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  1. #21
    B4rtj4h Guest
    When you add MKV we better also add the ability to handle NTFS... since that they are always big!

  2. #22
    mattdurrant Guest
    Soo close, mkv plays... just. As soon as this is working XBMC is gone forever for me!

  3. #23
    Brenza Guest
    Thanks a lot, very useful! MKv...

  4. #24
    fudgelmir Guest
    MKV DOES in fact play, the resolution and video quality itself is near perfect, if not perfect. But the rendering speed is quite slow, and the audio goes faster than the video causing it to go out of sync immediately. Also, subtitles are not supported.

  5. #25
    br4insick Guest
    i do miss the XBMC days hahaha. This app is still in the baby stages. Can't wait to see it reach VLC status..

  6. #26
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by violentcris View Post
    it is not working under 3.41
    showtime-GIT-2.99.139.g1e7b1-FW341.rar (8.53 MB):


    I managed to repack it for firmware 3.41.


  7. #27
    Zinxz Guest
    Does anyone knows if it works on Waninkoko`s V2 CFW 3.55. I got only error

  8. #28
    tonybologna Guest
    Thank you Dean! You're the man!

  9. #29
    Bishoff Guest
    Awesome, thx a bunch mate!

    For you 3.41 users, I had to enable the hermes patch or whatever payload u use for it to boot, otherwise it would error 8000...

  10. #30
    trasek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zinxz View Post
    Does anyone knows if it works on Waninkoko`s V2 CFW 3.55. I got only error
    Yes it works, it was also giving me that error, then I tried repack for 3.41 version and it supprisingly works.

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