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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    Can Showtime access files on CD/DVD/BR-E? Thanks.

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.5.212 Update Arrives

    Following the previous revision, today PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build to version 3.5.212 with the changes detailed below, as follows:

    Download: Showtime 3.5.176 g74a1a39 PKG / Showtime GH 3.5.176 g74a1a39 PKG / Showtime 3.5.176 g74a1a39 SELF / GIT

    Showtime PS3 Media Player v3.5.212 Changelog:


    Add support for continuous playback of all video items in a directory.

    This needs to be enabled in the video playback settings (default off)
    • Fixes #501
    • Fixed #530
    • Fixes #864
    • Fixes #875


    Write logfiles to disk (in cachedir).

    These logfiles can be obtained from http://ip.address.of.showtimebox:42000/showtime/diag


    ps3: Switch memory allocator to TLSF

    This is another attempt to fix the out of memory issues that has been plauging Showtime for quite some while. So far it looks much better than when using jemalloc.

    Updated changelog from aldostools:
    74a1a39	upnp: Fix incorrect thresholds for when switching to image mode
    a6408a8	Fix resource (memory and codec) leak in RTMP player
    c01d556	Use a special wrapper for malloc() where we can deal with it failing
    7038b60	Remove jemalloc
    62de648	Fix crash when building HTTP args
    ae21461	ps3: Rework frame delivery code in cell decoder
    eba4292	Make the SRT scanner pickup all SRT files that stems with the video filename
    d206199	Factorize some common code around video_deliver_frame()
    0623a82	ps3: Change some INFO-level trace to DEBUG
    e59b013	ps3: Rework picture reordering code in h274 decoder (once again!)
    cffd271	ps3: More debugging in thread primitives
    05d53fd	Don't open more than one video codec if a file have multiple video streams
    1e82dc3	Fix broken cache handling
    26c488a	ps3: Let libav use memory functions that can return NULL
    117bae0	ps3: Include text symbols in ziptail and include symbols in tracebacks
    ea7b60d	Drop debug printf
    b4b4cb9	ps3: Fix broken malloc wrappers
    587e5af	osx: Fix broken configure of libspotify
    c01d556	Use a special wrapper for malloc() where we can deal with it failing
    b1f9cc0	Fix crash in LG TV code due to settings refactor
    311f0c0	osx: Download libspotify during configure
    fe09e71	httpclient: Increase max header len from 1024 to 4096
    8af8711	Use ziptail for resources on ps3
    f731362	Make it possible for Showtime to load resources from a zipfile concated to the executable
    32b0c1a	zip: Make the zipfile decoder able to decode a zipfile even if the actual file starts with something else
    200181f	fix stupid cut'n'paste error
    5289bf8	Drop the nomalloc libc - linker will fix this anyway for us. Pull PSL1GHT forward.
    22efe79	ps3: Let EBOOT.BIN just spawn showtime.self
    73556a4	Fix make_self
    d9c4684	Add timestamps to logfile on disk
    d67af18	Only set video title if we don't already have one
    4d1c911	Update Traditional Chinese translation
    7c2a6ea	Merge pull request #70 from aldostools/patch-1
    0b0b61c	Update lang/sp_SP.lang
    fb55d8a	Update German translation
    76d9285	Update Swedish translations
    7362906	Update lang files from source
    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.5.212 Update Arrives][/imglink]
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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Last time I tried, it doesn't support retail-structure physical DVDs/BDs (by that I mean with the menues and options you see like a retail movie). However, since the PS3 supports these types of discs officially, you do not need showtime to play these, so while it could possibly be a minor inconvenience, it is definitely nothing major.

    Since the official PS3 media player is probably more stable and feature rich when it comes to playing retail DVD structure formats, it is probably better to use the PS3's player for this type of thing anyway, and leave PC format videos (like .avi, .mp4, .mkv and so on...) to Showtime because obviously 99% of those kinds of files won't play natively on the PS3.

