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    Apr 2005

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.99.425 Update Arrives

    Following up on the previous revision, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build to version 3.99.425 followed by v3.99.459 with the changes as follows:

    Download: Showtime 3.99.425 g848947f PKG / Showtime GH 3.99.425 g848947f PKG / Showtime 3.99.425 g848947f SELF / Showtime 3.99.459 g749785f PKG / Showtime GH 3.99.459 g749785f PKG / Showtime 3.99.459 g749785f SELF / GIT

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.99.425 Changelog:


    PS3: Rework button handling a bit on the six axis controller
    • Select + Directional buttons will move items (when possible) Currently this can be done on the home screen
    • Select + Triangle will switch view (if possible) Not many pages comes with multiple views at the moment
    • Pressing harder on the buttons will increase the repeat rate, thus Pressing harder -> Scrolling faster (our work is never over)


    Switched to a tile based home screen


    PS3: Add auto power off after inactivity. Fixes #854


    Add a new default theme to Showtime. Designed by 'opium'


    Avoid static images in screen saver


    Redesign the throbber used when loading pages


    Plugins are now upgraded automatically when Showtime starts

    This behavior can be turned off on the plugin browsing page


    Add a per-item popup menu. This can be used to invoke various operands on an item when browsing.


    During video playback "left" and "right" navigation buttons can be used to seek +- 15 seconds


    Add Windows-1252 and Windows-1253 code pages. Fixes #667


    Sort all folders before the other items when browsing directories. Fixes #1002


    Make it possible to bookmark a page directly from the popup menu. Fixes #573


    Improve scrolling speed in movie thumbnails


    Make the goto frame popup be focused at current segment when opened. Fixes #635


    Add support for vobsub (.idx / .sub) files. Fixes #971


    Fix incorrect handling of alpha values in SSA. Fixes #983


    Support external SSA / ASS subtitles. Fixes #590


    Decode embedded vobsub (dvbsub) using Showtime's own DVDSPU decoder. Fixes #972


    Retry login if opensubtitles query fails with a server side error. Fixes #970


    Fix duplicate entries of external subs when in continuous playback mode. Fixes #999


    Avoid having the UI accidentally use fonts from MKV files. Fixes #841


    spotify: Move the list of playlists (and folders) to the start page


    Add support for getting movie metadata from TMDB

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    TheGuru Guest
    I haven't looked at showtime for a while now, does it have NTFS support yet??

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    cursorsauce Guest
    Any way to make a video playlist?

  4. #484
    mmanolos Guest
    I use Showtime a lot to watch shows in the Revision3 plugin, like Games+ and Destructoid. A thing I need to know is if it's possible to have a SEARCH feature, specially with Youtube, I can't see how to find videos. Thanks to the developers!

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    zyo Guest
    Is continuous playback supported in the youtube plugin yet?

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    Apr 2005

    Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update v1.0 Out Now

    Following up on his previous update, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer facanferff has updated his Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in to version 1.0 followed by v1.0.5 and v1.1.5 for Showtime PS3 Media Player with the changes below.

    Download: Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update v1.0 / Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update v1.0.5 / Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update v1.1.5

    To quote: This update is a major release, it is the biggest update I ever released for a plugin for Showtime, and that being said is recommended that every user update to this new version.

    Changelog v1.0.5:
    • Add: Allow user set the source for playlist search in settings
    • Add: New default source for playlist search (in TMDB View)
    • Add: Support for IMDB Lists
    • Add: Search for entries from Item Menu
    • Add: Stats system
    • Fix: IMDB's Parents Guide would not show up
    • Fix: Parser PLX would join the last two items of a playlist wrongly
    • Enhacement: Improve reporting system

    Changelog v1.0:

    • Add: Allow user to disable History Tracking
    • Add: Notifications for important things (such as reporting)
    • Fix: User would be logout after forced reload
    • Enhancement: Use notifications instead of messages that require user interaction

    • Add: Set number of elements in X axis (see note 1)
    • Add: Set number of elements in Y axis (see note 1)
    • Add: Allow user to hide information bar (see note 1)
    • Add: Store items in local Favorites playlist (see note 2)
    • Add: Playlists with IMDB/TMDB type redirect to TMDB view
    • Add: Support for subtitles in playlists
    • Fix: Entries with no title would fail to load page in PS3 platform
    • Fix: Titles with colors would be wrongly parsed
    • Enhancement: Set view in playlists upon entrance to avoid "screen transformation"

