 5.0 release which will focus on an updated user interface. Stay tuned...

    Have fun!
    /Andreas - Project leader

    Finally, from PatrickBatman comes a Showtime Altered Beast for PSN v4.9.424 Stealth and Alex Kidd in Miracle World & Altered Beast v4.10.14 Stealth (linked above) with details below, as follows:

    So this is Movian (Showtime) 4.9.424 stealthed as Altered Beast PSN so if you're like me you don't have to delete showtime from XMB every time you get online. If you're feeling really rebellious you can use it while online and it'll show as Altered Beast (although it's not recommended to run homebrew while online). So basically for noobs this is like stealth multiMAN but for Showtime.

    I didn't realize (before posting the above) 4.9.424 wasn't the latest version of Showtime/Movian, so I've updated this to the 4.10.14 version. I realize 4.10.30 is currently the latest version, however upon testing it (4.10.30) after running the stealth version one time it would be forced under the TV/Video Services XMB category with its named changed back to "Movian".

    The latest version not to force/unstealth itself was the release right before 4.10.30, 4.10.14 (luckily). The only difference between these two is that 4.10.30 improved bittorrent streaming stability and if I had to wager I bet most ps3 users didn't even realize there are bittorrent functions within Movian (Showtime).

    As a bonus I've also included "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" stealth version as well. So now you can switch between Alex Kidd & Altered Beast if your heart desires to be even more Solid Snake stealthy.


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