    It does support .ISO files (which is a virtual copy of the disc exactly, put into a single file).

    Try burning a .avi, /mkv, .mp4 directly to the disc (don't use some software to convert the file to traditional DVD format, just burn the files directly to the disc as a data disc). This may or may not work, but it is your best shot if you really need your collection saved on discs and to be playable in showtime. This format will likely not work in traditional DVD players though.

    Showtime supports uncompressed .RAR split files, which means if you choose to use an external HDD formatted in FAT32, you can place video files on the drive even if they are larger than 4GB. USB is rather slow to transfer with, but it should be faster than burning discs, and still faster than transferring over most end user's wireless connection setups.

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    YouTube v1.4 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated

    Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has updated the YouTube Plugin to version 1.4 for Showtime PS3 Media Player.

    Download: YouTube v1.4 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player / GIT

    Below are the changes, to quote:
    • Add: Show Feeds
    • Add: Sort feeds (published, relevance, views, rating, position, comments, duration and title)
    • Add: Filter Channel Feeds by Type
    • Add: Filter Show Feeds by Genre
    • Add: Filter Show Feeds by Region
    • Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Genre
    • Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Region
    • Add: Filter Standard Feeds by Hungary region
    • Add: Live Feeds
    • Add: Background support (can be enabled via Settings page)
    • Add: Set minimum resolution to play
    • Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Language
    • Enhancement: Only show free content in Movie Feeds
    • Enhancement: If it is not possible to get the original video link(s), try to get an error message
    • Enhancement: Use API version 2.1, it allows Google users that don't have a Youtube channel to use some features of Youtube
    • Enhancement: Upon Youtube entrance show Login popup if setting enabled, if user does not authenticate there he will not have access to features exclusive for Youtube users
    • Enhancement: Show Message Alert when user uses an action (e.g. like a video, add to favorites, ...)

    There are some points I want to inform you:

    1. Sort Feeds is only available in Video and Playlists feeds.

    2. Live Feeds include all feeds in Youtube API in this topic, but take note that Showtime doesn't support YET HTTP Live Streaming, because of that, while you can navigate the feed called "Live Now" you'll get error 400 when clicking to play. You may ask why I leave something not functional.

    Well, that's a good question and the answer is quite simple too, the way Youtube plugin is built to get the video links, it works too for Live Streams, so we have the Live Streams links, only Showtime doesn't support them at the moment. That means, that once Showtime starts supporting those links, there's no need to release a new version, this will automatically be compatible, unless if Youtube makes crucial changes in the way videos work.

    3. The option "Lowest resolution" may be of great interest since with that you can automatically bypass video links in, for example, 240p or 360p and focus on the really good ones.

    4. This version restricts movies to free ones, the reason is simple, the plugin can't make rentals so there's no need to have those listed.

    Installation: Available in Repository, in Start Page of Showtime click the puzzle icon in top right, click Available, click Youtube, click Install, voila! You have the plugin installed, quite simple yes? Now it's time of the real fun!


    1. I get error 'Your version of Showtime is outdated for this plugin. Look at Showtime Download for a new build of it.', what I need to do?

    Simply follow the link to download the latest build of Showtime.

    2. Where can I find facanferff?

    He is available some times a day in IRC, EFNet, channel #showtime. There you can find helpful people that will be able to assist you, including the creator of Showtime, andoma.

    3. Where can I report bugs and suggest features?

    Coming soon. (Will be updated when it is available)

    4. There's a way to support the developer?

    Yes, there is, the simplest and the one that doesn't even cost you money is like the plugin for the contest.

    Downloads are available directly through ShowTime's configuration menu.

    [imglink=|YouTube v1.4 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated][/imglink]
    [imglink=|YouTube v1.4 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated][/imglink]
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    niwakun Guest
    out of memory issues that has been plauging Showtime for quite some while.
    wtf?! for some time?? It always happen to me.

