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Thread: Sexy Manager

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    Jurai2 Guest

    Sexy Manager

    since people complained about how slow the 6 icon Pretty Manager took to update the icons while browsing, here is Sexy Manager

    source is on page 10

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    gokuz Guest
    First! working with hermes 1.1?

  3. #3
    Jurai2 Guest
    no it uses hermes v3

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    gunpr Guest
    Now you have 3 open managers versions?

  5. #5
    Jurai2 Guest
    Yup, probably will mostly keep Sexy Manager upto date and trickle changes into the other versions. Still trying to improve the png rendering on Pretty Manager

    go back a page if you didnt see

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    marc2590 Guest
    nice work jurai, but honestly that wood looks ugly

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    gunpr Guest
    Is nice, but dont you think would be more easy for you and us to choose one and dedicate your time into that one alone? Then work your way to a customizable one just my suggestion..

  8. #8
    Jurai2 Guest
    marc2590 then change it yourself, isn't hard.

    gunpr: it's trivial for me to update non-graphic related code between the three

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    gunpr Guest
    Well if you dont have no problem then fine...

    Is just i see one and i wonder which one to download your manager is the only one i will use after i decide to jump from the regular backup manager... Constant updates make me happy, you can see the dedication put to it and you are open to suggestions too...

    Thanks tho

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    Hey Jurai2,

    in sexyManager, when i press start to go to homebrew mode, i dont see any labels (i see IP address), how do i turn on ftp mode? in previous verisons of ur manager it'd show if ftp was on or off, but currently there's no notification of that.

    please help.

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