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    dctrans Guest
    Cool, I will try this.

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    kideze Guest
    So this bypasses cinavia protection?

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    Dichy Guest
    I do really love this software ^^

    I couldn't live without it on my PSŁ

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    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kideze View Post
    So this bypasses cinavia protection?
    Pretty much. There's a pkg to disable cinavia though I believe.

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    Xyth Guest

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.99.23 Update Arrives

    Following up on the Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.6.4 Stable Build comes Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.99.23 today from PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime 3.99.23 g6404f60 PKG / Showtime GH 3.99.23 g6404f60 PKG / Showtime 3.99.23 g6404f60 SELF / GIT

    Showtime Mediacenter - Official Testing Build 3.99.23 Changelog:

    93fd5b7a Rename downloadcache - .downloadcache
    6404f604 autobuild: Fix a typo
    15928b98 Fix missing switch
    fbb7c586 Fix typo
    d6c26e53 deb builds: Set correct arch
    badaa974 Fix invalid format again
    f5e43f20 Fix invalid format
    98280328 Autobuild: Add support for versioned artifacts
    eca5d672 ps3: Don't build twice
    728949fe More autobuild fixes
    7812aacf Add support for building on ubuntu precise
    0e2e94b5 Fix incorrect Build-Depends:
    3e6b3f1b Add build deps

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.6.5, Testing Build 3.99.25 Updated

    Following up on the previous revision, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated the Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable Build to version 3.6.5 and the Testing Build to version 3.99.25 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime 3.6.5 ga0e171a PKG / Showtime GH 3.6.5 ga0e171a PKG / Showtime 3.6.5 ga0e171a SELF / Showtime 3.99.25 gefb7ff2 PKG / Showtime GH 3.99.25 gefb7ff2 PKG / Showtime 3.99.25 gefb7ff2 SELF / GIT

    Showtime Mediacenter - Official Stable Build 3.6.5 / Testing Build 3.99.25 Changelog:

    • PS3: Fixed broken MPEG-2 video decoding
    • Fixes #958

    Description: Latest from SVN can't play mpeg-2 video

    The latest from SVN stopped playing an 1080p mpeg-2 remux I have (it will play the audio only).

    Also, why not prioritize external subtitles. That's the only modification I add myself (I posted the code somewhere in redmine).

    Usually, if you add an external subtitle, it's because all the internal ones are crappy (grammatical errors, OCR errors, bad translations, etc)

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    Apr 2005

    YouTube v1.5 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has updated the YouTube Plugin to version 1.5 for Showtime PS3 Media Player which fixes 720p / 1080p playback and more as outlined below!

    Download: YouTube v1.5 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player / GIT

    Below are the changes, as follows:
    • Add: Support for OAuth2 instead of ClientLogin (see Note 1)
    • Add: Videos not available in user country are displayed in Orange
    • Add: Videos that are available in HD (720p and up) are identified like that in video listing
    • Add: Setting to list only videos that are HD
    • Add: Filter videos by duration (see Note 2)
    • Add: Show nickname of author of a video in video listing
    • Add: Show Likes percentage in video listing
    • Add: YouTube Transcribed Captions
    • Add: YouTube Automatic Speech Captions
    • Fix: Videos in HD/Full HD would give an error stating "CPU is too slow"
    • Fix: The plugin would try to get empty subtitles from Universal Subtitles
    • Fix: In some situations user actions would not appear despite being authenticated
    • Fix: Search was broken when background support was enabled
    • Fix: Playlist search would not show results
    • Fix: Browse Videos would give error
    • Fix: Force Reload Plugin (Shift+F5) would give several errors
    • Enhancement: Don't download some Cat files from YouTube for returning visitors

    Note 1:
    • In April of 2012, YouTube deprecated the ClientLogin way to authenticate way, due to that this version includes the newest authentication method, it totally different but works really well. A tutorial showing how to authenticate will be released next to the plugin release, it will feature
      screenshots that will help you understand the process.
    • This method uses a computer with Internet connection to authorize the plugin, because of that, you don't need a keyboard to type anything in Showtime to login.
    • Additionaly, OAuth2 provides extra security since it doesn't save the actual credentials in HDD, only an access_token (temporary) and a refresh_token (to get a new access_token), no passwords involved.

    Note 2:
    • This feature is only supported in search feeds, including Standard Feeds and Search Videos, in other feeds it will not filter

    1. Put the zip archive in [path.to.showtime]/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins OR
    2. Put the zip archive in a PEN USB, insert in PS3, in Showtime search for the folder where you put the zip archive, click it and install.

    Special thanks to Tyrant for Beta Testing this version and reporting some important problems.


    1. In boxes to type text a keyboard doesn't show up, why?
    Showtime doesn't support yet an OSK (On Screen Keyboard), you need to use an external keyboard.

    2. Where can I suggest features and report problems with the plugins of facanferff?
    At irc.efnet.net, channel #showtime.

    Tutorial - Log In to Showtime Plugin YouTube 1.5 with OAuth2 (from facanferff via psx-scene.com/forums/content/tutorial-2307/):

    You need to have:
    • Showtime Plugin YouTube 1.5: Showtime Plugin YouTube v1.5 - 720p / 1080p Playback Fixed and Many Improvements
    • Computer
    • Internet connection

    The process of authenticating users in this method is simple, but for consumers it may still be confusing in some few points, because of that this tutorial will show you everything you need to authenticate correctly and use the plugin as an authenticated user.

    1. Execute Showtime with Showtime Plugin YouTube 1.5 already installed.

    2. Open the plugin, the first thing you should see is a message explaining the process (this tutorial but only in words). Note: Don’t close that message, otherwise you have to reopen the plugin and repeat this step.

    3. Go to a computer with Internet support with the message of step 2 still open.

    4. Go to the Web site specified in the message ( “Website: XXX” ), generally it is http://www.google.com/device

    5. It should show a page requesting a code, type in the box available the User Code that is displayed in the message ( “User Code: YYY” ) and click in the button on the page.

    6. If the code you typed was correct, you should get to a page where it asks if you authorize the plugin to use your YouTube account. You need to accept it in order to use it in the plugin.

    7. You should get now to a page confirming that you authorized the plugin and you should return to the device.

    8. Return to the plugin and click in “OK”. If the process goes well, you should see now a last folder called “User Profile”. See it? If so, then congratulations, you’re authenticated and can use the plugin with your YouTube account.


    1. What does that "Time limit" in message means?
    It means you have only that time to do this process with the code, otherwise you'll have to repeat from step2.

    2. After authenticating, if I exit Showtime and reopen it, will I be able to use my YouTube account?
    Yes, you will. The plugin saves locally a token that uses to authenticate you at YouTube servers.

    3. What if the token expires, may I still be able to use my YouTube account?
    When a token expires, in the next request to the API the user makes, the plugin will automatically check if the token is expired and if so will refresh that token, getting a new fresh one, making you still be able to use your account, without having extra work.

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    fantopoulos Guest
    Thank you so much

  9. #469
    cursorsauce Guest
    I want to be able to make a Video playlist, where all my music videos will play back to back...anyone know?

  10. #470
    Bahamutzero Guest
    Me too, i'm still searching for this function. I'll tell if I have some news ok?

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