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    locochulo Guest
    it doesn't work on mp4 black screen.

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    Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update Now Available

    PlayStation 3 homebrew developer facanferff has updated his Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in today for Showtime PS3 Media Player with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update

    To quote: Navi-X is a 'content aggregator' app that provides access to all kinds of multimedia content, listed on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists for playing on your TV or PC! Users can link to content and playback video, audio, pictures, podcasts, text, rss and html on the internet and share it with people around the world in seconds!

    Create fully customizable playlists with backgrounds, logos and icons as well as link to your favorite multimedia on the internet or browse the already existing directory of publicly available content, in one sleek, fast and unified application!"

    During the development time of the plugin, Tyrant was valuable, giving important feedback about what was correct and what was wrong. He knew already Navi-X and that allowed a faster development of the plugin. As of his experience with it, he says to new Navi-X users: "Navi-x is awesome once you get to know all the directories and content."

    And after Beta Testing the plugin, Tyrant states that "Navi-x is the one and only solution in Showtime PS3 to watch movies, livetv, pictures and listen to music! A must have!"

    You may ask, What are the features of the plugin? Here it is:
    • PLX Playlists
    • RSS Playlists
    • Flickr XML

    • If a processor fails (gives error different than "This processor is empty, nothing to do...") add an entry to a local store that must be sent to facanferff
    • TMDB For movies

    Item Listing:
    • Display information about the date of an item
    • Display URL and Processor if available

    User Account:
    • Enable/Disable Login Popup
    • Add Video/Playlist to Favorites
    • Remove from Favorites
    • Create Playlist
    • Add to Playlist
    • Enable/Disable Adult Content (in settings page)
    • Automatically add video to History playlist (if it already exists, moves it to top)
    • Set if new playlists should be private or public (History playlist is by default private and can't change in the plugin)
    • Search (needs external keyboard)


    1. Where can I download Showtime?
    Go to here ( and select the PKG you want, install it normally and execute it.

    2. Live Streams from playlists are supported in Showtime?
    Yes they are, but they should be in rtmp protocol, there is no support for mms or http live streaming in Showtime. You can watch even TV Channels added from other Navi-X user but I'll not tell you where, search Navi-X and you might find it.

    3. There are some sections that says "XBMC Only", I can't use them in Showtime?
    Some of them you can, those entries are labelled like that because the videos contained in those playlists are rtmp link, that XBMC supports while other platforms can't support, but Showtime supports it and you can use it as well, you're free to navigate these playlists.

    4. There are some sections that says "Boxee Only", I can't use them in Showtime?
    During development, I faced myself with some playlists labelled like these and some of them didn't work since the feature behind that makes the playlist only supportable for Boxee is the HTML support that Showtime can't support, you might try these playlists but most possibly the plugin will not be able to get you the playlist, in these cases you'll get an empty playlist.

    5. You talk about Processors in this plugin several time, what are they?
    Well to quote from "The purpose of the processor is to function as an online plugin for Navi-X which produces media playback parameters for a single item, normally starting with only the URL of the web page which contains the item. In other words, if a web page has a flash player embedded in it, the processor teaches Navi-X how to emulate that site's flash player to get the media in the page to play in Showtime."

    6. When I logged in the first time to Navi-X server, was added some few playlists to my account what should I know about it?
    These created playlists pretend to make easier and better your experience in Navi-X plugin for Showtime. For your privacy, any playlist created by the plugin are saved as Private, it means only you can access those, if you want you might change it in navi-xtreme verified user media. Currently, these are the playlists created automatically by the plugin:
    • Favorites: Keeps a list of items that you marked as Favorite
    • History: List in which is added a video when you select a video to play and it starts playing, if it gives any error from the Processor part it will be discarded.

    NOTE: Video links that don't play too due to lack of support from Showtime are added too automatically (no way to check it in current Showtime's API)

    NOTE 2: If you play a video that was added already to the playlist History, the plugin will remove the one that exist and insert a new one on top of playlist, creating a fresh copy.

