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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    Showtime Repack v3.1.265 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 is Released

    PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated the PS3 Media Player today to Showtime Repack v3.1.265 with the changelog detailed below, as follows:

    Download: Showtime Repack v3.1.265 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    Showtime Repack v3.1.265 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 Changelog:
    • PS3: Add some debug when shutting down cell vdec
    • Video thumb: Correct file size of thumb PNG
    • Video thumbs: Plug severe memory leak
    • PS3: Do netFreethreadContext()
    • PS3: Fix row misallignment when scaling and converting YUV -> RGB for video thumbnails
    • OpenGL-ES compat fixes
    • Upnp: Add support for switching into "image" mode of browser
    • Upnp: Don't say we have more items if we dont
    • Glw: No longer let overscan compensation (underscan) scale down video.
    • Don't crash if javascript executions fails during search query
    • Lang: Update Danish translation
    • Spotify: Add support for delete from playlist
    • Store video settings

    [imglink=|Showtime Repack v3.1.265 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 is Released][/imglink]
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    faith81 Guest


    when will showtime full support UNicode (utf-8, 16 ,...) ?

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    DaEloG Guest

    Showtime PS3 v3.2 with Multichannel A/V Bugfixes is Released

    Today PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman has officially updated Showtime PS3 Media Player to version 3.2 which includes Multichannel A/V playback bugfixes as outlined below.

    Download: Showtime PS3 v3.2 (PKG) / Showtime PS3 v3.2 (SELF)

    To quote: "3.2 is finally done. The changes from 3.1.228 is mostly bug fixes for multi-channel audio and video playback.

    For a grand total of what was made in 3.2. See here:
    Bug #259: Overscan compensation should only affect user interface
    Bug #435: [Linux] segfault when adding bookmark
    Bug #468: Youtube HD Video Playback don't work h.264 Level 4.0
    Bug #480: m2ts video blocking
    Bug #580: Seeking not working and MKV problem in version 2.99.517
    Bug #588: Playqueue does not trig pagination from source model
    Bug #589: Keyboard typing problem
    Bug #594: MKV PROBLEM in newer Versions Found!
    Bug #598: Controls disappear after seeking scene
    Bug #599: Overlay white writing in reproduce time: "Media loaded"
    Bug #601: Playing MP4 files contained H.264+MP3 content will be freezed.
    Bug #614: MKV 1080p (H264+AC3) TOO slow (~4 FPS)
    Bug #627: Showtime closes when playing MKV.
    Bug #630: Button layout invisible after using the 1 minute browse trough movie function thing.
    Bug #631: Subtitles created with AVIADDXSUBS do not show up.
    Bug #636: No streaming of MKV files possible
    Bug #646: Issue with MKV format 1 ?
    Bug #651: Sound Delay
    Bug #656: showtime.JSONDecode reports invalid JSON while other tools
    Bug #677: Playback does not fill screen on PS3
    Bug #681: Video playback broken
    Bug #692: AAC Codec playing a static sound in MP4 video
    Bug #694: SRT Subtitles display position.
    Bug #703: Ps3 DTS /TO/ Force Stereo no sound on the AV Receiver.
    Feature #420: Digital audio output on PS3
    Feature #482: 5.1 DTS and Surround Direct Output to the Optical.
    Feature #581: Displaying messages on the screen using the HTTP interface
    Feature #595: HDD Buffer for better 1080p WiFi Streaming
    Feature #606: Subtitles color
    Feature #629: ZOOM FUNCTION not saved.
    Feature #632: Slideshow for Photos
    Feature #634: Sane and Clean exit from Showtime
    Feature #655: Ability to change HTTP header for appendItem
    Feature #700: WebM VP8 Cpu is too slow
    Or 250 files changed, 19482 insertions(+), 4878 deletions(-) as git diff --stat 3.1...3.2 would have put it.

    If any more severe issues will arise in 3.2 I will make a 3.2.X release because the 3.3 will start off with quite a bumpy ride me thinks. Let's see what happens."

