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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    cyber02000 Guest
    its really weird that since the navi-x plugin was released 180upload and billionupload links do not work till today. and searching the internet i haven't found the answer to this problem as 95% of the links are from these hosts !!! or is it a issue i am having ?? i hope some of you can help.


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    sticky876 Guest

    showtime/navi-x & online gaming on ps3

    Hi everyone, I'm new to play station 3 but I love online gaming, I also love watching movies but what I want to know is. Can I install showtime/navi-x on my ps3 slim & still be able to receive updates from playstation, access psn & online gaming? I don't want to install showtime/navi-x & lose the ability to upgrade & play online.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

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    Mtealo Guest
    Short answer NO. You need CFW and will get banned if you play online.

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.3.21 Testing Build is Now Available

    Not long after the last Stable 4.2 Build, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated the Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build to version 4.3.21 followed by 4.3.41, 4.3.207, 4.3.227, 4.3.228, v4.3.263 and v4.3.313 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime 4.3.21 (gda36c46) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.21 (gda36c46) PKG / Showtime 4.3.21 (gda36c4) Self / Showtime 4.3.41 (gde886c7) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.41 (gde886c7) PKG / Showtime 4.3.41 (gde886c7) Self / Showtime Test Build 4.3.207 / Showtime 4.3.227 (g076d4f6) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.227 (g076d4f6) PKG / Showtime 4.3.227 (g076d4f6) Self / Showtime 4.3.228 (gbb5a917) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.228 (gbb5a917) PKG / Showtime 4.3.228 (gbb5a917) Self / Showtime 4.3.264 (g21d63c9) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.264 (g21d63c9) PKG / Showtime 4.3.264 (g21d63c9) Self / Showtime 4.3.313 (g841bdacb) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.313 (g841bdacb) PKG / Showtime 4.3.313 (g841bdacb) Self / Showtime 4.3.443 (g306fd63c) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.443 (g306fd63c) PKG / Showtime 4.3.443 (g306fd63c) Self / Showtime 4.3.482 (g2b0b1b46) PKG / Showtime GH 4.3.482 (g2b0b1b46) PKG / Showtime 4.3.482 (g2b0b1b46) Self / Showtime 4.3.536 PKG / GIT


    HLS: Fix crash when HLS streamer encountered corrupt streams
    glw/video: Remove unused fields
    glw: Add a simple grid widget
    glw: Tentative support for requested aspect during image load
    hls: Keep track of h264 profile and level
    Add 'Exit to Standby' in Settings -> General


    Always upgrade using patches on platforms that support it
    Fix build break
    hls: If streaming live, never try to resume last position as it just screw things up
    hls: Respect playback priority
    rpi: Various OMX fixes to hopefully avoid some hangs


    Make 'force screensaver' work again
    rpi: Avoid getting stuck in hw accelerated image decoder if image is corrupt
    ssa/ass: WIP on encoding detection
    glw: Reduce memory footprint my rearranging struct members


    Update pl_PL.lang
    rpi: Avoid crash when video ends


    Make subtitle font setting actually work.
    Fix broken browsing. Right pane in UI did not update correctly because URL was not set in fontstash model.
    Fix problem making subtitle scanner crash if it found a file without file ending.


    rpi: Rework seeking code to be more stable (hopefully)
    rpi: Do MPEG-4 part 2 and h263 in VideoCore


    FTP-server: Add delete,rmdir,makedir,rename support
    Check for showtime upgrades daily
    rpi: Fix showtime exit problems


    Make it possible to set path to persistent storage (settings)
    Add libyuv revision 775
    Fix broken save of multiopt settings in javascript …


    Fix crash when deleting exported bookmarks …
    Update language files: fr_FR.lang and ru_RU.lang
    Add subtitle support when playing HLS
    osk: Make ESC exit on screen keyboard
    Fix typos in displayed strings


    Add FTP server support. Can be enabled in Settings -> Network settings
    Update ru_RU.lang
    Fix problem with underscan settings. Recent regression. Fixes #1727
    ps3: Fix mutex init problems


    Fix issues with list wrapping and pagination
    Detect command to compute sha1
    Initial work of building for Android


    Fixes issue when, in external subtitles, new overlays appear before all previous overlays have disappeared (Fixes #1723)
    Fix broken handling of permanent redirects
    Keep navigator when closing window


    Fix: No default value was set after the rewrite of the setting system (Fixes #1722)
    Improve charset decoding: Add new codepages 1254, 1257 and 1258
    Refresh language files
    Rename setting 'Userinterface size' to 'Font and icon size'


    multiopt: Do the right thing if current options is deleted.
    Fix recent regression for HEAD requests
    Make (cancel) work in Showtime's own OSK


    Add 'Mark all as seen' and 'Mark all as unseen' in page menu …
    Rework Showtime's HTTP client …
    skin: Rework how background image is set
    Add missing mutex lock
    Remember set video/audio/subtitles playback settings for each video.