    • Add: Report processors that don't work
    • Add: Display current status of processing (including countdown timer)
    • Add: Cache processors that have cacheable flag equal to 1
    • Add: Nested if statements
    • Fix: Subvariables in which the main class didn't exist would return error when trying to get it's result

    • Enhancement: Improve plugin startup response time
    • Enhancement: Improve response time when browsing

    • Add: TMDB View (see note 2)
    • Add: Trailers
    • Add: Similar Movies
    • Add: Search in several networks for a movie
    • Add: Get Full Cast of a movie
    • Add: Get Full Crew of a movie
    • Add: Get movies in which a person appeared in the cast
    • Add: Use IMDB variable in PLX playlists to identify a movie
    • Add: Use TMDB variable in PLX playlists to identify a movie
    • Add: IMDB's Parents Guide

    User Account:
    • Add: Save playlists IDs for user in local store
    • Enhancement: Use local History/Favorites playlist instead of online solution
    • Fix: When adding an item to a playlist that contained that item already, it would add again the item making it twice -> Remove the old one and add the fresh one
    • Fix: My Playlists

    Note 1: These features are present in the Page Menu that can be accessed via Triangle (PS3) or F1 (PC).
    Note 2: These features are present in the Item Menu that can be accessed via Square (PS3) or F3 (PC) after focusing the item to see the features relative to.

    A quick look in the new views

    As you might have seen in the changelog, this version features a new look for list view, it is possible due to a recent feature that lets plugins have their own view files (the way Showtime uses to show the GUI), it means this view is a custom view and not from Showtime's source code, it has been developed by myself using as model some mockups from opium2k and the guidance of andoma in terms of widgets available.

    One other biggest new feature is the new exclusive TMDB View, it allows you get a list of persons in the cast/crew of the movie, a list of trailers that redirect to Youtube plugin, a list of movies in the collection, a list of similar movies, search for entries in one page provided as Search in Navi-X googlecode that you may use to get access to videos like Behind the Scenes and others of the movie, and finally access to IMDB's Parents Guide for the movie, perfect to help build up nice nights plans for all family.

    • Showtime v3.99.448


    1. If you have one of the latest Showtime version (as required by the plugin) and installed previously the previous plugin it should be updated to the newest version once andoma updates the plugin repository with the new version.
    2. Access the Plugin Central inside Showtime to install the plugin.
    3. Put the zip archive available (linked above) in the directory <path to showtime>/installedplugins/

    Special thanks to (Alphabetically):
    • Andreas Oman (also known as andoma), for creating and maintaining the best alternative to XBMC
    • Opium2k, for creating mockups of both Array and TMDB views that ended being improved to the current state of them
    • Tyrant, for Beta Testing the plugin as the development happened and for giving ideas in what could be added/improved


    How can I log in to navixtreme.com?
    In settings page of the plugin there should be an option that says "Login to navixtreme.com" click that. If you used before the previous version of the version and logged in and set to remember the credentials, this process will automatically use that information and adapt to the new authentication method otherwise you'll have to write your credentials. After doing this you never need to click this option again, just by starting Showtime with the plugin enabled will authenticate you.

    Where can I find facanferff, andoma, opium and Tyrant?
    In the channel #showtime on irc.efnet.net.

    What happens to my automatic reports the plugin creates?
    If you have the setting for it enabled, once you find a processor not working (generally giving a message starting with "Processor error: "), the plugin will call immediately a website hosted by the plugin's developer that might use the URL, processor and error to debug the problem and fix if it applies. If you want to get information on the current status of a report contact facanferff (via the channel mentioned in this FAQ) and provide your user id and the report id.

    The user id is what identifies an installation, it consists of a mix of alphanumeric character followed by your nickname if you're authenticated there. You may see your user id at the folder <path to showtime>/settings/jsstore/navi-x-tracking_settings and locate the line that starts by saying "user_id" and the value between double quotes in the right side of is your user id. But if you're authenticated then in the same file you should find a line for the variable "username", so your final user id will be the previous string you obtained plus 1 underscore plus your username, e.g. 1234567890_qwert

    The report id is a string that identifies a report and is unique per report, to obtain that value access the navi-x-reports_ids in the same folder as before and locate the line that contains in left side <processor url>_<url of video>, the string attached to it is the report id.