    7. What is the status of WatchTV plugin?
    With this new plugin, WatchTV plugin became obsoleted, there's no reason to use anymore the system that WatchTV provided, in this plugin you can watch too Live Streams normally and with the advantage of viewing those that were added by other users without having work of setting up a server or using a keyboard to enter a link.

    8. Where can I find facanferff to talk about Showtime?
    facanferff is sometimes in Efnet on channel #showtime, you might try to find him there. There will be there some other helpful people ready to assist you.

    9. How can I give feedback, suggest or report bugs?
    To report bugs you can create a ticket in the official bug tracking managed by facanferff and running in andoma's Web site (

    [imglink=|Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update Now Available][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Navi-X Showtime PS3 Media Player Plug-in Update Now Available][/imglink]
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    lucifer316 Guest
    does anyone know if there is anything in the settings that you can set so that if you are in a directory in showtime it will play each movie after the first one you start until it reaches the end or even in a continuous loop?

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    deathbydevice Guest
    cool updates..

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable Build 3.6 is Now Available

    Following up on his last Testing Build revision, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman has updated Showtime PS3 Media to Stable Build version 3.6 followed by 3.6.1 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Showtime 3.6 PKG / Showtime 3.6 PKG (Mirror) / Showtime 3.6.1 gb5a6dfb PKG / Showtime GH 3.6 PKG / Showtime 3.6 SELF / Showtime 3.6.1 gb5a6dfb SELF / GIT

    Showtime 3.6 Changelog:

    Bug #416: DVD Playback Error (dvdnav Error or black screen)
    Bug #442: Video Image compressed horizontally
    Bug #507: Failed .iso playback
    Bug #662: Showtime 3.1.203 not playing .MP4 Movies
    Bug #744: V/A out of sync after pause for some time
    Bug #759: Subtitle fails to load
    Bug #870: SMB:// - access denied
    Bug #885: Wrong subtitle
    Bug #886: showtime won't play 4.0 audio tracks
    Bug #888: Subtitles wont be detected if a point is used in the name
    Bug #890: MP4 Container issue
    Bug #893: Showtime UI going into image viewing mode when there is only 1 image in the directory
    Bug #894: Image mode showing image file which is not found in the directory
    Bug #901: Headweb plugin does not ask again for credentials if it fails to auth
    Bug #914: Showtime won't play 3.0 audio tracks
    Bug #918: Only 1 Set-Cookie headers inestead of all in httpPost (and possibly httpGet)
    Bug #923: ass subtitles support bad unstable
    Bug #927: video segment selection crashes FAT ps3
    Bug #929: Showtime won't start playback if subtitle is empty
    Bug #932: Update plugins page for showtime
    Bug #948: Back from pause audio / video are desynch.
    Bug #956: External subtitles not listed if subtitles in MKV (UPnP)
    Bug #959: Video titles displayed wrong.
    Bug #961: Continuous Playback Problem
    Bug #963: Black screen with audio starts then crashes system with certain x264 .mkv
    Bug #965: Error when getting http file
    Bug #968: three subtitles bugs
    Bug #974: Autoplay feature causes "cpu to slow" on the next one
    Bug #975: fflockmgr() potential memory leakage
    Feature #501: Consecutive reproduction of files
    Feature #530: Enable continius play
    Feature #640: MP4 codec support
    Feature #657: "AppedItem" Cookies
    Feature #753: VOB file continuous playback?
    Feature #864: Autoplay next movie
    Feature #867: HTML Codes, Characters and symbols convertion
    Feature #875: Video playlists
    Feature #921: DVD FOLDER
    Feature #926: continuous playback
    Feature #930: Return location property in httpGet/httpPost
    Feature #931: Create link to the latest testing build in download page
    Feature #941: Item View Background
    Feature #946: Reveal headers in httpGet request without loading file

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player Stable Build 3.6 is Now Available][/imglink]
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