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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    sharks Guest
    I have an important question: does this release include all the fixes that were previously added via the unofficial updates done by Redsquirrel87?

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    killer124 Guest
    good question! also could you please add the option to disable the "cpu too slow to encode video" message? almost any flv shows that message but it doesnt effect playback much, typical chopped-motion flv style, so that msg is basically useless

    also would be dope to be able to fastforward/timejump with the bd remote without having to press triangle beforehand, since the hud takes up an easy 20% of the screen.

    blessings and thanks a lot for all your work, i use this app 10x more than any other on the ps3!!!

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    Apr 2005

    Showtime Repack v3.1.164 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    Here is another update by Redsquirrel87 to Showtime Repack v3.1.164 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 with the changes below:

    Download: Showtime Repack v3.1.164 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    Showtime Repack v3.1.164 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 changelog:
    • js: Added function createInt for settings of a plugin
    • glwtheme: Fix audio in infobox
    • js: Add plugin.createStore()
    • Add Trad. Chinese Translation
    • Add Romanian translation
    • Update Italian translation
    • New language string
    • rtmp: Disable seeking if duration is 0 (or unknown)
    • Add probe support to RTMP. Add showtime.probe() in javascript API
    • js: Remove superfluous return
    • js: Added function createDivider for Settings
    • Fix deadlock
    • ps3: Make it configurable if we should force h264 content to level 4.2
    • ps3: Allocate memory for vdec directly from LV2.
    • Add a global option for setting video zoom
    • glw: Make it possible to abort loading of textures that no longer needs to be displayed
    • Update Spanish translation
    • Fix broken docs
    • Change AVDISCARD_NONE to AVDISCARD_DEFAULT which is the default (really!)
    • Remove pointless argument
    • Add French translation
    • Update Chinese translation
    • Don't be so picky about missing properties when starting RTMP stream
    • Remove unused page type
    • Deal with "git describe" that does not support --dirty
    • Update Norwegian translation
    • Add Danish translation
    • Remove fa_dir_sort() (again)
    • i18n: Sort languages based on displayed title
    • Add Turkish translation
    • Add Russian translation
    • Add Finnish translation
    • Update Italian translation
    • Add simplified Chinese translation
    • Update polish translation
    • Add translation to Norwegian (Bokmal)
    • Update dutch translation
    • Remove legacy plugin bundle setup
    • URL where URL should be
    • Mention that the doc is far from complete
    • Try to fix the markdown
    • Update de lang
    • Update lang files with translations for plugin repository
    • plugins: Move plugins to 'installedplugins/' to avoid clash with previous dir for plugin config/settings
    • http: Don't make up a cache lifetime. It will screw up things.
    • docs: Minor cleanup
    • Initial stab on plugin documentation
    • js: Remove 'type' from createSettings
    • js: Rename some stuff for better names
    • Drop 'disableAuth' from httpGet() and httpPost()
    • js: Some changes on plugin object also move getAuthCredentials to from showtime. to plugin.
    • plugins: Fix fallout from master rebase (NLS stuff)
    • plugins: Switch to official repo
    • Update UI with latest plugin changes
    • Add a URI to list of installed plugins
    • js: Fix min args for appendPassiveItem
    • More granular Linux arch info
    • Include system type in HTTP user agent
    • Allow the repository to contain an error message displayed to the user when browsing the repo
    • Make the plugin repository changable from command line
    • js: plugin.config. was not properly reflected in C code
    • js: Move createService from showtime object to plugin object
    • js: Fix argument list to showtime.httpPost
    • js: Add support for action buttons on page object
    • glw: Drop the offset and limit in cloner()
    • add showtime.durationToString helper
    • glw: Modify clip-widget to allow arbitrary distance of clipping planes
    • plugin repo browse: Restructure data model a bit
    • js: Add page.appendPassieItem
    • navigator: Error, correctly set directClose
    • Don't defer scan of installed plugin to a separate thread.
    • Remove plugins from Showtime
    • js: Change showtime.currentVersion() a bit
    • Better error reporting during load of dev plugins
    • In plugin JSON files, If title-field is missing, use id-field instead
    • Make it possible to reload plugin under development
    • plugin: Add description for plugins
    • Improve status handling of plugins
    • js: Add showtime.currentVersion()
    • Add some helpers for converting string version to an integer
    • Add a global property tree for plugins
    • Switch to plugin:repo for browsing repository
    • Make it possible to also browse installed plugins.
    • Add plugin.view
    • Allow plugins to be installed from filesystem
    • Remove stray character
    • Remove settings related to plugins when uninstalling
    • Remove dead code
    • Make it possible to load a plugin with '-p' when starting Showtime.
    • Versioned repository file
    • More work on integration with external plugin repository
    • Add url_resolve_relative_from_base()
    • js: Keep fileaccess handle to the JS scriptfile while a plugin is loaded
    • Make htsmsg_field_destroy() public
    • htsmsg: Move hm_islist to field when adding msg
    • Fix use of prop after destroy
    • Initial stab on plugin browse
    • glwtheme: Add plugin icon
    • Add js_plugin_unload()
    • Add Polish translation
    • Just scan what we need in or we risk scanning other stuff
    • Merge pull request #19 from gonzzor/webdavs
    • Add webdavs support

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    moja Guest
    This is easily the best (and most impressive for the family) app for me and CFW. Playback of our HD rips are amazingly smooth.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I updated to the latest version but I lost ALL TV stations.

    How do I get TV back with the latest update?

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    Apr 2005

    Showtime Repack v3.1.188 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    Since the last official release and unofficial build, PlayStation 3 developer Redsquirrel87 has now updated the PS3 Media Player to Showtime Repack v3.1.188 with the changes detailed below:

    Download: Showtime Repack v3.1.188 (Unofficial Build) for PS3
    • js: Allow arbitrary headers to be set in HTTPAuth handlers
    • More robust handling of character encoding in Javascript HTTP client
    • Refactor character set handling a bit
    • Remove old file
    • js: Correct textDialog function
    • js: Added function textDialog to the plugin API
    • js: Added function simple_dialog to plugin API (shows a message in a popup and a textbox to user enter something and get the value)
    • Added background support for plugins
    • glwthemes: Added support for background in directory type pages, use page.metadata.background
    • upnp: Various fixes
    • Add Hungarian translation
    • Add support for overriding HTTP headers from plugins
    • rpmbuild spec file for redhat/fedora etc
    • Merge branch 'master' of
    • Changing linux make uninstall path and add gtk-update-icon-cache
    • Changing linux make uninstall path
    • Add showtime desktop icon to the linux make install script and correct system path for fedora
    • Update Dutch translation
    • Update Trad. Chinese translation
    • Update Romanian translation
    • Update Norwegian translation
    • Update French translation

    [imglink=|Showtime Repack v3.1.188 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    cfischer Guest


    this tool not support NTFS disk ?

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    Ezio Guest
    No, at least I do not think.

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    sharks Guest
    I usually get the latest showtime included in multiman. It's easier and cleaner, i believe, than installing showtime twice. It's a good thing that multiman is updated often, so i'll just wait for this updated showtime to appear in the next multiman. great work!!

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfischer View Post
    this tool not support NTFS disk ?
    If used through multiMAN, in mM select NTFS driver go to file manager and sect movie from there, mM will cache movie to internal HDD then play it through Showtime. After watching movie and exiting Showtime mM will then delete the cached movie.

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