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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    NTA Guest
    MP4 fixes/features? Sounds like a epic update. Now if only I had access to my ps3...

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    niwakun Guest
    It runs nicely now, haven't encountered memory issues atm. It's great but still there are some things needs to be work on.

    But I hate the random crashing when accessing SMB shares.

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    lucifer316 Guest
    ok so pretty sweet the new version adds the ability to play the next movie, however that works off an external hd (probably the internal i don't have anything on it to check) but not off a server through windows media connect.

    does anyone know where to request features for this?

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    niwakun Guest
    Windows Media Connect (DLNA server that is) maybe is a not wise thing to have a continuous playback as it has some instabilities across DLNA enabled device.

    But you can just use continuous playback through SAMBA share. It's much more better than WMC since it doesn't require too much resources to begin with (it just transmits the information in plain data, not in re-encoded data like most DLNA do).

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    lucifer316 Guest


    not sure how to use a samba share with showtime

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    NTA Guest
    I think the developer has a site I believe. Although I'm not sure where or what it is

    Here's a site:

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    Virii2012 Guest
    You can go here to submit bugs/request features:

    I submitted a bug about a week ago and he already fixed it by this latest release, just make sure to give a detailed report.

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    lucifer316 Guest
    thanks to everyone for all the help between the suggestion of using samba and the link that got me to the forums for showtime as well as google and a couple of hiccups and i now have a samba share working and that allows the continuous playing of files which is what i wanted for my son

    it also helps as now i can play mkvs from my server instead of having to put them on my external drive

    so thanks again niwakun, NTA and Virii2012

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    Apr 2005

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable Build 3.6.4 is Released

    Not long after the previous revision comes Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable Build 3.6.4 from PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman this weekend with the changes documented below.

    Download: Showtime 3.6.4 gdd3163e PKG / Showtime GH 3.6.4 gdd3163e PKG / Showtime 3.6.4 gdd3163e SELF / GIT

    Showtime 3.6.4 Changelog:

    Merge branch 'release/3.6'
    Clean up audio/subtitle streams after playback.
    Update Dutch translation
    Update lang/pt_PT.lang
    Update Dutch translation
    Merge pull request #72 from andreus-sebes/patch-1
    Update lang/pt_PT.lang
    Update lang/sp_SP.lang
    Merge pull request #71 from aldostools/patch-2
    Update lang/sp_SP.lang
    Empty commit for next development track
    thumbnails: Buffer should be no less than FF_MIN_BUFFER_SIZE bytes
    Update Polish translation
    Update Russian translation
    Update Dutch translation

    Showtime 3.6 Changelog:

    Bug #416: DVD Playback Error (dvdnav Error or black screen)
    Bug #442: Video Image compressed horizontally
    Bug #507: Failed .iso playback
    Bug #662: Showtime 3.1.203 not playing .MP4 Movies
    Bug #744: V/A out of sync after pause for some time
    Bug #759: Subtitle fails to load
    Bug #870: SMB:// - access denied
    Bug #885: Wrong subtitle
    Bug #886: showtime won't play 4.0 audio tracks
    Bug #888: Subtitles wont be detected if a point is used in the name
    Bug #890: MP4 Container issue
    Bug #893: Showtime UI going into image viewing mode when there is only 1 image in the directory
    Bug #894: Image mode showing image file which is not found in the directory
    Bug #901: Headweb plugin does not ask again for credentials if it fails to auth
    Bug #914: Showtime won't play 3.0 audio tracks
    Bug #918: Only 1 Set-Cookie headers inestead of all in httpPost (and possibly httpGet)
    Bug #923: ass subtitles support bad unstable
    Bug #927: video segment selection crashes FAT ps3
    Bug #929: Showtime won't start playback if subtitle is empty
    Bug #932: Update plugins page for showtime
    Bug #948: Back from pause audio / video are desynch.
    Bug #956: External subtitles not listed if subtitles in MKV (UPnP)
    Bug #959: Video titles displayed wrong.
    Bug #961: Continuous Playback Problem
    Bug #963: Black screen with audio starts then crashes system with certain x264 .mkv
    Bug #965: Error when getting http file
    Bug #968: three subtitles bugs
    Bug #974: Autoplay feature causes "cpu to slow" on the next one
    Bug #975: fflockmgr() potential memory leakage
    Bug #986: Continuous Playback Track Problem
    Feature #501: Consecutive reproduction of files
    Feature #530: Enable continius play
    Feature #640: MP4 codec support
    Feature #657: "AppedItem" Cookies
    Feature #753: VOB file continuous playback?
    Feature #864: Autoplay next movie
    Feature #867: HTML Codes, Characters and symbols convertion
    Feature #875: Video playlists
    Feature #921: DVD FOLDER
    Feature #926: continuous playback
    Feature #930: Return location property in httpGet/httpPost
    Feature #931: Create link to the latest testing build in download page
    Feature #941: Item View Background
    Feature #946: Reveal headers in httpGet request without loading file

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable Build 3.6.4 is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Dizzny Guest
    So I got a question... why are there 2 different downloads for this in .pkg form, as far as I can tell the only difference is one has a "gh" in the download, the other doesnt? I may be missing something... any thoughts?

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