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Thread: Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

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    MZerg Guest
    thx for the link. for everybody with the same problem: guess i have to wait for a newer version

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    Showtime Repack v3.1.60 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    Here is another update from Redsquirrel87 to Showtime Repack v3.1.60 (Unofficial Build) today with the changes detailed below:

    Download: Showtime Repack v3.1.60 (Unofficial Build) for PS3

    Showtime Repack v3.1.60 (Unofficial Build) for PS3 changelog:
    • Add dutch translation
    • Drop some debug output
    • Add some lame code to handle UTF-8 BOM and CRLF line endings in
    • Add spanish translation
    • Fix some bugs in
    • Merge pull request #18 from wader/osx_fixes
    • Fix indent, use spaces
    • One more time, sort paths correctly
    • pt_PT: translate search using spotlight
    • pt_PT: add missing semicolon
    • de_DE: translate search using spotlight
    • l10n: Insert comments in .lang files where translations are missing
    • l10n: Add italian translation
    • i18n: Sort available languages
    • Add fa_dir_sort()
    • l10n: Portuguese updates
    • Portuguese translation by Andreus Sebes
    • German translation by Max Jansch
    • Updates after slight changes in language scanner
    • Stable ordering of sources
    • Fix missing translation
    • glw: Fix some navigation bugs
    • Merge pull request #16 from wader/osx_fixes
    • Sort paths for each key as os.walk might return files in different order
    • i18n: Sync NLS changes for Mac OS X

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    Showtime TV: WatchTV and GameTrailers PS3 Homebrew Arrives

    Today PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has made available Showtime TV: WatchTV and GameTrailers for PS3 homebrew fans.

    Download: Showtime TV: WatchTV and GameTrailers for PS3 / Showtime + WatchTV 3.41 PKG by CloneD / Guide / GIT

    To quote: With this talk and before you download Showtime + WatchTV + Channel9 + GameTrailers, you have to know how this system works.

    1. Extract the folder called list from the archive to any place of your computer

    2. Upload it to a website that you have or wait for a known person to you do it (the folder list must not be changed, the name should be this and only this)

    3. Install the pkg provided in the package

    4. Go to Showtime's Settings

    5. Enable WatchTV plugin, enable too the option called "Check for new versions" (this searchs for new versions of the plugin each time you open WatchTV, it is a very useful option to enable) and below that option is one called "Remote website" there you enter the full name of your website till the folder list you uploaded to that website.

    For example:

    Imagine you have uploaded the full path of list folder is this:
    You have to write with a keyboard in that option the following:
    Note: You have to include "http://" (without double quotes) for it to work otherwise you get an error

    6. Go to WatchTV plugin and you should have three folders called:
    • All Channels
    • Genres
    • Country

    What's do each one?

    All Channels: Searchs all the files of the list folder supported and shows every channel in it, as a big list

    Genres: Here you can choose a genre, for example if you choose Entertainment, it will show you the channels included in the list-entertainment.xml file

    Country: Same thing as Genres, but it will only show to you the channels of the selected country
    That's it, you made it and you have WatchTV working.

    For Devs and people that know XML: If you want to add your own streams to it, add the folowing lines:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <rss version="2.0">
    <title>WatchTV - List</title>
    <description>TV Channels</description>
    <title>Name of the channel</title>
    <link>rtmp link, consult:</link>
    <thumbnail>link for the logo of the channel</thumbnail>
    <country>two letters identifying the country of the channel (e.g.: us)</country>
    Do you see what's between /description and /channel that's what you have to add each time you want to add a channel.


    1. I don't want to upload the folder to a website, instead of that I have a website that uses your folder, what I have to do?

    If this is your case, you may bypass steps 1 and 2, and start by installing directly the pkg, once there, in the option "Remote website" write that website as specified in step 5.

    2. The genres list should have more genres, what can I do for it?

    Contact me so i can add that genre.

    3. The country list is incomplete it needs more countries, what can I do for it?

    Contact me so i can add that country.

    Finally, facanferff is also working on a YouTube plugin for Showtime, with details as follows:

    Current Features:
    • Login to Youtube
    • Standard feeds (complete)
    • Movie Feeds (not supporting yet paid content)
    • Trailer Feeds (complete)
    • User Feeds (Favorites, New subscriptions, Contacts, etc.)
    • Getting Video Information
    • Every resolution supported (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)
    • Search videos
    • Pagination (Powerful and fast!)
    • Recommendations
    • Get information about user
    • Search for User Profile
    • Related videos (if Advanced Youtube is enabled)
    • Response videos (if Advanced Youtube is enabled)

    Rules for those interested in being a beta tester:
    • Should use in order to add bugs you may find while testing or request for features or add suggestions
    • Should know where Showtime is located in /dev_hdd0 in order to install the plugin

    [imglink=|Showtime TV: WatchTV and GameTrailers PS3 Homebrew Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Showtime TV: WatchTV and GameTrailers PS3 Homebrew Arrives][/imglink]
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    Sostanco Guest
    really useful! thx

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    MUGSY Guest
    when I try open any channels on watch tv I get "unable to open resource watch.tvlist Error resolver internal error"

    Any ideas lads? (i'm in ireland btw)

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    You may have to add your own channels, according to facanferff:

    I am very happy to release the plugin, I informed since that and obtained the information that I would not have any problem if I allow the user to use its own XMLs files with the channels.

    It means who doesn't have XMLs files hosted in a website (any website) will not enjoy the plugin since it doesn't bring you any channels, they are added by yourself or anyone else. All the responsabilities for using an unauthorized stream are yours, take note of that.

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    Luisp1nt0 Guest
    Can anyone post a xml file with the tv channels and a tutorial how to put in in the showtime so that we can watch this channels on our ps3?

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    Pre-made XML files would be handy and save time indeed, also a guide is posted here:

    Nore sure how handy this is but dreamss also shared this on IRC today: and another is here:

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Yea, why isn't it properly released? It says you can watch TV but you have to do it yourself and if you don't know how then you miss out...

    All sounds stupid to me. Why have files on a website when they can be included in the app itself?

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    Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.1.126 Arrives with Plugin Support

    It's been awhile since his last release, but today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Andreas Oman is back with Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.1.126 which includes real Plugin support!

    Download: Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.1.126 PKG / Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.1.126 SELF / Showtime PS3 Media Player Plugin Docs / Showtime PS3 Swedish Translation / Showtime PS3 Translations / Showtime PS3 Translations Guide / GIT

    To quote: This release contains the new online plugin repository. Still there are no other plugins that previously available but we will hopefully see some new plugins coming in shortly.

    On top of this the new release also includes translations of Showtime to:
    • German
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Swedish

    Starting from 3.1.126 Showtime now support "real" plugins.

    By "real" plugins I mean plugins that can be loaded and installed from an online repository.
    This allows third party plugin developers to rapidly develop plugins and make them available to the general public.

    It's also possible to copy a plugin (which is just a .zip-file) onto a filesystem that Showtime can access and then just install the plugin from Showtime itself.

    I've also started to write some documentation for how to develop plugins.

    [imglink=|Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.1.126 Arrives with Plugin Support][/imglink]
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