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    I have problem with Greek subtitle does not show Greek characters. I need to change the settings?

    thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyygamer View Post
    no SMB support what is the point, we need a media server that does not require a computer to have a upnp transcoding application running to be able to view media files. we need something with SMB support so that we can access network shares and let the ps3 transcode the media like vlc does when you watch something over network share, the same way XBMC does...
    Seriously? To insult someone else's work simply because it did not do what you wanted. Many others will indeed find this useful.

    So, where is your release? I want to see this great application you've created that has all the features you complain are missing from this one.

    Thank you for Showtime PS3 and for the efforts in coding it.

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    Thanks! Very useful application.

    The only problem is it can't play from DISC, I checked some AVI and MKV files burned to DVD discs and non of them worked. same files from a USB flash work flawlessly.

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    Do you have to install CFW to use this? im currently on OFW 3.56

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaEloG View Post
    this one should work, i don't have a ps3 running wannikoko's cfw here anymore to check. previous versions i made were running and i didn't change the way i build it.

    sry for my bad english, hope the link is ok.
    I would realy like to have this one to, but i get this message from rapidshare: Download not available

    The following download is not available: 4210 KB

    The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons: Unassigned file limit of 10 downloads reached.

    Can i get the file somewhere else?

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    Have any of you guys tried this with cinavia protected material and if so does it bypass it?

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    can someone make a pkg for 3.41 please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinxz View Post
    Can i get the file somewhere else?
    sorry didn't know about the download limit, it's been a while since i last uploaded something. i hope this link will last longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shalashaska87 View Post
    can someone make a pkg for 3.41 please?
    I repackaged the program for 3.41 myself it installs and works fine on hermes cfw:

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    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    showtime-GIT-2.99.139.g1e7b1-FW341.rar (8.53 MB):

    I managed to repack it for firmware 3.41.

    thanks Dean... much appreciated mate..

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