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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    The GH one is for the few still using GeoHot CFW, the other PKG is for normal (Kmeaw, etc) Custom Firmware.

  2. #442
    Dizzny Guest
    Why thank you good sir that was fast!

  3. #443
    RawFilth Guest
    Thanks, this is awesome!

  4. #444
    schwazche Guest
    Now this is really becoming a plausible contender to XBMC.... Great update!

  5. #445
    d3adliner Guest
    Oh, how I wish this was installable on a non modded PS3.

  6. #446
    ameer Guest
    the problem with me, most these tools on PS3 doesn't support arabic subtitle..

    so I ended up hooking my PC to TV by using loooooooong HDMI cable

  7. #447
    xchap2001 Guest


    is this any good?

  8. #448
    Grensleaves999 Guest
    Many Thanks, THATS SO USEFUL!!!

  9. #449
    omegaprime29 Guest
    nice thank you

  10. #450
    Lebossu Guest
    excellent version, we need support NTFS soon.

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