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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    scott7seven Guest
    should you install both the mm pkg and the stand alone, or can you, and why.. and do you have to dl the ocean them separate?

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.1.273 Testing Build is Now Available

    Following up on the previous release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated the Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build to version 4.1.273 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime v4.1.273 (g1e323cc) PKG / Showtime GH v4.1.273 (g1e323cc) PKG / Showtime 4.1.273 (g1e323cc) SELF / GIT

    For those who missed them, a Showtime PS3 Media Player Skin Oceanus and Showtime PS3 Plugin TMDB and Oceanus Skin Plugin are also available.


    Make sure Showtime does not downgrade a plugin to a lesser version


    Add support for replacing various parts of the UI using plugins. More information about this will surface once plugins support it


    For beta-testers of plugins there is now a setting under "General" where a user can specify a, list of space separated, passwords
    that will enable beta testing of plugins. Passwords are administrated by the plugin developer


    Add support for adjusting volume during video playback using up/down keys

    Fixes #1241
    Fixes #1123
    Fixes #751
    Fixes #560


    Don't wrap from end to beginning of list during continuous video playback

    Fixes #1250


    Correctly recognize '.m2ts' as a file type ending to ignore

    Fixes #1391


    Reworked audio pipeline. This should fix various issues. In particular various clicks and pops now and then on PS3 should be gone.

    Fixes #1408
    Fixes #1308
    Fixes #1005
    Fixes #964


    Upgrade to libav9_beta2. This is a huge upgrade that might cause problems with some files. Please report bugs if anything seems to have broken


    Fix broken RTMP(E) playback on PS3


    Fix a problem that caused playback time to stay at 0:00 for some audio files


    Fix problem that caused resume position not to be reset when movie ended


    Fix search lookup loops when changing TMDB configuration

    Fixes #1293
    Fixes #1292


    Add support for Shoutcast playback. Plugins are required to be able to browse Shoutcast services


    Add support for setting custom movie titles directly from the item popup menu

    Fixes #1213


    Add an action in settings->general to clear the entire metadb item table. Safeguarded with a popup as it is a non-revocable action.

    Fixes #1218


    ps3: When seeking using L2/R2, rescale seek delta based on duration of feature. In principle this make it so that the user can always seek from begining to end in ~2 seconds regardless of how long the currently playing media is.


    Add Exit and Standby as items in the page popup menu

    Fixes #1042
    Fixes #1184


    Only reset screensaver timer if movie is actually playing

    Fixes #1022
    Fixes #1115


    Add support for plugins that can replace certain parts of the UI


    Add support for categorization of plugins. When browsing available plugins they will appear under a category instead of a single long list


    TMDB: Let user choose which language to use for TMDB. Also lets user choose if to display the original title or translated title


    Don't set resume time for videos if current position < one minute. This makes sure the user does not accidentally lose the resume
    position if restarting the video from beginning by mistake


    Let 'mark as seen' create entry in item table if it does not exist

    Fixes #1175


    Improve Showtime's response time to play/pause events

    Fixes #1180

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.1.273 Testing Build is Now Available][/imglink]
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    YouTube v2.0 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has updated the YouTube Plugin to version 2.0 for Showtime PS3 Media Player dubbed the New Experience with the changes outlined below followed by v2.2, v2.21 and v2.2.5.

    Download: YouTube v2.0 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player / GIT

    Below are the changes, as follows:

    The first major release of the plugin was more than a year ago and now it is time to renew that experience and provide a improved experience that I hope everyone will enjoy. Please see carefully the changelog so you know exactly what’s new:
    • Add: Support for Continuous Playback (needs to activate setting in Showtime’s Video Playback Settings)
    • Add: Main Page now supports order customization (like Showtime Main Page)
    • Add: Youtube Disco
    • Add: Native Sorting (by Publish Date, by Views, by Title (incrementing/decrementing) and as Default)
    • Add: Youtube EDU
    • Add: Featured feed in Youtube Movies
    • Add: New User Profile Interface/Experience
    • Add: New Advanced Mode for videos
    • Add: Choose what feeds to show in User Profile
    • Add: Header buttons in Oceanus skin plugin
    • Add: Item Menu:
    • Like/Dislike video
    • Comment video
    • Add to Favorites
    • Add to Watch Later
    • Related Videos
    • Response Videos
    • Redirect to Movie (if video is a known trailer)
    • Trailers (if video is a movie)
    • Redirect to a Show (if video belongs to a Show)
    • Redirect to the Show Season (if video belongs to a Show Season)
    • Fix: Video Playback
    • Fix: Some videos would fail due to some RegEx differences
    • Fix: Videos that are no available don’t show friendly error message
    • Fix: The plugin would load additional pages of a feed that didn’t contain entries
    • Fix: User Favorites didn’t work
    • Improvement: Updated video metadata for support in Oceanus skin plugin
    • Improvement: More flexibe Youtube Search
    • Improvement: Don’t show login popup in search

    v2.25 Changelog:
    • Add: Add video to existing playlist (available in item menu in video listing and in Actions in Advanced Mode)
    • Add: Itemhook "Search in Youtube" for video entries in Showtime (in item menu,
      you can use this feature to search for videos in Youtube given any title of a video item in Showtime) (requires 4.3.261)
    • Add: Show debug information if setting is enabled

    • Fix: Search for space separated queries

    v2.2 Changelog:
    • Add: Support for Live Streaming videos using HLS
    • Add: Show videos that authenticated user liked
    • Add: Searchers for API v3 (old searchers are still active)
    • Add: Authentication for API v3
    • Add: New URI routes for video playback
    • Add: My Activity (provides recommendations, videos that users subscribed liked/favorited)
    • Add: Subscribe to User in User Profile
    • Add: Initial support for Guide Categories
    • Add: Initial support for Video Categories (old "Browse Videos" section)
    • Add: Video Advanced Mode actions: Like, Dislike, Add to Favorites, Add to Watch Later, Comment
    • Add: Show more information for videos in pages using API v3 (enable in Settings)
    • Enhancement: Improved User Profile
    • Enhancement: Started work to upgrade plugin from API v2 to v3

    As you may see several things that were being asked since the first release are now here, fresh and ready to be used.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube changes:
    • The new Home Screen, using SELECT + Arrows in PS3 you can customize the order of the items.
    • The improved item listing.
    • The new Youtube Search screen providing easy to use search for everything you want.
    • The new advanced mode in videos, cleaner and easier to use.
    • The new User Profile screen, featuring an easy to use and fast experience.


    Go to Plugin Central (puzzle icon in home screen) inside Showtime and download the plugin.

    Special thanks:
    • andoma: for creating Showtime and maintaining it
    • Tyrant: for beta testing the plugin and giving fresh ideas

    • When testing, my Beta Tester (El Tyrant) found that the resume videos of Showtime does not work properly with the plugin, so please disable the following settting: Video playback -> Resume video playback


    1. I found some issues, had crashes or have suggestions, where can I inform the developer about them?


    Finally, below is a brief tutorial on how to log out from the Showtime Plugin YouTube from facanferff (via for those interested:

    Recently a user in IRC (EFNET, #showtime) asked how to log out from the current user in Youtube plugin for Showtime, so here is a tutorial for it. This method is only needed for versions 1.5 and up where it uses OAuth2 as the main authentication method. This method works for the standalone version.

    The process is really simple and may be done via Multiman:

    1. Go to the jsstore folder of showtime.
    • In PS3: /dev_hdd0/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/settings/jsstore
    • In Linux: /home/<user>/.hts/showtime/settings/jsstore

    2. Delete the file called youtube-oauth2.

    3. Open Showtime and it will no longer use your old user account, so you may authenticate again for another user account.