    subtitles: Get canvas dimensions from codec context


    When deleting RAR file, delete all files in multivolume archive


    ps3: Select + Square starts screen saver Add option to enter system standby after current video ends
    Update portuguese translation
    ps3: Make it possible to configure seeking using L2/R2 Allow user to adjust position of subtitles from video playback menues


    Disable binary patches on ps3
    Update rusian and chinese translations
    Make cache resilient to clock going backwards


    Add multi language support to TheTVDB integration

    Fixes #1544


    Update Polish, German and Swedish translations
    Add support for Windows code page 1256
    Fix broken PNG decoder for rpi
    HLS: Fix playcount and resume position
    On tiled home page, only show enabled services. Fixes #1568


    Fix an issue with subtitle scanning
    This might fix some recent crashes people have seen when Showtime scans for subtitles Fixes #1715 (maybe)


    No longer ignore 'The' prefix when sorting. The old behavior can be re-enabled under Settings -> Languages


    Add confirmation when just deleting one file as well


    Add support for recursive delete of files. Also, in case when deleting a directory, ask user for confirmation


    Add support for deleting files and empty directories over SMB Fixes #1062


    Support deleting directories (and not only files) Refs #1062


    Make sure we count video as played if we reach 100% of playback


    Add support for deleting files. This currently only works for local file systems and must be enabled in Settings -> General


    Fix recent regression causing vertical lines in images on PS3

    Fixes #1617


    Fix bug making 'Refresh metdata...' option in item menu not to work at all


    Avoid loading .mkv attachments into RAM

    Instead we keep a reference to where in the MKV file the attachment is located and we can later open a slice of the mkv-file as the attachment.

    This combined with the fact that freetype can open fonts from a file handle reduces the static memory use for attachments to 0 bytes

    Fixes #1689 (out of memory (av error -12) with certain MKV files)


    Initial attempt of a built-in FTP client in Showtime

    To use it enter 'ftp://ip.address.of.ftpserver' in search bar or create a bookmark (much like the CIFS/SMB client)

    Note that the code has only been tested against a few FTP servers so it's probably still buggy. If you find any problems and want to report please turn on "FTP logging" in settings:dev and include the logfile in ticket.


    Add support for sorting on filename and date when browsing over UPNP


    upnp: Include video playback URL in canonical URL

    Fixes problem with UPNP servers that just give sequential numbers to directory items. If just using the URL items would be confused with other items if video are removed from the directory

    Fixes #1697


    Add Danish translation


    Fix bug that caused "Custom search query" to disappear for video items

    Fixes #1696


    Fix a bunch of memory leaks


    Make sure metadata scanner stops when we leave a directory

    Also fix possible crashes related to those occations
    Fixes #1601


    ps3: Remove "/dev_hdd0/tmp/turnoff" before shutting down system

    Fixes #1594


    Fix broken colors in VOBSUB

    Fixes #1579


    Fix regression causing crash with embedded DVD/VOBSUB tracks

    Fixes #1577


    httpclient: Fix a regression when using range queries to determine filesize

    Caused problems with minidlna (possibly other servers)

    Fixes #1576


    Fix the oversized album art during music playback


    ps3: Fix video stuttering in some high bitrate video streams


    Fix broken date-sorting (Allow user to sort on newest or oldest first)

    Fixes #1297


    Rework subtitle scheduling

    This allows us to pick subtitles that are out of sync with video stream. Also makes it possible to do negative subtitle time shifting for embedded subs

    Fixes #727
    Fixes #1470


    ps3: Increase audio buffer size

    Fix stuttering playback with some audio formats (APE is one)

    Fixes #1451


    Fix problem that caused picture stuttering in some movies after 20-25 minutes

    Fixes #1483


    Add support for LPCM in DVD playback

    Fixes #1046


    Add movie chapters support where supported by file formats

    Chapters can be found in menu during video playback next to seek thumbnails and audio/subltitle tracks

    Fixes #786


    Fix broken seeking in FLAC files

    Fixes #1435


    Add support for subtitle plugins. This also removes the built-in support for opensubtitles. Opensubtitles is now available as a plugin. No username + password is needed as allows anonymous logins


    The list of subtitles are now sorted based on user preferred languages


    Fix a bug that made "Custom query" impossible to erase in the metadata editor. It would come back next time the item was scanned


    Fix a crash that was caused by invalid markup tags in SRT files

    Typically this would happen if the SRT file contained a subtitle entry with just one tag that was invalid. Now such invalid tags will be presented as normal text instead.

