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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.1.100 Testing Build is Now Available

    Following up on the Version 4.0 release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated the Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build to version 4.1.100 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime v4.1.100 (gab20851) PKG / Showtime GH v4.1.100 (gab20851) PKG / Showtime 4.1.100 (gab20851) SELF / GIT


    Add support for setting custom movie titles directly from the item popup menu

    Fixes #1213


    Add an action in settings->general to clear the entire metadb item table.

    Safeguarded with a popup as it is a non-revocable action.

    Fixes #1218


    ps3: When seeking using L2/R2, rescale seek delta based on duration of feature

    In principle this make it so that the user can always seek from begining to end in ~2 seconds regardless of how long the currently playing media is.


    Add Exit and Standby as items in the page popup menu

    Fixes #1042
    Fixes #1184


    Only reset screensaver timer if movie is actually playing

    Fixes #1022
    Fixes #1115


    Add support for plugins that can replace certain parts of the UI


    Add support for categorization of plugins

    When browsing available plugins they will appear under a category instead of a single long list


    TMDB: Let user choose which language to use for TMDB

    Also lets user choose if to display the original title or translated title


    Don't set resume time for videos if current position < one minute

    This makes sure the user does not accidentally lose the resume position if restarting the video from beginning by mistake


    Let 'mark as seen' create entry in item table if it does not exist

    Fixes #1175


    Improve Showtime's response time to play/pause events

    Fixes #1180

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.1.100 Testing Build is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    vvvkos Guest
    Can you add the option album art to be visible during music listening, or if there is any how can I enable it?

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    Blade86 Guest
    WTF, we need EXIT2MULTIMAN !!!

    Who needs exit 2 xmb, since you can do it via ps button -.-

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    rageagainst1 Guest
    I don't know about everyone else, but I really don't like the new gui for Showtime. I like the old interface much more.

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    niwakun Guest
    The meta feature of showtime is really a big epic fail, it just doesnt work as it should since every video that I got in my library show the same title like, Avatar, wow! I have Avatar on my collection even if I dont.

    Else, the GUI is just look sexy, just dont like the bigger Icons today, I just the way it look like in 4.00

    But at least there are one or more bugs were fixed, none of them were related fixing the various SMB bugs that most of the time crashes the PS3.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    the metadata is... interesting. it surprises me sometimes when it works, other times it just renames files to movies like you said.

    i'll try to turn it off, but then it's right back on when i load up showtime again.

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    conceptemc2 Guest
    This sort of Homebrew Application sounds truly promising. I appreciate all the details provided.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    damn, i update to testing all the time to see if certain problems get fixed. anyways, videos will still quit out at a random point if i pause them for too long. i think it jumps to the end cause if i have resume playback, it just starts the video over

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    Arrow Showtime PS3 Media Player v4.01.184 DEX for multiMAN Arrives

    Today deank has released Showtime PS3 Media Player v4.01.184 DEX for multiMAN users, with details below as follows:

    Download: Showtime v04.01.184 (DEX) PKG

    To quote: Showtime 04.01.184 for mM is available online (CEX/DEX) from within mM.

    Also here is a standalone 3.55-4.21 DEX version, too:

    Showtime 04.01.184 [DEX].pkg (6.36MB)
    • Install the package
    • Start Showtime from TV/Video column (it will quit to XMB the first time after it preps some data)
    • Start Showtime again


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    Showtime PS3 Media Player v4.01.200 / v4.01.208 CEX / DEX for multiMAN is Out

    Today deank has released Showtime PS3 Media Player v4.01.200 CEX / DEX for multiMAN users followed by v04.01.208, with details outlined at the link below.

    Download: Showtime v04.01.200 (CEX) PKG / Showtime v04.01.200 (DEX) PKG / Showtime v04.01.208 (CEX) PKG / Showtime v04.01.208 (DEX) PKG


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