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    Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

    Today andoma announced on IRC that he has released Showtime - a PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System media player application!

    Download: Showtime PS3 PKG File / Showtime PS3 SELF File / Showtime PS3 for 3.41 (by deanrr) / Showtime GIT v2.99.183.gbf4bb for PS3 / Showtime Overview / Showtime Repo

    To quote from his page linked above: After about a month of hacking I'm happy to announce that Showtime now can be run as a native "homebrew" application on the PS3. See PS3 usage guide for more information of how to get started.

    If you have any questions please use the PS3 forum on this site.

    PS3 usage guide

    Getting started

    Download files here:

    For a full featureset of Showtime see

    Most of this should work except for playback of high res. HD videos (basically when the PPU runs out of cycles). There are a bunch of strategies for how this should be handled but I've not had time to start digging into this yet

    Video output

    Showtime on PS3 has been tested with 576i, 720p and 1080i video resolutions.

    I've tried to set reasonable defaults for overscan compensation. But if it not correct for you it can be adjusted under Settings -> Display and UI settings

    Buttons on controller

    ✕ Activate (Enter) currently focused item
    ○ Navigate back
    △ Bring up options / playcontrol menu
    □ Screensaver (Until something better has been figured out)
    ► Play/Pause
    ▬ Home menu
    ✜ Navigate

    L3 - Bring up playback info (During video playback)
    R3 - Bring up log console

    • Plugging in a standard keyboard in the PS3 USB port works and is currently the only way to input characters.
    • No virtual keyboard is supported at the moment.

    Other stuff that does not work
    • TV-style remote controller (whatever that's called) has not been tested. No idea if it works or not.
    • BD/DVD/CD Discs - No idea how that works
    • Digital pass thru audio (AC3, DTS, etc)


    There are probably plenty of those. Please use the issue tracker at

    Build it yourself!?

    Start by reading README here:

    Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

    Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    Now we can watch Penn and Teller on the PS3 =D

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    could we not before?

    no hd means no mkv files, that's the only thing my ps3 can't play.

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    mkv works with this... testet by me... but stutterd... but works.

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    low res mkv files will work but more optimisation is needed before it's a real alternative to the inbuilt video player. great work in progress though.

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    If you want to play .mkv files, just download and install the latest divx bundle. After that you'll be able to play .mkv files on your ps3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gs01 View Post
    If you want to play .mkv files, just download and install the latest divx bundle. After that you'll be able to play .mkv files on your ps3.
    Yes, but I don't see how that helps native PS3 playback. I assume you're talking about transcoding.

    This is a welcome addition to the homebrew library. Would it be possible to add support for a codecs folder (ala XBMC)? Anyway, thanks andoma!

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    Yes, I was. I wonder if the Ps3 will ever have naything as good as XBMC was on the original xbox. Those were the days.

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    thank god something like this came out i was trying to see a movie in the ps3 and it wouldn't play it yet i put in my daughters wii using wiimc and it played it, i just looked like a fool with my high end ps3.. please tell do i need the self file. thanks

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    it is not working under 3.41

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