    If you want to contact the developer to get the status of the report and if you know that the report is for a processor that was reported only that time you may just provide your user id and processor name.

    Which reports get a higher priority?
    The reporting system sets automatically a priority checking the url and processor in the test bed, if in that test it has success then it is given High priority. If the test also gives an error but different than the one you obtained, it will be given a Medium priority, otherwise it is given Low priority.

    I'm a developer and would like to know about those exclusive features of the plugin's API, where may I find those information?
    Shortly after the release of this version, facanferff will release a tutorial explaining all of those exclusive features.

    I would like to report or suggest about something not related directly to processors, where can I do it?
    You should use the official Bug Tracker website for the plugin available (at lonelycoder.com/redmine/projects/navix) You don't need to provide your user id here.

    Note: Reporting non working processors in this Web site will not give you a higher priority.

    v1.1.5 Changelog:

    After the release of Showtime Plugin TMDb v1.2.5, a new update to Showtime Plugin Navi-X is now available.

    This version brings a new settings option that many users have been asking to set a new home page URL. This setting allows you to use your own PLX playlist or other PLX playlist without having problems with time-out that have been rather frequent with navixtreme.com

    • Add: Setting option "Home Page URL" that allows user to change home page URL
    • Add: All items that are from navixtreme.com are labelled as so with "[NAVIXTREME]"

    • andoma: for creating and maintaining Showtime
    • Tyrant: for Beta Testing my plugins

    Special information

    To allow a faster boot time of Showtime you may need to disable login in plugin's Settings.


    Any Showtime v4.3.9 can find the update at Plugin Central.

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  7. #487
    daveshooter Guest
    Hi everyone, I've been away from the good old ps3 for some time now and lost sight on what's going on, so I was delighted to come back and see this is still current, well done all who have supported it. And a big up for Facanferff and Andreas for their great work, and the Boss for this site.

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    Apr 2005

    Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.0 Stable and Testing Builds Released

    Following up on the previous release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated the Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable and Testing Builds to version 4.0 alongside a DEX port with the changes outlined below:

    Download: Showtime 4.0 PKG / Showtime GH 4.0 PKG / Showtime 4.0 SELF / Showtime 4.0 (Testing) PKG / Showtime GH 4.0 (Testing) PKG / Showtime 4.0 (Testing) SELF / Showtime 4.0 for DEX coded by andoma and compiled by andbey0nd / Showtime 4.0 for DEX (Mirror) / GIT

    Showtime 4.0 is finally released.

    Some highlights:
    • New UI design
    • Self upgrade of both Showtime itself (only on PS3) and all plugins (all platforms)
    • Automatically load metadata from themoviedb.org
    • Improved support for subtitles (in particular external ASS/SSA files and vobsub files)
    • Support for on screen keyboard on PS3
    • Buttons on PS3 dual shock controller have changed their meaning a bit: See PS3 usage guide for details
    • Each focusable item have a dedicated popup menu (Use □ button on dual shock controller for this)
    • File browsing will sort folders first and then files. Sorting can be adjusted in the per page menu (△ on dual shock controller)
    • Lots of bug fixes
    • ... + more stuff I've forgotten

    Try it out! See you soon.

    Showtime 4.0 for DEX Changelog:
    • Install "Showtime 04.00.000 [DEX].pkg"
    • Start it from "TV/Video" column - it will return to XMB after initial processing (it will happen only the first time you start it after installation)
    • Start it again and enjoy andoma's great work

    PS3 usage guide

    Getting started

    For a full featureset of Showtime see lonelycoder.com/showtime

    Video output

    Showtime on PS3 has been tested with 576i, 720p and 1080i video resolutions.

    I've tried to set reasonable defaults for overscan compensation. But if it not correct for you it can be adjusted under Settings -> Display and UI settings

    Buttons on dual shock controller

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Note: In some regions the ✕ and ○ buttons are swapped. This is also done in Showtime.