    1. Now every time I try to play a video, it fails with random errors, what is happening?

    With the recent website changes featuring a new layout, the plugin is unable to play any video. A fix for it is being worked on and will be available once it is possible and it is confirmed to be stable. Sorry for this.

    2. I found the plugin crash for some reason, what can I do?

    The simplest answer is report it, you can either use or Please report any issue you encounter, if you don't I may not face it so I will not fix it by the simple aspect that I won't know about it.

    [imglink=|YouTube v2.0 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated][/imglink]
    [imglink=|YouTube v2.0 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated][/imglink]
    [imglink=|YouTube v2.0 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated][/imglink]
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    mw00 Guest

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    billyreneoberra Guest

    showtime youtube plugin help

    2 questions, first i have a little problem with the showtime youtube plugin.

    i have the 4.1.208 version of showtime and the latest version of youtube for it. i have authenticated youtube but whenever i go on my user profile i get this message:

    unable to open resource
    ReferenceError: reference to undefined property$username

    and i can't login into my youtube account. can anybody please tell me how to fix this or if it even can be fixed at all. i tried uninstalling and reinstaling everything, re-authenticating ....

    second i have troubles with getting showtime to see some plugins like megaviewer, hd-trailers, game trailers and so on. i put the rar's in the appropriate folder but they don't show once i go to the plugging section of showtime

    can anybody help me out here?? thanks

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    pinoytechno Guest
    thanks showtime

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    pht Guest
    Hello, I'm using Showtime to read video files stored on an "UPnP Media Server" via WiFi connection. Sometimes with big MKV files, WiFi is too slow (or connection is too bad) and video is lagging. Is there any way to copy the video file before reading it. In others words, can I copy file from Media Server (or network drive) to PS3 HDD. Thanks for help.

    Edit: Perhaps Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager or Multiman can do this kind of copy but I did not manage?

    Sorry for the double post, but I can no more edit it...

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    Showtime 4.1.368 for PS3 CEX and DEX is Now Available

    Below is Showtime 4.1.368 for PS3 CEX and DEX from Andreas Oman which has been compiled by deank who states the following:

    Download: Showtime 04.01.368 [CEX].pkg (5.62 MB) / Showtime 04.01.368 [DEX].pkg (5.69 MB) / Showtime 04.01.386a [CEX].pkg (5.60 MB) / Showtime 04.01.386a [DEX].pkg (5.67 MB) / Showtime 4.1.387 (g7e95cd9) PKG / Showtime GH 4.1.387 (g7e95cd9) PKG / Showtime 4.1.387 (g7e95cd9) Self

    I compiled it with my changes and it should be ok with mM 04.18.00. Also I decreased the size of the pkg/self with 1MB. Showtime 04.01.386a is compiled with my changes as always. Also the size of the pkg/self is decreased with another 20KB.
    • You can update your Showtime for multiMAN from within multiMAN via the Video column (select showtime, press Triangle and then Update)
    • Showtime 04.01.368 [CEX].pkg standalone is available in the WEB column, too.

    Update: Showtime 4.1.387 by Andreas Oman is now available online.

    Download: Showtime 04.01.387 [CEX].pkg (5.60 MB) / Showtime 04.01.387 [DEX].pkg (5.67 MB)
    • You can update your Showtime for multiMAN from within multiMAN via the Video column (select showtime, press Triangle and then Update)
    • Showtime 04.01.387 [CEX].pkg standalone is available in the WEB column, too.

    Update #2: Showtime 4.1.419 (by Andreas Oman) for mM and standalone are available.

    Download: Showtime 04.01.419 [CEX].pkg (5.62 MB) / Showtime 04.01.419 [DEX].pkg (5.68 MB)
    • Showtime for mM is available online within mM and in the web column.

