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    Bartholomy Guest
    No more files deleted?

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    pinoytechno Guest
    i like this!!!

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    Apr 2005

    YouTube v1.3 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated

    Following up on the previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has updated the YouTube Plugin to version 1.3 for Showtime PS3 Media Player.

    Download: YouTube v1.3 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player / GIT

    To quote: This update brings the following changelog:
    • Add: Filter Standard Feed by category (in Settings page)
    • Add: Filter Standard Feed by region (in Settings page)
    • Add: Support for Watch History playlist in Advanced Mode
    • Add: Filter for Video format (All formats, MP4, WebM or FLV) in Advanced Mode
    • Add: Set maximum resolution to play
    • Enhancement: Use default Showtime's error page instead of messages
    • Enhancement: Item listing show more information now (title, duration, views count, favorites count and when it was published / updated)
    • Enhancement: Full support for Safe Search
    • Fix: Universal Subtitles support was not working since a minor layout change of the Web site

    Note: This update is fully compatible with latest updates of plugins of NP (in Youtube's calls)

    As always any suggestion or feedback are welcome.


    1. Where do I must install these plugins?
    Put the the zip file from the download link above at /dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins.

    2. I don't have an external keyboard, how can I log in or search for videos?
    While OSK (On Screen Keyboard) is not implemented in Showtime, you can't. If you're in this situation, I suggest you to disable User Authentication and User actions, so you don't see anymore boxes to write things.

    3. My connection is very slow, there's no way to automatically use a lower resolution?
    Yes there is, since version 1.3, Youtube plugin has a setting that let's you choose a maximum resolution, the resolution you get in simple mode is that one you selected or, if you're using Advanced Mode, you'll only get a list of video links of that resolution and lower (never higher). The default setting value is 1080p.

    4. In few times (or more) I get a page saying that an error happened, what can I do?
    If that page appears then please let me know by e-mailing me (facanferff.showtime AT hotmail.com) or creating a ticket on andoma's redmine website for showtime assigning the ticket to my name (Fabio Ferreira).

    5. I have a suggestion, where can I leave that?
    You can e-mail me on facanferff.showtime AT hotmail.com

    Hope you enjoy,

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    Apr 2005

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Time Waster Plugin is Released

    Following up on his previous revisions, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer NP has released a Showtime PS3 Media Player Time Waster Plugin update complete with source code below.

    Download: Showtime PS3 Media Player Time Waster Plugin / GIT

    To quote: Time Waster Plugin

    The perfect way kill time or cheer you up with some funny videos and pictures
    brought to you by:
    • 9GAG
    • Break
    • Cheezburger Network (FailBlog, FailBook, After12...)
    • College Humor
    • Epic Fail
    • Funny Or Die

    The plugin will be uploaded to the showtime repository as soon as possible.

    How to Install/Update a Plugin in Showtime

    There are 3 basic ways you can install or upgrade a plugin. (All this methods were tested using Showtime version 3.5.43 but should work in older versions )

    1. Use the repository (if the plugin or the update version is already present), as demonstrated in this video (http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=6h8cc1&s=5)

    2. Copy the timewaster.zip file to a USB pen drive, open Showtime, go to the USB pen drive icon and run Time Waster. The screenshots below should remove any doubts.

    3. Copy the timewaster.zip file to using a file or FTP manager or whatever method you see fit.

    Showtime plugin path (stand alone version): /dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins/

    Showtime (Multiman version) plugin path: /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/st_settings/installedplugins/


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    Apr 2005

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.43 Update is Released

    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack to version 3.5.43 with the changes outlined below as follows:

    Download: Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.43

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.43 Changelog:
    • glw: Make sure string concatenation of rich text formated strings works
    • Add html_enteties_escape() helper
    • Remove duplicate function token2string()
    • glw/clist: Initialize position without filtering first time
    • osx: Allow theme path to be set
    • glw: Autorescale userinterface based on window dimensions
    • Render image shadows in blurred mode
    • glw: Improve clist widget a bit more
    • Avoid NULL deref
    • Don't use a var before initialized
    • spotlight: Avoid NULL deref
    • Improve some asserts
    • imageloader: Fail early if we try to load an image with invalid request dimensions
    • glw: Improve propsorter()
    • prop: Fix bug in nodefilter
    • glw: Fix error in blur shader
    • glw: Make scurve() take an additional third arg
    • glw: Make change() function accept property reference as trig variable
    • glw: Improve clist widget a bit
    • Remove unused stuff
    • smb: If we get logged in a guest but not want to, act as if login failed
    • constify
    • Remove unused decl.

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    Elood Guest
    Can somebody please make this work on 3.41 ?

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    dyceast Guest
    Great Work.

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    RuralHunter Guest
    Redsquirrel87 just builds showtime from source code developed by Andreas Oman (lonelycoder.com/redmine/projects/showtime). So I don't think it's appropriate he is a PlayStation 3 homebrew developer for showtime at least.

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    czlomax Guest

    Showtime - own stream

    Hi, pls, could someone tell me how i can add net stream to showtime. Like BBC stream from player or and so other. thx for reply

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    czlomax Guest
    Great Work. another good release

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