    • Plugging in a standard keyboard in the PS3 USB port works and is currently the only way to input characters.
    • Press ✕ in a text box to bring up on screen keyboard

    Showtime PS3 Media Player 4.0 Changelog:


    Say hello to Showtime 4.0


    ps3: Replace XMB icon to new one by Mike S (thanks dude!)

    The pkg needs to be reinstalled for this to take effect


    Pass filename without file ending to metadata lookup functions. Avoids the file ending reappearing if lookup failes or is disabled


    Fix problem with bad clock from AVI files. This caused subtitles to appear multiple times. Fixes #1170


    Notify user on home screen if a new version of Showtime is available.

    This feature can be turned off under Settings -> General


    Work on metadata lookup for movies.

    Allow the user to select the 'none' datasource that will just not try to lookup anything for a given file

    Improve logic that use foldername to search for movie metadata. Showtime will now use the folder name if there is no match when using title to search and only if there is only one video file longer than 5 minutes in the folder.

    Get rid of various crashes related to metadata probing

    Fixes #1159
    Fixes #1160


    Plug three different memory leaks related to subtitles. These caused out of memory and thus crash of Showtime. Mostly related to vobsub and DVD subtitles

    Fixes #1165


    Fix issue with subtitles loaded from UPNP/DLNA to not appear correctly in subtitle selection menu


    Fix problem with SRT files that start with UTF-8/16 BOM markers

    Fixes #1136


    Fix a bug causing the in-RAM index of cached content to be corrupted

    This bug could result in randomg hangs of some parts of showtime (Notifications that didn't go away, images not loaded)

    Also it could crash showtime during shutdown


    Remember selected subtitle and audio track for each video file

    Fixes #1141


    Fix broken seeking in files that does not start at PTS 0

    Fixes #1124


    Add support for upgrades of Showtime from within Showtime

    Check for updates in Settings -> General

    Currently only supported on PS3 platform


    Improve metadata lookup

    User is now able to enter a custom query in the item popup menu. It's also possible to enter a IMDb ID directly there.

    Showtime will also automatically use the folder name of the video if it seems more appropriate. An internal scoring system is used to choose if it should try to search using file name or folder name.

    Score results can be seen as debug in logfile


    ps3: Seek using L2 and R2 buttons


    Improve RTMP robustness

    Reconnecting an RTMP stream during playback is now completely invisible to the user.


    Rework UI during video and audio playback


    PS3: Add support for the system on screen keyboard (finally!)

    Press X in an textbox to popup the on screen keyboard


    ps3: Improve button mappings on ps3

    Select + ○ will stop playback
    Select + ► will open playqueue


    Showtime will now hide all files it cannot play by default

    This feature can be disabled/enabled on per-directory bases in the page menu


    Fix various bugs related to seeking


    Some people reported a regression in Showtime's key repeat delay on PS3. The shortened key repeat delay has now been reverted to the previous value


    Fix a problem with TMDB search lockups


    Improve speed when seeking (using left/right buttons) during video playback.

    With the PS3 six axis dual shock remote controller the user can press harder on the left/right buttons to increase seek speed


    Fix a bug causing issues with audio if a file contains an audio track that switches from one mode to another.

    Typically TV shows where the recap is in stereo and the main episode in 5.1 suffered from this bug


    When browsing files it's now possible to enable/disable the sorting of folders before files in the page menu


    When browsing files it's now possible to sort on files on date.

    See the page menu (△ button on PS3)


    Improve metadata lookup for movies.
    • Allow the user to select which of the metadata providers to use for a certain movie
    • Allow the user to select between all results for a given movie


    Fix some issues related to uPnP / DLNA discovery.

    This should make Showtime find PS3 Media Server and Universal Media Server immediately on start. Previously it had to wait for the periodic notification before adding them


    ps3: Based on region, swap X and O button if configured in system

    Finally, below is a video format compatibility chart in German from osta (via boerse.bz/multimedia/konsolen/playstation-1-3/psjailbreak/714064-show-10.html#post7232119) for those interested in a rough idea of how far along Showtime 4 is coming.

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  9. #489
    cursorsauce Guest
    Will we EVER be able to build a video playlist?

    Thanks for your continued work on this.

  10. #490
    gitaristerbaik Guest
    i will wait for a later version

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