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.2 for CEX and DEX is Now Available

    Following up on the previous release and YouTube Plugin, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player to version 4.2 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime v4.2 PKG / Showtime GH v4.2 PKG / Showtime 4.2 SELF / Showtime v04.02.000 DEX PKG by deank / GIT

    Showtime PS3 Media Player v4.2 Changelog:

    Some highlights:
    • Virtual keyboard
    • Integration with
    • Chapter support for movies
    • Support for subtitle plugins

    And as usual, a lot of bugs squashed


    ps3: Remove "/dev_hdd0/tmp/turnoff" before shutting down system

    Fixes #1594


    Fix broken colors in VOBSUB

    Fixes #1579


    Fix regression causing crash with embedded DVD/VOBSUB tracks

    Fixes #1577


    httpclient: Fix a regression when using range queries to determine filesize

    Caused problems with minidlna (possibly other servers)

    Fixes #1576


    Fix the oversized album art during music playback


    ps3: Fix video stuttering in some high bitrate video streams


    Fix broken date-sorting (Allow user to sort on newest or oldest first)

    Fixes #1297


    Rework subtitle scheduling

    This allows us to pick subtitles that are out of sync with video stream. Also makes it possible to do negative subtitle time shifting for embedded subs

    Fixes #727
    Fixes #1470


    ps3: Increase audio buffer size

    Fix stuttering playback with some audio formats (APE is one)

    Fixes #1451


    Fix problem that caused picture stuttering in some movies after 20-25 minutes

    Fixes #1483


    Add support for LPCM in DVD playback

    Fixes #1046


    Add movie chapters support where supported by file formats

    Chapters can be found in menu during video playback next to seek thumbnails and audio/subltitle tracks

    Fixes #786


    Fix broken seeking in FLAC files

    Fixes #1435


    Add support for subtitle plugins

    This also removes the built-in support for opensubtitles.

    Opensubtitles is now available as a plugin. No username + password is needed as allows anonymous logins


    The list of subtitles are now sorted based on user preferred languages


    Fix a bug that made "Custom query" impossible to erase in the metadata editor. It would come back next time the item was scanned


    Fix a crash that was caused by invalid markup tags in SRT files

    Typically this would happen if the SRT file contained a subtitle entry with just one tag that was invalid. Now such invalid tags will be
    presented as normal text instead.

    Fixes #1501


    ps3: Fix a crash on PS3 when playing AAC HEv2 files

    This was caused by too small stack for the threads

    Fixes #1515


    Fix recently introduced crash in module


    Add stretch-to-widescreen and stretch-to-fullscreen as options during video playback

    Fixes #1334


    Add support for getting metadata from


    Allow user to adjust subtitle timing ±10 minutes in increments of 0.5 seconds


    Improved support for

    Showtime will now search in database using the movie title and optionally the IMDB ID if it manages to resolve that

    To limit the number of returned results it will only include the subtitles that matches the languages configured in Settings -> Languages.
    If no such configuration has been entered all results will be displayed.


    ps3: Sign pkg files to work with 4.xx CFW


    Fix some issues related to mono audio in videos


    Use external metadata (TMDB, etc) for video title in video OSD


    Avoid doing external metadata lookup for very short file names


    Add support for playback of HLS (Http Live Streaming) URLs


    Add support for user configurable fonts

    To install and use a new font put the font someplace where Showtime can browse it. When clicking on the font Showtime will what you want to use the font for. Showtime will copy the font to an internal storage location.

    To select between installed fonts or to reset to default, go to Settings -> Look and Feel -> Fonts

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.2 for CEX and DEX is Now Available][/imglink]
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    mmanolos Guest
    I always have issues with Showtime. Some upgrades ago I lost the tiled view and I got the list view with no icons for everything, besides all the channels I pinned down in the home page disappeared.

    This last update was great at first, I received a notification for a new version from inside the application, it downloaded and installed fine and all the bugs went away: the change views option returned and I got the lost channels back.

    It is an excellent version... but after close it, every time I try to launch Showtime again I receive an error message. It runs fine from inside Multiman. I will try to delete it an reinstall it from scratch.

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