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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    daveshooter Guest
    Credit to Daniel-B for his reply to Youtube-HD-On-PS3-For-Free-Is-It-Possible? here: Hope that this may help people here.
    There are presently no web sites that allows you to watch HD YouTube videos in the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser.

    As demonstated by in the past, the current PS3 browser and Adobe Flash v9.x are capable of streaming 720p YouTube videos flawlessly (without the video stuttering, after a few seconds). Aiuati, which is Flash only solution, stopped working after YouTube made some changes to the site, most likely in an attempt to prevent video downloads. The site is live today, but viewing videos doesn't work.

    Due to the lmited amount of memory available for the browser / Flash, 1080p video playback is presenly not possible and will typically crash the PS3, as demonstated in the past by Adobe's own video test page.

    As you've found, the highest resolution PS3YouTube uses to stream videos in the JW Player is 480p (YT format 35, FLV)).

    I actually wrote a script that allowed me to switch to the 720p stream (format 22, MP4) on PS3YouTube, but because the site features Flash adverts, which hog some of the available processing power, the results were rather variable. This is probably why jaqb has chosen not to actually stream HD content, even though the title on his site states "Watch HD YouTube On PS3 What size of TV are you using?

    On my 40" 1080p 120Hz Samsung TV I actually find 480p playback is perfectly acceptable for YouTube videos, as there are very few that truly benefit greatly from actual HD. An exception is the excellent Home movie, which must be watched in HD to be fully appreciated and for this you can use PS3YouTube's download feature.

    If you are a serious YouTube user, you'll also want to check out the bookmarklet in conjunction with the standard YouTube site, which allows PS3 owners to have a far richer YouTube experience than YouTube XL or PS3YouTube alone (uses PS3YouTube for video playback).

    Hope this helps to explain why your ps3's are freezing up, 480p across the net, and using jw Player that youtube use to stream Hd is pushing it, and what this plug-in is, is a way of using a different swf player that can stream at a higher bit rate, but using YouTube's feeds.

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    zoomzoomzoom Guest
    Does the newest version support for 3.41 JB ? Last time, it freezed my PS3.

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    Muzu TV v0.7 Showtime PlayStation 3 Media Player Plugin Arrives

    Following up on his Showtime PS3 Media Player YouTube v1.0 Plugin, today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has released a Muzu TV version 0.7 Showtime Plugin for the PS3 console.

    Download: Muzu TV v0.7 Showtime PS3 Media Player Plugin / GIT

    To quote: MUZU TV is an Irish owned interactive music Web site featuring free music content legal video sharing Web site. Co-founded by Ciaran Bollard and Mark French, it was launched in Ireland and the United Kingdom on 16 July 2008. Seven million videos were played monthly and there were two million users within one year of the launch, with users creating their own TV channel.

    Note: In the first image you see black/white images, it is because I was using VirtualBox, on PS3 they are full of colors.

    Current features:
    • HD support (about 90% of videos on ps3 work with this setting)
    • Limit number of entries per request (default is 150, it is used to avoid memory fullness and possible crashes)
    • Browse for videos in any genre or in a specific genre(e.g.: rock)
    • Top Charts from Muzu.TV
    • Top playlists from Muzu.TV
    • Browse for videos from an artist (using search box in Showtime's homepage, you need an external keyboard, there is no Virtual Keyboard yet supported in Showtime)

    The plugin is not available yet on Plugin Central but should be very soon. At the moment you should install it putting the ZIP file (UNextracted) in the folder settings/installedplugins on Showtime folder (in FTP).

    Note: If in any video it shows "Cpu is too slow..." or "Cell forcing level 4.2...", it is handled by Showtime not the plugin.

    [imglink=|Muzu TV v0.7 Showtime PlayStation 3 Media Player Plugin Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Muzu TV v0.7 Showtime PlayStation 3 Media Player Plugin Arrives][/imglink]
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    DaEloG Guest
    another update for showtime, andreas oman integrated samba client. check for all information. download from: or

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.3.084 Update is Released

    PlayStation 3 developer Redsquirrel87 has updated the unofficial repack build of Showtime PS3 Media Player today to v3.3.084 with the changes detailed below.

    Download: PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.084

    PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.084 Changelog:
    • Add support for keeping track of images in metadata db
    • Add Estonian translation
    • Update Polish translation
    • Update Bulgarian translation
    • Update Danish translation
    • Increase granularity for subtitle time adjustments
    • Fix broken bottom padding of text based subtitles (SRT, etc)
    • Fix broken scanning of RAR archive contents
    • fa: if read(0 bytes) just return 0;
    • smbclient: Correctly handle NBT keep-alive packets
    • In audio player, treat AVERROR(EIO) same as end-of-file
    • Remove inferior samba clients
    • smbclient: Correctly adhere to the non_interactive flag in stat method
    • Initial work on a native Samba/CIFS

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.3.084 Update is Released][/imglink]
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    celeron Guest
    Awesome, this receives a lot of updates.

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    donmaster Guest
    Thats what I like.. updates!!!

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    Ezio Guest
    Does anyone know if this app still freezes when you try to view the contents of a DVD inserted in the BD drive?

    At the moment I cannot test it ...

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    KAMENOSS Guest


    did someone test it?

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    niwakun Guest
    To add SMB server...

    Windows users:

    1. Share any files/folder/drive on your Windows computer.
    2. Go to Global Settings >> Bookmark
    3. Choose add new bookmark with following values

    Title: <name it what you want>
    URL: smb://<you windows shares path here> (eg. smb://
    Type: Choose any icon what you want

    4. Done.

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