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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.3.061 Update is Released

    PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated the unofficial build of Showtime PS3 Media Player today to version 3.3.061 with the changes detailed below, as follows:

    Download: PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.061

    PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.061 Changelog:
    • Correctly fix read-after-end-of-file in RAR archives
    • Don't include filename in error message
    • Fix RAR filename style to be even more flexible
    • Fix bug causing cached items to be filtered out by directory scanner
    • Max line length is 80 chars mr man
    • Improve tracing related to sqlite operations
    • sqlite vfs wrapper: Fix a memory leak and bug causing temporary files to be unusable
    • Avoid NULL deref
    • Adjust threshold for automatic subtitle selection
    • Be more verbose when i can't read files in RAR archives
    • Fix reading near end-of-file in RAR archives
    • glwtheme: Add empty archive.view
    • Better handling of SSA/ASS collisions and padding
    • Support tags in normal subtitle text
    • Be more liberal when parsing markup tags in text.
    • Add Bulgarian translation

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.3.061 Update is Released][/imglink]
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    SwordOfWar Guest
    This version is good to go folks! The issue where files would not show up in the list have been fixed, among several other things.

    I recommend updating to this version

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Yea the folders not showing is fixed so I can finally use this version to watch movies from USB again. BUT the warnings in yellow at the bottom of the screen that stay there are still there so it works but its still too annoying to watch TV with this version.

    If it was just the line of text it would be ok but its the huge black box that gets annoying and blocks everything at the bottom so you can't read any subtitles or anything at the bottom of the screen.

    I think its Notifications? The yellow text. WHY is that even there? I don't care if level 0.0 or 4.2 will degrade video? WHO CARES! so why is it even there telling us? HOW can I disable it?

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    NN33NN Guest
    I'm wondering exactly the same thing... plus is it possible to make a save function of the flash/move stream from the tv (plug-in) like make an out put too a mp4 file and save it to the ps3 HD under video? this way it would be possible to save/copy any stream video that we would like to save or put on a usb and show others at work.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I'll submit an issue ticket about the warning message. However, from what I have seen, the yellow warning text should disappear after a few seconds. I'll suggest that the warning message be displayed on its on at the top/left corner for maybe 3 seconds.

    The warning message is displayed because not all videos forced into this mode will play. Some of them are incompatible. If we didn't have it, a load of people wouldnt know why some of them don't play.

    UPDATE: Apparently this version does have issues if you are on 3.41..

    It works fine on 3.55... but it will probably be fixed soon I suppose...

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    zoomzoomzoom Guest
    Glad that this one fixes the filter issue. Will try it tonight. About the problem in warning msg, I did not see any.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    The message is only displayed if you're playing h.264 video that has a profile level higher than 4.1

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I use the program to watch TV and it just about always shows that line of text in the big black box at the bottom. It's been doing that since 3.2, maybe last 3.1.

    If I change channels a few times it comes up with 2 lines. 1 about not enough memory and that makes the black box twice as big.
    I've had a red text at the top left a few times but that does disappear after a few seconds so that's no problem.

    I also have a problem with TV shows slowing down after about 10 or so mins and stuttering like they are losing the buffer then the system locks up. It's always done that since the WatchTV plugin first started. I was hoping it would be fixed by now but its still not.

    I'm on MFW3.55.

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    sharks Guest
    I installed it on my Fat PS3 with Kmeaw 3.55 but it just shows a black screen and freezes the PS3. I don't know what's wrong. The same thing happened with the Showtime from the latest Multiman. The Multiman program itself loads and works but the showtime component just shows a black screen.

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    Menion Guest
    Hi all,

    It has been since 2.99 prerel that I haven't updated Showtime. I run 3.55 kmeaw, today I've downloaded the latest 3.33 unofficial build, installed it but no icon is showing up in the Games tab of XBM anymore. I've actually realized that I have "Showtime" under Video XBM, but I guess it is the one coming from Multiman. The latest version of Multiman seems to have a non working version of the embedded Showtime, it just hangs the PS3 in black screen.

    Do you know where the standalone Showtime is supposed to show up?


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