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    StDISC PKG - Showtime Disc Access PS3 Homebrew Plug-In Arrives

    Today PlayStation 3 developer andbey0nd has released StDISC PKG, a Showtime Disc Access PS3 homebrew plug-in for the Showtime Media Player application with details below.

    Download: StDISC PKG - Showtime Disc Access PS3 Homebrew Plug-In / StDISC PKG - Showtime Disc Access PS3 Homebrew Plug-In (Mirror) / StDISC PKG - Showtime Disc Access PS3 Homebrew Plug-In (Mirror #2)

    To quote:

    • CFW/MFW 3.41/3.55 with peek/poke/lv1 access (KMEAW/REBUG/ROGERO/HERMES)
    • Showtime media player 3.99+ or Showtime for multiMAN (installed in default location)
    • Data DVD/CD/BD in the PS3 tray (video/music/photo content)

    • Allows access to optical data discs (DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, BD-R/RE) which usually are not accessible in homebrew apps
    • Minimizes the steps to access content stored on such optical discs (no need to launch multiMAN with DirectDiscAccess)
    • Allows Showtime to play all your backup videos/music if you used optical media

    • You can take screenshots of movies while Showtime is playing
    • You can play music from XMB [Music] column while Showtime is displaying photo slideshow
    • You can use "Remote Play" to watch videos on your PSP / PS Vita or other compatible devices

    • Copy "stDISC.pkg" to the root of a USB drive/stick
    • Install from [Game] column -> [* Install Package Files]
    • "Showtime (Disc access)" entry will appear in the [Video] column in XMB
    • Launch it with data disc in the tray
    • In 5-10 seconds your Showtime Media Player will load with disc access



    StDISC PKG - Showtime Disc Access PS3 Homebrew Plug-In Arrives

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    Can someone please mirror the stDISC.pkg please? Every site that reported this news just used the original Sendspace link, which was taken down a few hours after posting.

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    here's a mirror:

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    Thank you very much!

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    thanks i already download it!

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    Is there a way to play all videos on my youtube playlist?

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    AC3 audio not working with PS3 showtime

    Hey guys as title would suggest any movie i try to play through showtime that has ac3 audio is playing video file but no audio. Strange as i have used these movies at an earlier time without any trouble at all. any suggestions would be great.

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    Showtime on ps3 4.11?

    Hi guys is any way to run showtime on 4.11 firm?

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    there currently is no way to run showtime on an firmware higher then 3.55 as 3.55 is the lowest beside 3.56 jfw to allow homebrew which i don't recommend using 3.56 jfw as you would need a flasher to downgrade from it as to where if you want to downgrade from 3.55 on you would then only need to qa flag your system

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    Thanks for the updates!!


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