    Fixes #1501


    ps3: Fix a crash on PS3 when playing AAC HEv2 files. This was caused by too small stack for the threads

    Fixes #1515


    Fix recently introduced crash in module


    Add stretch-to-widescreen and stretch-to-fullscreen as options during video playback

    Fixes #1334


    Add support for getting metadata from


    Allow user to adjust subtitle timing 10 minuts in increments of 0.5 seconds


    Improved support for

    Showtime will now search in database using the movie title and optionally the IMDB ID if it manages to resolve that

    To limit the number of returned results it will only include the subtitles that matches the languages configured in Settings -> Languages.
    If no such configuration has been entered all results will be displayed.


    ps3: Sign pkg files to work with 4.xx CFW


    Fix some issues related to mono audio in videos


    Use external metadata (TMDB, etc) for video title in video OSD


    Avoid doing external metadata lookup for very short file names


    Add support for playback of HLS (Http Live Streaming) URLs


    Add support for user configurable fonts

    To install and use a new font put the font someplace where Showtime can browse it. When clicking on the font Showtime will what you want to use the font for. Showtime will copy the font to an internal storage location. To select between installed fonts or to reset to default, go to Settings -> Look and Feel -> Fonts

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.3.21 Testing Build is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    matrixreaver Guest
    Is it normal for most of the online movies to skip a lot when watching them on the PS3 thru say like Navi?

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    myjunkhurts Guest
    sweet update

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    Showtime TwitchTV 1.0 HD Plug-in for PS3 By Facanferff Arrives

    Following up on the previous update, today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has made available a Showtime TwitchTV 1.0 HD Plug-in with details below.

    To quote from his blog: After several updates to Youtube and Navi-X, facanferff brings a new plugin for the worldwide known game streaming website, TwitchTV. This new plugin lets user (or gamers) watch live streams of games in real time.

    • Browse for Games
    • Browse for Live Streams
    • Play HD live streams!

    • Showtime 4.2 and up

    • In Showtime open the Plugin Central and install the plugin called TwitchTV under Video Streaming category

    Special thanks
    • Andoma: for creating and maintaining Showtime
    • Tyrant: for beta testing the plugin

    Special Note: Any issue please inform to showtime AT

    [imglink=|Showtime TwitchTV 1.0 HD Plug-in for PS3 By Facanferff Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Showtime TwitchTV 1.0 HD Plug-in for PS3 By Facanferff Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Showtime TwitchTV 1.0 HD Plug-in for PS3 By Facanferff Arrives][/imglink]
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    matrixreaver Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by matrixreaver View Post
    Is it normal for most of the online movies to skip a lot when watching them on the PS3 thru say like Navi?
    Can and/or will someone answer this question please?

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    Showtime PS3 Plugin TMDB v1.2.5 by Facanferff is Now Available

    Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has made available an update to the Showtime PS3 Plugin TMDB (The Movie DataBase) bringing it to version 1.2.5 followed by v1.3 with the changes below.

    To quote: A new version for Showtime Plugin TMDb is now available and adds some features that many users have been asking since day 1.

    Please read carefully the changelog and the Important information section as both help you get a better experience in Showtime.

    • Add: View Collection images option in movie view
    • Add: View images option in movie view
    • Add: "Search in Showtime" option in movie view (thanks Buksa)
    • Enhancement: Improve some design aspects (makes images fit better for different screens)
    • Enhancement: In "Director" field in movie view show all directors instead of just one
    • Add: TMDb item menu option (it allows users to see a movie view from any video, including offline videos or anything else)

    • andoma: for creating and maintaining Showtime
    • Tyrant: for Beta Testing my plugins
    • Buksa: for giving me the idea to add a Search in Showtime option


    From plugin central inside Showtime you can download and install the plugin.

    Important information:
    • To use TMDb item menu option you need at least Showtime v4.3.261.
    • If you have Custom Background by Andreas Oman installed you can use the View images/View Collection images to set as main Showtime background a fanart of a movie (in above screenshots, the background was set using this feature, choosing this image:
    • It may be confusing for some users since a few time ago I said I would not work more in Showtime Plugins, I thought better and decided to make some changes that make me able to continue working in Showtime Plugins, later I'll talk more about it.

    Update: A new update to Showtime Plugin TMDb v1.3 is now available. Finding free time has been extremely hard (studying is hard ) so this is what I have to give you right now to enjoy, more features are being prepared by due to time I don't know when will they be ready.

    Changelog version 1.3:
    • Add: Setting to allow show all movies found in a search from item menu
    • Add: Search for movie by custom title in item menu
    • Add: Add movies to a list

    Note: For now you have to create manually a list in website. I tried to add this but right now there seems to be some problem with TMDb API so it isn't included for now.

    Installation: Download at Showtime Plugin Central (Apps) inside Showtime
    Requirements: Showtime v4.1

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Plugin TMDB v1.2.5 by Facanferff is Now Available][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Plugin TMDB v1.2.5 by Facanferff is Now Available][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Plugin TMDB v1.2.5 by Facanferff is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    msteffes Guest
    I can play mkv file on my ps3 I have CEChH01 and also CECHK01, CECHL01 they all play them. I wish i coud get XBMC on the ps3 as a media player.

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