    I don't know if the official build still don't install on fw 3.41/waninkoko, this one does:

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 v3.2 with Multichannel A/V Bugfixes is Released][/imglink]
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    I have promoted the news to the main page now, and +Rep DaEloG!

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    moja Guest
    Thanks for the constant updates- this is my favorite feature/homebrew for the PS3!

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    Tiger007 Guest
    Thank you for fixing the Bug #614: MKV 1080p (H264+AC3) TOO slow (~4 FPS) This was mine major problem why I havnt used Showtime a long time ago...

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    violentcris Guest
    SHOWTIME 3.2 for 3.41 firmware repacked by me for ps3news exclusive enjoy (3.97 MB)

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    Ha nice! And +Rep for sharing violentcris!

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    violentcris Guest
    thank you !! I do this because the regular Showtime can't be installed on 3.41, gives error, next update will come with ICON0.PNG , PIC1.PNG , SND0.AT3 to look more like a PRO software.

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    PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.037 Update is Released

    Following up on the official Showtime PS3 v3.2 release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated the PS3 Media Player to Showtime Repack (unofficial build) v3.3.037 with the changes detailed below.

    Download: Showtime Repack v3.3.037 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.037 Update Changelog:
    • Add support for tracking # of times an item has been played.
    • prop: parent == NULL same as a zombie
    • Fix build breakage
    • Add support for keeping track of playcount and last time played for items
    • Add missing file
    • Split some db support code from metadata.c -> db/db_support.c
    • Fix build on OS/X
    • Fix some copy-paste programming error (affected SID and GMEfile playback)
    • metadb: More robust loading of cached directories
    • metadb: Log when we run into SQL syntax issues
    • metadb: Whitespace fixes
    • metadb: Fix broken SQL
    • Get rid of prop_create_check()
    • Merge branch 'release/3.2'
    • Update italian translation
    • Traditional Chinese language file for Showtime-3.2
    • Add sqlite3 binary to gitignore
    • metadb: Store video file format in video info as well
    • Add support for default flag for audio/subtitle tracks
    • Merge branch 'metadata-v2'
    • bump for tag
    • A very simple pooling of sqlitedb handles
    • metadb: Fix some bugs
    • Allow fa_scanner to read entire directory structures from metadata cache
    • build sqlite3 cmd tool with -DSQLITE_DEFAULT_FOREIGN_KEYS=1
    • Make Sqlite3 fly on PS3
    • Add hts_mutex_init_recursive() -- Sqlite needs this (*grumble*)
    • Fix fallout from rebase from master
    • Make metadata cache versioned
    • Move meta.db into path for persistent storage
    • Switch metadb to WAL journal mode
    • drop stray printf()s
    • metadb: Add support for schema upgrades
    • Add a bunch of SQLITE_OMIT_ compile time defines
    • metadata schema
    • Add stuff for building sqlite3 shell
    • Initial work on metadata cache in sqlite
    • Include sqlite3 in build
    • ps3: Disable audio copy control
    • Don't offer multich audio controls on ps3 audio output
    • ps3: Avoid using MSG_WAITALL. It seems a bit buggy or something
    • readme: Mention that wii port is broken
    • update ps3 readme a bit
    • Merge pull request #35 from bielorkut/patch-1
    • configure: Fail if libav configure/make fails
    • Some spelling mistakes corrected.
    • ps3: Build libav from submodule
    • Make libav as submodule work on linux
    • libav as submodule

    In related news, the Showtime Channel9 Plug-In has also been updated by facanferff to v1.2 (requires Showtime 3.2 official) located in Plug-In Central within Showtime, with the changes detailed below:

    • Add support to sort feeds by: recent, most viewed or top rated
    • Add Showtime's paginator to list videos
    • Fix broken Channel9

    What is Channel9?

    Channel 9 features video channels, discussions, podcasts and screencasts including interviews with Microsoft developers about their products which has been adopted by various Microsoft teams as a way to aggregate feedback and respond to issues.

    [imglink=|PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.037 Update is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.037 Update is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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